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Hey all! Name's Push, and I'm working on a project called Three of a Kind. The project intends to be a series of short Gmod animations about the lives of three stallions living in Canterlot. I'm looking for some writers and possibly Gmod animators who might be able to take some of the work of running the whole thing off my shoulders, lol.

The basic premise of the show is as follows;

Emerald Glow is a unicorn who is unable to use magic. He was born into a family of wealthy Canterlot socialites who rely heavily on magic to run their lives. Upon finding that almost all mechanical devices in Equestria are run by unicorn magic, Emerald becomes an inventor, hoping to improve the lives of ponies who are unable to use magic by building non-magical devices. Along the way, he is joined his two best friends Wheeler, an earth pony, and Slapstick, a clumsy pegasus.

Wheeler is a disabled pony who cannot use his back legs, he relies on a sort of dog-like wheelchair to get around. This doesn't prevent him from trying to become the fastest stallion on two hooves, however. He regularly competes in pony footraces, and although he has never won, that doesn't keep him from trying. His older sister, Lilac Dreams, is a unicorn who teaches at a gifted school in Canterlot.

Slapstick is a pegasus who happens to be a cousin to Derpy Whooves. Due to his inability to fly in a straight line, his job is a cloud sculptor. He spends his workday shaping clouds into different objects, such as flowers, rockets and other things. He is incredibly cheerful and optimistic, but very accident-proned. He has a younger brother who is a Wonderbolt-In-Training, named Hot Shot.

So, that's about it. All I need now are some writers who would be willing to help me come up with adventures for these guys, and maybe some Gmod animators who might be able to, well, animate, lol. Reply here if interested.
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Alright you got my attention. I shure have a lot of free time and write often myself ( as cheezy as they are sometimes are), and would be willing to create a script because I already really like the premise you have built your characters on. If you would have me that would be really great! *Squee* (I also VA... if you know... need VA's... if it's no trouble to you and need some later) If you want me it would be an honour! Contact me at [email protected] or relpy to this
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Hey, this is mr. Anonpony. I'm a writer and designer, and I'm quite interested on the idea of this project. I could write a script based on these characters if you want, but I need some more details on their personalities first (not really on Slapstick, but more on Wheeler and Emerald Glow).

Contact me on [email protected]
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