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I am looking for opinions on a possible MLP Tower Defense Game. I'm considering doing a MLP Tower Defense game over the summer and was wondering if I should have the layout frontial or isometric? Take in mind that I would be concentrating on the coding and would be asking help from others on the art. Also the towers are ponies if that helps visualize it. Also in helping the visualization the setting is Luna is holding a "strategy meeting" which turns out to be a Table Top Game. Figurines and Models are the representation of the pony towers and the enemies you would be destroying (so your not really destroying creatures your just defeating their avatar representation ). I would like the actual figurines to be animated though like Super Smash Brothers (Imagination Animation of Figurines). Anyway if you want to know more to help form your opinion let me know. Thank you.
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I hadn't played a isometric tower defense game before (until I played one just now out of curiosity) but I think it's easy to say that the standard viewpoint is frontal. What you should be considering is what kind of art you can get: frontal and isometric require completely different art.
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True, artwork would be a huge factor. Which would be easier though the isometric or the frontial?
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If the game has ponies, frontal would be easier (because you can just trace from the show easily), but that's not what matters. What does matter is the design of the game: a frontal view would make the game play differently from an isometric one.
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ok what would you like to know?mind you this is all just what i would like to have in the game. nothing is on paper yet.

-Circular radius of towers (if isometric it would not use the grid for determining fire rate, just placement and for visual)
-spells would be included
-max 24 ponies on the board at a time. (only get to this max at the last levels of the game. the further you go the more ponies you can have on the field)
-each pony can have a max of 4 different attacks(most will only have two standard and a special)
-enemies will come from multiple locations
-enemies can attack ponies
-ponies can intercept, get in the way/taunt enemies

now if all of this would be best with a frontal then it would seem that frontal is the best method and I would like to thank you all for your help and opinions.
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Do you have a programing language/runtime/framework/whatever in mind?
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I was planning to use Actionscript3 and currently fiddling in Flash.
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