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File 133658894257.png - (94.09KB , 300x250 , derpymailadrounded.png )
38222 No. 38222
My name is Tuqiri and I have been working on a project with Dragoshi named DerpyMail. The site link is here:

The site is basically a free mailserver for users who wish to have a email.

The design is pretty much done but any feedback on the current design so far will be very helpful for development purposes.
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>> No. 38224
Isn't there already a Derpy Mail?
>> No. 38230
>> No. 38231
or then there is as well, who is still making accounts.

derpy at the top goes right over the title on smaller resolutions
>> No. 38233
File 133661199930.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , 132524289928.png )
also another suggestion if you don't mind. You should get squirrelmail as well as roundcube, roundcube has issues with mobiles.
>> No. 38251
File 133669291982.png - (43.38KB , 145x200 , ef55b2232f568e243b63414d7ac8ed8b_200.png )
Thank you everypony for all the good constructive criticism; it's just what we need ^.=.^


Yes there is, although .com is no longer giving out addresses, and we'd like to also improve on the .org site's aesthetic as well as provide an easy way to apply for an email (i.e a registration form). This is just a project Tuqiri and I are using our spare time to create ^^.

Thanks for the info, we're aware of that and will fix it soon.

We'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion!

If anypony else has suggestions for features they'd like to see, or how we could make the site better, feel free to post!
>> No. 38265
File 133673522217.png - (203.85KB , 837x954 , 132703773933.png )
>improve on the .org site's aesthetic as well as provide an easy way to apply for an email (i.e a registration form)
Why I made, ha.
To improve on both the .com / .org and also another provider that shut down shortly after I reached 450 users. I personally think you should have chosen a different domain, too many derpymails. has 5000 users and (as far as I know is the biggest brony email provider in users [I'm not sure about returning/active users]) he only stopped because he created every one of those accounts by himself, for very little thanks. Which you get used to, but it's kinda sad when you have so many users and the only contact they give you is "Your website is offline.. I really wanted to check my emails this morning as well." or "I forgot my password.."

>saging because I mentioned my website and I hate it when people bump my thread with links to their websites in it.

Website layout is nice though, I would have liked it to look a bit better on 1024x768 but only because I use that reso. haha
>> No. 38272
You know, he says there's a lack of feedback from the community, but how are we even supposed to give feedback when the thread for his derpymail 404ed ages ago?
>> No. 38454
File 133719317740.png - (1.25MB , 500x654 , derpy_mercury_vector_by_felix_kot-d4vaqhf.png )
Made a few more site improvements:

- Replaced the simple twitter feed with the official twitter widget, albeit with a change or two.

- Started work on a better background, spinny sunbeams aren't doing it for me anymore D:

- Fixed the logo covering up mail tools after you log into the webmail at

- Became more active on the twitter account ( )

- Made a DeviantArt account (because pony groups)

- Done a little to the donate page
>> No. 38463
Changes 17/05/2012 03:34pm :

- Made the logo on the mail page smaller + made it link back to the home page instead of itself.

- Added a nice new background (with artists permission - will add linkback tomorrow)

- Minor structural tweaks
>> No. 38514
File 133739004017.png - (70.50KB , 500x357 , whats_in_here_by_boneswolbach-d4p4eobsmall.png )
Changelog 19/05/2012

- Changes to the UI (a more modern look to go with the new background).

- Added a donation muffin (will format later).

- More work on the back-end code (eta - tomorrow *hopefully*)

- Updated the About page, will finish tomorrow.
>> No. 38523
File 133742144032.jpg - (18.13KB , 500x350 , 314107_385261584843418_100000787394236_966903_480444231_n.jpg )
Hurrrrrr, dat wallpaper. Same one I use for

>> No. 38524
I'm not actually complaining or anything! I think the site is looking much better. Good Job
>> No. 38543
this is awesome
>> No. 38550
File 133745547375.png - (102.25KB , 540x360 , derpy_hooves_blue_portal_by_boneswolbach-d4p6akqsmall.png )
Two hour downtime while we upgrade our registration system, i.e make it completely automated instead of spending a lot of time checking for new users and then adding them manually ^^;
>> No. 38551
I wasn't aware of that ^^ I think it's just a case of sheer coincidence. Also I don't seem to be able to connect to your site (I get redirected to a "are you trying to hack me" page). I am using university internet, so maybe I've been blanket banned?
>> No. 38554
Thanks! If you have any suggestions or features that you'd like to see added, feel free to post them!
>> No. 38556
File 133745672083.png - (80.98KB , 500x673 , derpy_hooves_vector_by_craftybrony-d4o23gzsmall.png )
Thanks! If you have any suggestions or features that you'd like to see added, feel free to post them!
>> No. 38561
File 133746251082.png - (77.57KB , 500x457 , muffin_surprise__by_epic_panda17-d4ngq3n.png )
New automated registration system implemented!
>> No. 38573
File 133748009177.png - (216.68KB , 775x1032 , 132504975454.png )
Yea I banned your IP from the site...
Naaa, just kidding!

Although, I have a list of almost 100 banned IP's, so it is possible it got chucked in the mix.
>> No. 38601

The Uni IP is
>> No. 38602
Updated the navigation with pretty new icons! I'd like some opinions on it ^^
>> No. 38615
Oh, it actually is banned.
Somepony at your UNI must have been trying to hack the site.
>> No. 38990
Sorry for the little hiatus, tuqiri and I attended a 4 day long convention here in England and we're just kind of recovering ^^;
>> No. 39001
File 133831713549.jpg - (16.00KB , 500x370 , dawwwwwwwwwww.jpg )
Please get permission from already stole his idea and the last thing I want is for my original .com account to vanish because he closes the site due to more theft of his intellectual property. He's a nice guy, too, and doesn't deserve what's been done to him.
>> No. 39025
File 133835448903.jpg - (74.69KB , 500x663 , jimmies-rustled-across-universe.jpg )
>Hasbro, not derpymail, owns exclusive rights to MLP brand
> doesn't make new accounts anymore
>both are free, non-commercial, and volunteer-run
Seriously? You're upset over somepony else providing an alternative brony e-mail service because it mentions "derpymail"? And even IF did have good legal standing here (which they don't), it's not like any means were provided to contact him.
>setting up mail server takes time
> registered less than a week after
> STOLE idea from
>worried he'll retire the server because another derpymail exists
If he shuts down it's because people haven't been grateful to him (coming from his own website) and he doesn't feel like running a mail server anymore. Not because somepony else creates yet another mail server. And if he'd really shut down 5,000 people's accounts just like that, then given the problems that would cause for his users he's probably not so nice of a guy as you're saying and you were better off with another e-mail provider from the start. Most popular e-mail admins would just pass the torch onto somepony else instead of taking down the server like that.
>> No. 39028
The admin of is a really nice guy and he was fed up with issuing derpymail accounts because of the lack of feedback, and that's his decision.

I have spoken (over email) with the admin of the .com and .org services and I believe it was shear coincidence they started at almost the same time. .com admin would never shut his site down, he said it was all about the service, and he wanted to provide the best service he could to his 5000 users as opposed to an "ok" service for 50 000.

Yes, is ANOTHER derpymail, but there is nothing stopping them being one. They're not stealing an idea, because no-one (out of the admins) owns the right it in the first place.

The message had on his homepage a while ago about people stealing his ideas had NOTHING to do with derpymail, it was entirely un-related.

Setting up a mail server doesn't take time. It would have been possible for to make his website in pure jealousy of and have it running in a week. In fact, the way is built, he could have had it running from nothing (other than a server) in under a day + propagation
>> No. 39040
Can I use IMAP with this email service?
>> No. 39042

We're working on implementing IMAP within the next few days! I'll update here when it is.
>> No. 39043


Steps have been taken to contact both the .org and .com owners to see if we could take over the running of their webservers and integrate them into one site. The .org owner seems to have disappeared and we're talking intermittently with the .com.
>> No. 39048
File 133837177380.jpg - (23.67KB , 346x345 , 132438935417.jpg )
Yea, have fun talking with .org He doesn't seem to like it when people talk about merging his mail server.
>> No. 39055
File 133839029694.png - (82.15KB , 489x500 , happyderpy.png )
DerpyMail is now IMAP enabled!

Here's the details that you'll need to use POP/IMAP/SMTP :

Username: (Your email adress
Password: (Your email password)
IMAP server:
Port: 143

Username: (Your email adress
Password: (Your email password)
IMAP server:
Port: 110

Username: (Your email adress
Password: (Your email password)
IMAP server:
Port: 25

If anypony has any further questions about using any of these, please post! ^.=.^
>> No. 39281

We're currently working on a new mobile application for android users!
>> No. 39294
How about iOS users?
>> No. 39328
File 133893446997.png - (80.04KB , 198x309 , 1332770656302.png )
The main problem making an iOS application is you need a Mac to be able to develop for it and I currently don't have one. So sadly there will not be an iOS application for DerpyMail
>> No. 39333
I now feel compelled to learn Objective C (it's on my todo list), so I can make a derpymail iPhone app.
>> No. 39385
How about a mobile site? I can't sign in through my tablet, it give me an error.
>> No. 39431
File 133907249063.png - (191.75KB , 1600x1600 , 132007540525.png )
Are you running cPanel?
>inb4 plesk
What specs has your server?
How big do you want your derpymail to be?
>> No. 39432
Its actually running on SysCP (Open-Source panel) with custom modifications by me.
Also, the dedi it runs on (my dedi, not his :P):
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz (quadcore)
RAM: 24GB DDR3 Memory
HDD: Two 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda drives in RAID1
Bandwidth: 1GBit/s Network card attached to a 100MBit/s uplink without traffic limitation
>> No. 39433
Do you have skype? does anypony from the group have skype?
>> No. 39434
I have, my Skype name is "Tuqiri13"
>> No. 39435
File 133908080931.png - (30.02KB , 185x148 , 132409302857.png )
I forgot to say, very nioce
>> No. 39436
Yes I do: mriq91
>> No. 39442
File 133909563805.png - (20.40KB , 754x770 , 1332820698363.png )

We're been currently working on making a mobile version of the site and for the mail
>> No. 39483
I love you so much!

>Implying IMAP isn't sufficient for your mobile Derpymail needs
>> No. 39751
File 133996355029.png - (63.74KB , 400x409 , happyderpy.png )
After a brief downtime (a day or so), DerpyMail is back up on a shiny new server!

In other news, DerpyMail now has an IRC chat!


Port: 6667

Channel: #derpymail

To use DerpyMail's IRC, you need an IRC client.
I recommend using Nettalk :

To register your chosen username, type "/ns register <password> <email>". A confirmation email with an enclosed unique code will be sent to your supplied email address, along with instructions.

To join DerpyMail's chatroom, type "/join #derpymail"!
>> No. 39906
File 134020533178.jpg - (55.26KB , 1000x1000 , 1332861801817.jpg )
DerpyMail now uses HTPPS, your connection between the site and the server is now secure ^^. Plus a new update is coming soon that will contain a new email client (Atmail) and (squirrelmail), mobile version of the site and other features/improvements.
>> No. 39907
File 134020865577.png - (157.03KB , 1500x1300 , 132420633730.png )
>> No. 40046
who do I go about contacting if I've forgotten my password? I think the site should be more clear in terms of forgotten passwords
>> No. 40243
File 134098421523.png - (65.42KB , 413x413 , 413px-Shrugpony_derpy_hooves_by_moongazeponies-d3cvjx6.png )

Hi there!

We're currently working on a big update for derpymail that will include some needed features such as automated password resetting (as well as bug fixes and the like), but for now here's what you need to do:

Send an email containing your derpymail account name, email address, and the backup email address that you put in when you registered, to [email protected] . Within a few hours we'll send you a reply with the info you need to get back in ^^
>> No. 40686
Due to flaws in the code, security holes and due to it not being actively developed any more, we will not be using Atmail as an alternative mail client.

We will however be looking into other similar alternate mail clients to use.
>> No. 41051
DerpyMail v2.0 is live! Go check it out!


Changelog (24/7/12)

*Changed register page HTML format made it much cleaner.
*Register page now uses real time input checking using javascript.
*Register page new uses new php code that is much cleaner then before.
*Page urls now use rewrite.
*Background image filesize made smaller.
*404 page fixed.
*DerpyMail design is now supported on IE9.
*Added Squirrelmail to the mail clients.
*Added the option to select an email client.
*Added outgoing and incoming email count, conact us, Steam and pony chan to the footer.
*Added a reset password feature in the mail login page.
*Updated the policy.
*Added contact page.
*Improved the donate page.
*Various other bugfixes
>> No. 42103
File 134814167364.png - (456.14KB , 4999x4041 , derpy_hooves_03_by_zutheskunk-d4w6iwg.png )
DerpyMail is now open source here is the link:

In other news! The desktop application for DerpyMail is in the planning stages, look out for it soon!
>> No. 42207
File 134887067674.jpg - (222.05KB , 1517x892 , ss (2012-09-28 at 12_24_11).jpg )
Here is a preview of the new look for DerpyMail. This update will also fix some issues with the current code and slightly improve performance.
>> No. 42233
I still wish i could come here.
>> No. 42246

>> No. 42252
File 134920326463.png - (510.04KB , 1920x1080 , derpy___clasic_style___wallpaper_by_bluedragonhans-d4s6j2q.png )
We have just updated RoundCube to the newest version. The DerpyMail theme for Roundcube will follow in the next update.
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