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37965 No. 37965
Hey, guyssss
Pony flying game project! Original Idea! Du nawt steals!

Alright, but now really, why hasn't anypony attempted to create a 3D Action Flying Game?
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>> No. 37967
Because it sounds like it would be a very ambitious project.

Also, dat pic: so wrong, so wrong...
>> No. 37973
This was one of the first pony projects I can remember, not sure what happened to it.

there have been a few other things floating around. None on collab though.
>> No. 37979
That's because, somehow, flying in video games isn't fun.

Also because making 3D games is an incredible undertaking that shouldn't be taken lightly
>> No. 37986
Actually, me and a friend is working on an MLP RPG at the moment. We're quite far in development. More coming on this subject soon. We'll make a thread about it, once we're ready to show a demo
>> No. 37990

I dunno, man, I loved the flying levels in the old Spyro the Dragon games.

I think it all depends on how you implement the flying.

But, yeah, you don't see many projects like those simply because it's not easy to make a game like that. /understatement
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