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You guys. I was listening to the Persona soundtrack and I had a GENIUS idea.
Basically, I had the idea to create a video series, kind of like/inspired by the Phoenix Wright/MLP crossover that I'm sure all of you have seen on teh Youtubes- ONLY PERSONA. Just basically, going through the entire plot of the game(including major events, social links, boss battles, etc) with ponies as Persona characters.

My ideas thus far:
Initially, I wanted Twilight to be the protagonist. Makes sense, right? But then I thought she'd be perfect for Naoto, and there wasn't anypony else who I think would fit the bill for that. So Twilight=Naoto.
My first spark of inspiration was listening to the "Striptease" track- I thought it'd fit Pinkie Pie well. I mean, obviously, parties---> stripping, right? xP But then I thought she might be better in another role. So I don't know, really. Maybe Rarity could be Rise. I never really understood Rise's deal anyways. xP So if anypony has suggestions for that, feel free.
Rainbow Dash=Kanji. Obviously. Because you know. Badassness....and the lesbian rumors. xP
Applejack= Yukiko? I considered Rarity or maybe Fluttershy for this role, but they don't really fit with the whole, "Everypony expects me to inherit the family business yada yada yada." But then again, Applejack doesn't really fit Yukiko's personality as far as gracefulness/being the girl that all the boys are after. :/ So...Rarity, then? She'd fit the "Princess Yukiko" role so well! And in that case, Applejack would be a good Chie.
So that leaves Fluttershy for Yosuke? xD I mean, it kind of works...maybe...not really...
Maybe this: Pinkie=Yosuke, Applejack=Chie, Fluttershy= Yukiko, Rarity= Rise
I don't even know anymore.
Spike could be Teddie.
Nightmare Moon=Izanami.

I'm done trying to figure these things out for right now. Somepony come up with some suggestions, STAT! >:D This needs to happen!
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