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Pic mostly unrelated (it's just best pony)

Let me first say that you should watch the linked video.
This is just a small draft of what I have saved for the title sequence (It has been updated a bit since I posted that video and looks alot smoother)

I will go ahead tell about the project:

Let me introduce myself a bit more...

I am... Brad (obviously). I specialized in... whatever interests me at the moment of time specified. Currently that interest is flash animation (but this one should stick since I plan to go into this field as a career choice).

I started working with flash animation about 8 months ago, I had no idea what the heck I was doing... I still barely know (trial and error though), but it seems to be working out better than expected. Now enough about this chit chat junk, let me get into some real details!

What is the Project Called?
This project is currently named "Battle of the Strings." A string can be known as a group of ponies, so that is why more than string instruments will be included in this project. The way to describe what this is going to be like is practically "America's Got Talent" with some mature humor and well... ponies.

What Characters will be in this Project?
Well actually, the script is changing dramatically each day, but we have 4 characters set for sure as competitors in the show:
Rainbow Dash -- Host
Spitfire -- Judge
Fluttershy -- Judge (Temporary)
Pinkie Pie -- Judge (Takes Place of Pinkie Pie)
Rarity -- Judge
Twilight/Trixie (Contestant Duet)
> It turns out to go horribly wrong though after Twilight catches Trixie doing pinecone.
Vinyl Scratch (Contestant)
Octavia (Contestant)

How is this a Group Effort?
I realized one thing while brainstorming this project, this community would be nothing if it wasn't... well... enriched by the community. The brony way of "love and tolerance" with a bit of pure friendship makes this fandom very special and successful. My goal for this project is to prove that in the quality of the finished result. I schedule regular Chat Sessions with members of the Project to get together and decide what jokes we should put in, what characters should do/act, and etc. I also have started a "Share2Care" cloud account so that members can easily share what they have done with their tasks, and also borrow files from the project itself if needed.


So to summarize all of this, it is planned to be a part-by-part flash series all regarding the ponies getting ready, auditioning, and going through the contest. This is a huge project. And I need as many people that I can get! Animators, writers, musicians... ALL OF YOU!

I hope you find this project as an interest to you, as I and everypony working on it, is working our best to make it the highest quality possible.

To tell me you are interested in helping, just send an email to [email protected] !

Thank you,
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