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File 133668441321.png - (315.93KB , 705x353 , RainbowWakeHeader.png )
38250 No. 38250
Good day, /collab/

I have this video game here. But I don't actually need help with it because it's already done.

It's a Rainbow Dash shooter. And this one has cutscenes and voice acting and boss fights!
Give it a try. It's awesome!

You have to download it though. here's a preview video:
And the download link itself:
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>> No. 38264
Wow... it actually looks good! And it's even based on one of the first pony comics I've ever read.

I don't understand the title though. At first I thought it would be an Alan Wake reference but it certainly is not
>> No. 38465
Alan Wake and ponies HAS happened though.
>> No. 38472
Is there really no way of hosting this on a website, and just clicking play, instead of downloading the whole file?
>> No. 38483
None the less it's still a pretty good shooter game.
>> No. 38530
It is quite obviously made with gamemaker. And as far as I know gamemaker does not support that.
>> No. 38549
File 133745509570.jpg - (29.80KB , 558x351 , mlfw4840-lebow.jpg )

Actually, Game Maker DOES support that now. With a different version of the software that will cost me $100 and CANNOT transfer data from the version I used.
>> No. 38579
Flash is better anyway. Can't have vector ponies without a vector rendering engine now can we?

This game deserves a fullscreen option, but it would be a failure without match assets to go with it.
>> No. 38584
File 133749768518.png - (122.94KB , 1226x1274 , mlfw1117_rainbow_dashyaranaika.png )
Indeed Flash is better. I wish I had it. And I don't want to be a pirate.

And this game DOES have a fullscreen option. But since it IS such a failure, I did not mention it anywhere.

Press F4 to see it if you want to.
>> No. 38679
File 133771843267.png - (184.75KB , 1333x1636 , BoltHype.png )
I just want you to know that I played this last night, holy crap, this is one of the most amazing games I have ever played. The way you turned the comic into those cutscenes was perfect, the dialogue mid-combat was great and fun to listen to. The weapon system was fine. Dying and losing your upgrades wasn't a HUGE blow to your overall power like it is in a shmup like Gradius. The Challenge and Secret Battles were a fun extra. All in all, absolutely love this and would LOVE to see either more of this type of shmup. Hell, I'd love to see the artist do more ridiculous comics like those so you could make more of this!

My only complaint is that you should at least be granted one Sonic Rainboom on death. Getting to Rarity for the first time after having blown all my Rainbooms for Schadenfreude on my first playthrough got me slaughtered. You pretty much need the Rainbooms for Rarity to reset the field. That fight is a nightmare without them.

Also, beat Challenge Mode. Just need to work on beating Secret Mode. :O
>> No. 38696
File 133776572521.jpg - (152.12KB , 1841x1920 , mlfw3001_huge.jpg )

Thank you! Thank you! This is the type feedback that makes my day! :D

The artist did do a couple more ridiculous comics. Check out his DeviantArt:
Nothing I can make a game out of though. But you know, I HAVE been thinking of movesets for more bosses. Like Luna, Discord, and GIANT Applejack. Those would be fun to make.

And I know what you mean about the rainbooms. I spent a while deciding on the system for them, and I figured that would be a point of frustration. I guess one rainboom on death may work, so I might just do that. ...Maybe.

And I REALLY need to make that challenge harder. Imma do that!

"Shmup" is a cool word. I have to use that more often.
>> No. 38738
File 133782622870.png - (160.91KB , 1202x1444 , Bolt Happy1W.png )
Well, you're welcome. You darn well deserve it. :D

As for the Rainboom thing, the thing is, the frustration only hits when you get to Rarity. Without the Rainboom's, it's almost impossible to deal with her. The mines are indestructible and tend to just push you into a spot where you are completely unable to do any damage or escape the inevitable pain and the only way out results in half you HP being pimp slapped out of you. Not sure whether to suggest making the mines destructible on that fight, but dammit, something has to be done about that fight.

As for the challenge mode, once again, the only hard part of that fight was getting rid of Rarity. Which was easy given their split HP. All I had to do was go in the top left corner and dodge Pinkie and Fluttershy's shenanigans while hammering away at Rarity. If things got too crazy, Rainboom it off and continue to get rid of her. Once she's gone, I can focus on taking out Pinkie while Derpy comes in shortly to deliver my Hyper Beam, which pretty much simultaneously ensures both Pinkie and Fluttershy's death. But yo, rather then make the challenge harder, I'd suggest making MORE challenges.

Also beat the Secret Boss. Easy once you get that pattern down. But hilarious nonetheless. XD
>> No. 38760

>the frustration only hits when you get to Rarity.
Yeah.... if I get more complaints about that, I'll do something about it.

>As for the challenge mode...
I realize it helps to know HOW people are beating this so easily. You're right. More challenges would be better.

Alas, My work is done on this game and I am moving on to my next project.
>> No. 38803
For solo-ing Rarity...
You could edit it so the dark-blue crystal can either destroy light-blue crystals or green crystals.

The Challenge:
All upgrades, together with the sonic rainbooms makes it an easy battle.

There's also one super power-up you put in there. And if you happen to get it then you automatically kill Rarity because she's a huge & stationary boss, and you might kill 1 extra boss in the process.
You get to kick most of the bosses asses if they don't interrupt you while you use the hyper shoot.

But I did kill them without the power up too.
Take out Rarity first.
Then you usually take Pinkie down, because Fluttershy isn't present on the screen, most of the time.

Also I didn't know that if you let Fluttershy talk in the beginning, Rainbow quits.
That animation with the wings looking like they carry the whole pony amuses me.
>> No. 38805
File 133790089533.png - (63.70KB , 252x217 , RainbowSlump.png )
The reason I'm holding off on nerfing Rarity is because, personally, I can beat her without Rainbooms consistently and with a notable chunk of life left. I figure if I can do it, others can too. And Rainbooms are just there to make it easier.
And I am not the best at my own game. Because I cannot beat the challenge without the Hyper Shot. And clearly you can. That's awesome!

Also that slumping animation is totally cannon. In fact, I told the guy to copy it from this very screenshot.
>> No. 38900
File 133808893917.png - (160.91KB , 1202x1444 , Bolt Happy1W.png )
>Also I didn't know that if you let Fluttershy talk in the beginning, Rainbow quits.
>That animation with the wings looking like they carry the whole pony amuses me.

I remember when I first saw that. I just fought her and decided to hear all of what she had to say. Lol'd pretty hard to see Rainbow Dash actually agree to talking things over. XD
>> No. 38901
File 133808907716.png - (172.14KB , 1203x1449 , BoltShrug1.png )
>Because I cannot beat the challenge without the Hyper Shot. And clearly you can. That's awesome!

I wanna also toss out, that I could also beat the Challenge without the Hyper Shot. I've done it once. It just makes finishing off Pinkie or Fluttershy faster. I always finish off Rarity before the Hyper Shot even shows up. So, it always just ends up being used to clean up whatever's left after Rarity's been taken down.
>> No. 38906
Good to know.
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