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Hello everypony!

I've been working on this on and off for a while now and whilst I am sure others have beaten me to the punch and have a much better system in place, I'm looking to build on some ideas and actually get this thing wrapped up and out there for people to play.

It's a Tabletop RPG (like D&D or Vampire the Masqurade) based around MLP FiM. It's very Roleplay focused and can be played without the need of grids or minis etc.

I've got the majority of the base mechanics down, but I'm looking to add more detail and refine some ideas. So I created a Tumblr blog for it and wanted to make this thread for general feedback.

I hope you can check it out and any comments/feedback will be appreciated! :D

Tumblr Blog is here:

Thanks everypony!
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File 133686688074.png - (96.55KB , 500x566 , tumblr_lsjvi0yTL31qmt1g9o1_500.png )
I probably should have written this on the first post...

So, anyway, the main thing I am current looking for ideas on is the "Cutie Mark" system I have. The tumblr I linked in the top post explains it best, but basically Cutie Marks are made up of Cutie Mark Talents and Cutie Mark Traits (think Feats/Tricks from other RPGs) and I'm struggling to come up with loads of them to choose from!

Here's some examples;

Animal Friendship
You're every pets best friend, you love them and they love you! You gain two bonus dice whenever you are charming or communicating with Natural Animals.

Painting, Writing, Sculpting, Fashion; whatever it is you're really good at it. Choose an artistic ability, you gain two bonus dice to checks involving that discipline.

Agile Flyer
(Pegasi Only) Some Pegasi love to fly fast, others don't like to flay at all! But you love fancy flying, quick turns and tricks are no problem for you! You gain a bonus dice to pull off aerial manoeuvres whilst flying.

Bucking Expert
Face down, hooves up. You sure do love to Buck! Your two hind-hoofs hit harder than a runaway train! You gain an additional bonus dice to any attacks you make whilst "Bucking" as well as Athletic checks to break/knock objects.

Whether it's making houses or building bridges, you have a knack for it! Gain two bonus dice whenever you are building something out of natural materials. You can also use weapons from the Tools Category.
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File 133720709545.png - (68.69KB , 883x680 , Char Sheet Preview.png )
Hi everypony,

I know this hasn't had any replies or comments yet, but I'd like to try and keep it updated with any Blog posts or updates if that's okay?

(Blog here:

I'm mostly working on this project at the weekend and as I'm writing all the content myself it's a fairly slow process. However I have just updated the blog with a preview of the "Female Earth Pony" character sheet. :)

Hopefully more this weekend!

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File 133721712482.png - (18.87KB , 484x528 , HappyFace.png )
Hiya! I'm really liking the sound of this!
If I think of any cutie mark ideas I'll be sure to post them.
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I've played some D&D, but I'm more of a Warhammer guy.
However, this is an outstanding thing you're doing :D
You get my follow on Tumblr!
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