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Hello everypony!! Has anypony really wondered why there really are no male pony adventures? Even to really just hint at the brony community... I have no idea either, and that's why I'm here appealing to you now. I have created a side mini series that I am currently working on that goes along side the real MLP: FiM show. A partial script has been written and the dedication is high! But alas my drawing skill are matched with a five year old child... but my technical skill are pretty high! So what am I really looking for? People who can draw!!! Or even create good vectors for me and then I put them together and add voices to them! And as a side note I also need one other voice actor. It's really not to make money or really to become a little popular (although that would be really nice :D popularity not money) it is to share and spread the fandom! So if you want to contribute and lend a helping hoof any help is appreciated. I need your help!
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Please take some time to read the /collab/ guidelines:
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You should be a mod.
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Specifically in your case, that means:

- Linking a detailed plan
- Linking the script, or enough of it to show you're committed.
- Linking some work you've done with stock or fan vectors, to show you have animation skill so that people who will draw your custom vectors know you can produce a quality project
- Clean up the post to make it look more professional. Right now it's not a proposal it's a stream of conciousness monologue.
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Well first post here... ever, and I already feel like a complete idiot, not that it's your fault it's really mine... but now that I have actually read and know the guidelines for here at /collab/ I can know produce a greater explanation and provide solid evidence for others to help out I shall start to convert my paper stuff digital... and idiot me cannot delete this post for some reason so I'll work from here. Thanks for putting me on track! And I'm sorry...
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That's quite alright! Now that you know, you can work to make things even better. No reason to delete this post, you can use this thread to show off your progress.
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i would be able to offer my art abilities not really a vector master as i deal in more traditional work. link to contact [email protected]
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As always (though I don't think I've said this in over 6 months...) if you need a male voice, here's two samples of mine. I don't really have many voices, but I can do a few.
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