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38009 No. 38009
This is just me asking some people if they would please help me make some memes, some are as simple as putting words on pics, others are making gifs and adding words, others may involve photoshop, etc, anypony who is good at making memes of any variety please respond, I will post my ideas for you
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>> No. 38049
You don't "make" memes.

And seriously? You just telling people what to make? That is silly.
>> No. 38066
well I meant pics then, whatever, and I'm no good with the stuff but I have really funny ideas
>> No. 38067
You don't make memes, they just happen.
You can't force the creation of a meme either, a meme either just happens or never happens.
>> No. 38069
I think he meant that he wants somepony to help him put the pictures and words together with an editing program, rather than actually try to force a meme into the fandom.
>> No. 38123
yes, I meant just make a pic of a meme, not start one, I mainly wanna make stuff similar to the pics on My Little Brony
>> No. 38168
Use paint.

>> No. 38188
>> No. 38405
some of me ideas are too hard for that, they would prolly involve photoshop and some are animated
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