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Hey! My name's Arkane. I'm a brony musician and nopony special. But you may know me as the dude who made the "This Day Aria Metal Cover"

I did an instrumental version of a song by Avatar which is called "Queen of the Blades". I searched high and low for a vocalist but I have found none that would be willing enough to take the job. Its a ponification of a song by the heavy metal band called 'Avatar'

I have the instrumental ready and the lyrics have been sond a long time ago. I really dont want to drop this project because I have worked hard to come up with the instrumental (of which I had to do by ear)

This is the WIP Instrumental:

I'm looking for somepony who can either do vocals for the song. The song only has 2 choruses that needs melody and the rest are just spoken Lyrics.

I really hope I can finally get the right vocalist for this. If this turns out well, I might have to do more ponifications of various songs out there.
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Also.. if this post isnt where it supposed to be, please delete it.
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also, you can contact me here:
[email protected]

or at my youtube
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File 133632694280.png - (55.48KB , 175x189 , lurk 5.png )
I...may actually be interested in this. I've still been waiting on my band to get some things to me, so I'm at a decent lull right now in my other music much vocal stylization liberty are you allowing in this project?
>> No. 38125

Umm.. It's heavily follows how the original goes.. I think that counts.. I think
>> No. 38388
I would like to try i cant garentee quality but i will do my best.
>> No. 38408
Hmm, the song sounds really cool. Will there be a need to do all the screaming and growling it has originally? I'm no professionalist, but if it was just singing and speaking I could try to audition.
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