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File 133627454773.png - (16.94KB , 148x200 , I see____.png )
38062 No. 38062
The idea started from a post from /oat/, and I wanted to see if perhaps we can actually get it moving along well if possible.

The goal here is simple: A complete LP of Mario Party 2, with 6 "players" who will be 6 dudes, each covering a role of one of the Mane 6 throughout the LP, and both staying in-character and giving their voices to the thing (or we can use text if need-be, either/or). Basically, we'll take a set-up of 6 groups(due to the 6 boards total for the game), each of a different set of 4 out of the 6 players, rearranged each time to give equal screen time for all 6 players.

How will this go along, you ask? Quite simple:

First, we need 6 players, mic availability preferred and willing to stay in-character the entire time during the LP, for which to make this happen.

Then, each player will need three things: First is Skype, to both meet up and for the voice recording, so as to allow said voices for the LP. Secondly is two-fold: An N64 emulator and a rom of Mario Party 2. You can google these, they should be easy to find. Project64 is the recommended one IMO.

Finally, the important one: Grab this plugin thing and follow the instructions to set it up, and then you're set to join in for the thing itself: hidden to be safe.

Oh, and also: Whoever can record things well(as in, keep good frame rate while playing), you're our camera guy as well, since its pointless if it isn't recorded to be watched, after all.

The goal,once set, is simple enough: 20 turn games, bonus stars on, and anything goes. The story here is simple enough: The Mane 6 find this game and decide to play it, and it will test their friendship to the limit, seeing if they can last through even the madness of this game's ways to still stay good friends. Hillarity ensues.

Well then, enough rambling on my part. If you wish to go about with actually helping to make this happen, skype me up and once we have 6 dudes willing to do this and ready to go ahead, we shall be good and ready.
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>> No. 38065
File 133627541454.png - (75.67KB , 240x252 , Toph_^__^.png )
You know I'm in on it! Can I be Pinkie? :D
>> No. 38077
This is an interesting idea. I'd like to get be involved. But I live in New Zealand so I might slow things down. :( So maybe just keep me in mind if you don't get enough people otherwise.
>> No. 38078
File 133630082447.png - (169.83KB , 943x848 , 133238672789.png )
This sound nice...but wouldn't it be weird if it was 6 males?

umm also I'd like to know a little bit more...I mean are we just going to be playing the game and talking in character? Will there be an audition thingy? How do I apply? How many hours a week do you need?

What's an LP?

Does quality of mic matter?

also umm what does the plugin do?
>> No. 38079
I'd also like to know which pony is going to be playing which character. (Since there are 6 characters I assume each pony will always play as a certain one)
>> No. 38085
File 133631114817.jpg - (88.69KB , 447x359 , cool story trainer!.jpg )
Since i'm back, i'll explain it in this order:

1.) If need-be, 63'd Mane 6, that is all.

2.) Indeed. Basically, during the thing it'll both be chatting while in-character and also perhaps some plot shenanigans along the way for the overall thing.

3.) I doubt it. Unless there's enough to do so, whoever who joins and fits okay enough will be fine.

4.) Simple enough: Just say you want it, and then skype me up to let me know you wish to be in this thing. Just make sure you got what's needed before-hand first. Skype's ancara23, btw.

5.) Depends on which boards one person will be going on. For a board, i'd say about an average of 2-3 hours is about as much time as will be spended at the most. So most likely about 12-16 hours at most, including choosing things and what-not, and excluding getting everypony set up and in the thing. So, most likely will end up prob. taking two days to complete, with one day for each half or as many as we can cover if we can.

6.) An LP is called a Let's Play, where one or more players play a game and record it for others to watch whatever antics ensue. So yeah, most basic explaination is that.

7.) So long as people can understand what you're saying and its not to crackly with the mic, all's good. For a comparison, if your mic is at least close to my own mic's quality, you'll be fine.

8.) The plugin allows for netplay. Basically, one dude, once set, hosts the server for the game, and then everypony gets the info from him and uses it to join said server. Basically, it covers the online shenanigans needed for everypony to be able to play together.

Once all 6 are chosen, we'll decide who gets what character and then that's who they are stuck with the entire time.

Well then, hopefully this goes well, since i'm ready for this kind of madness to happen....
>> No. 38088
File 133631250762.jpg - (28.93KB , 317x409 , 2748892966_2.jpg )
Sounds cool....but i need a mic
So this will motivate me to do so!
>> No. 38092
File 133631416544.jpg - (13.98KB , 210x240 , I see.jpg )
Indeed. Still, you can at least have a skype contact for me so in case of no others after the first six, I can call you to let ya know.

So yeah.
>> No. 38094
File 133631645223.png - (76.09KB , 351x318 , 132631855510.png )
I might consider joining.
I can do a pretty good Fluttershy voice
>> No. 38095
File 133631839301.png - (555.18KB , 1150x1024 , spike6.png )
Umm, Would It be okay If I could join? I probably cant do a good Impression, but I would like to be part of this...
>> No. 38096
File 133631863625.png - (249.94KB , 411x518 , 352.png )
Same here.

I can't do any of the Mane 6, but I can do Dazzler from the Rainbow Dash Presents version of Rainbow Factory pretty well!

>> No. 38097
File 133631872258.jpg - (23.74KB , 350x338 , Hello ladies, look at your man, now back at your man.jpg )
>Just because the cat pays the rent doesnt mean I dont have RIGHTS!
>> No. 38098
File 133631887781.png - (229.68KB , 454x468 , 392.png )
>Ze cat is a doctor! How do you think he PAYS ZE RENT!
>> No. 38099
File 133632164931.jpg - (88.69KB , 447x359 , cool story trainer!.jpg )

Alrighty then.

If you can get on Skype and add me as a contact, I can see who can fit what for this.

Also, be prepared for lolemulator/rom afterwards, since I wanna be sure that everypony is able to do this.
>> No. 38101
I can try doing a southern accent. What's your Skype?
>> No. 38102
its ancara23, as I said before.

Everypony up for this, add me as a contact and we'll go from there.
>> No. 38105
File 133632495091.png - (206.36KB , 400x300 , how about I battle your manure.png )
i'd like to announce our first person in this thing, Niddog!

only five spots left, get them while they're still there.
>> No. 38106
Found it after posting, oops. I just sent you a request.
>> No. 38107
File 133632579538.png - (79.60KB , 427x308 , Da fudge are they doing to that dragon.png )
>From the Netplay Page
Select a game to play. Send the save file for that game to each player you plan to play with. The save file is located in the "Save" folder by default. If each player does not have the exact same save file, the emulators will probably desync. (If I could, I would have the netplay plugin automatically distribute the save file to everypony else, but it is impossible for an input plugin to know where the save files are located.)
So are we going to use a standard save file?
>> No. 38108
indeed. One standard, fresh file for us all to use, so we all start on a fresh, new foot.

That way, everything stays new, and thus interesting.
>> No. 38110
File 133632803883.jpg - (65.15KB , 377x358 , what are you doing there.jpg )
GonzosCoast is in as the second dude for this.

4 spots left, so yeah.
>> No. 38114
File 133633433512.jpg - (88.69KB , 447x359 , cool story trainer!.jpg )
EMF Scootaloo is our third person.

Three to go, and then we can do this.
>> No. 38115
File 133633457154.png - (256.87KB , 645x696 , 434.png )
Hi, guys.
>> No. 38116
File 133633487305.jpg - (101.78KB , 1024x768 , How I think I dance.jpg )
>> No. 38122
File 133634941689.jpg - (13.98KB , 210x240 , I see.jpg )
Well, good news/bad news time:

Good news: the online plugin works like a charm.

Bad news: lag up the wazoo.

We can get a Hamachi server going for this to work, but odds are for any of us to get a relatively lag-free game going, we'll need somepony with a computer that can handle shenanigans like this.

If anypony's up for being the server guy to keep it going for us, then that'd be awesome.
>> No. 38124
File 133635037638.jpg - (131.42KB , 600x500 , BIG BANG ATTACK.jpg )
Okay... I could try. Until the 24th of June, I'm at uni, so I have good computers and a laser speed connection. (also exams are over in 3 weeks so free time up the BAJINGO!) If you post me a linkon how to set up/ run one of these servers (and where it stores my savefile so I can delete it) Ill see if the internet at uni can handle running a server (They get angry if I use p2p sharing i.e torrents).
>> No. 38126
There should be a tutorial right there on the page for the link to explain it, so you can be able to set it up.
>> No. 38128
Yeah I'm currently using project 1.6 is that a problem?
>> No. 38129
I'm using 1.6 as well, so it's all good.
>> No. 38130
File 133635537387.png - (266.34KB , 550x550 , 130814893810.png )
Okay.. so wont you all need to know my I.P?
>> No. 38131
File 133635559646.jpg - (139.93KB , 1280x768 , ___I wuv Spikity.jpg )
Okay you do, and Ill be off to bed now. we'll have to arrang a time for a test run.
>> No. 38133
Good then.

Anywho, we have our 6 players now!

Dusk Shine - Niddog
Elusive - EMF Scootaloo
Applejack - GonzosCoast
Rainbow Blitz - Nazz the Banana
Bubble Berry - Shim
Butterscotch - Zakton

Once we're all set and we can be sure the server goes fine with multiple guys with not too much lag, then we plan on by the week's end getting at least one board done and recorded.

Well then, hope it goes well for us all....
>> No. 38138
File 133636955137.png - (89.41KB , 290x271 , 224.png )
Alrighty! Let's make this happen!
>> No. 38139
File 133636977669.gif - (81.50KB , 500x439 , 39.gif )
Might I suggest typing /golf at the start?
It says it works better like that for turn-based games, but then again, I dunno whether that'll mess up the minigames.
>> No. 38148
File 133638673750.png - (572.15KB , 979x736 , spike19.png )
I think the minigames will be the mainstay of the game so i think /golf wouldnt be a good idea.

One thing I thought of. Are we ALL improvising or will there be some sort of script (outside of the minigames)
>> No. 38151
Basically, there'll be a scripted thing at the beginning of each board, but besides that while the game is happening with each board, it's all improb. Considering the random nature of Mario Party games, improvising is best for this.
>> No. 38152
File 133639848661.png - (70.57KB , 500x500 , Jealous.png )
Neat. Are we going to get on /art/ and request a title card?
>> No. 38153
Sure, when I can get some time to do so.
>> No. 38155
Posting in from skool. Man, I've never doen any voicing before, especially not trying to be a Rainbow Dash-type. I hope not to dissapoint with what I can do.
>> No. 38156
File 133640646710.png - (572.15KB , 979x736 , spike19.png )
Dont worry, this is my first voice work as well. Who knows? this could become a thing!
>> No. 38157
Made an /art/ thread to ask for a pic to be made for the LP.

Now then, All we need to do now is make sure those who are playing (and the dude recording) can be able to play with not too much lag, and that the recording goes well, and then we are good to start once we can be sure everypony's ready to do so.
>> No. 38159
It's sounds great and I want to part of this but my english it's not very good but maybe I can be Photo Finish with this.
>> No. 38167
File 133642085199.jpg - (58.57KB , 700x700 , 132907089546.jpg )
Hopefully! I just want to have a good time with everypony, that's all.~
>> No. 38184
File 133644482541.jpg - (41.57KB , 420x315 , whatever.jpg )
Well, we have a situation: Our Butterscotch, Zakton, might not be going along with us for this.

As such, we might need a guy to cover for him if he decides to back out.

If you wanna take on that role, skype me up and be sure to have your mic ready and stuff.

Deadline's thursday, so be ready by then.
>> No. 38271
Today's the day of the big first thing.

Because of lolissues, we're instead going with "OpenTTD", which is basically Transport Tycoon but awesome, for our first-ever LP.

We (and by that I mean "whoever shows up + the recording guy) should have the thing done by 4PM, and then i'll be editting the footage and have it up on the channel later tonight.

Channel is here(expect vidjas tonight, as I said):

Once the thing is up there, give us suggestions on what to play next, be it as a group(s), or for one or more to do seperately. If we can do it, we'll accept, but if we can't, we'll tell you why.

Expect shenanigans tonight, and hopefully this all pays off......
>> No. 38290
File 133682759982.png - (61.47KB , 125x116 , costanza.png )
I suggest making a thread on /g/ once you have your first video (or several video's) up, since you've found your cast.
>> No. 38510
File 133738453704.jpg - (41.57KB , 420x315 , whatever.jpg )
Good news, Bad news time:

Bad news: Our Bubble Berry, Shim, is likely about to drop out before he even begins to do stuff, and as such we has a problem.

Good news: That means a spot is open for anypony who wants it. If you wanna take over the spot of Bubble Berry, skype me up, and then we'll go from there. Remember to have a mic ready though, okay?
>> No. 38525
File 133742702345.jpg - (1.04MB , 1200x1600 , 158842%20-%20artist_graffston%20rainbow_dash.jpg )
Wat chu doin way down hear angel
Imma be bumpin yo ahz
>> No. 38531
I'll be Bubble Berry if you want...
>> No. 38532
File 133743845108.jpg - (20.96KB , 125x115 , 133729232900s.jpg )
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