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Hey bronies, I wanted to propose something; Westboro Baptist Church is this big, radical, cruel church that is basically the exact opposite of what us bronies stand for. They believe, that if you do not follow their word of God, you "Shall be cast into the darkest pit of Hell". These people bastardize anything that they find remotely different, and are slandering the name of the Christian religion. Now... With that being said, I think that if we conjoined, we could all take down these people. Not through violence, but reason. They are EXTREMELY hypocritical, so I think that we could punch holes right through their "beliefs". The only thing is, we need to work together. The will of a single man, it has been proven, can topple empires, {Not trying to refer to MW3}, and time and time again, people have joined together to stop people like Westboro. These are people who rejoiced about 9/11, the tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes, and they also protest and rejoice at VETERAN'S FUNERALS. So, I ask you, my fellow bronies, can we love and tolerate Westboro Baptist Church into submission?
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Sorry OP, this isn't the best idea, and I don't want my site involved in something like this.

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