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>> No. 38336
File 133694772437.png - (349.67KB , 720x720 )
The people of /collab/ are not your slaves. Don't expect to come here without any form of explanation and receive help out of the blue.

Kindly follow the /collab/ guidelines in the sticky if you wish to continue posting here.
>> No. 38340
File 133695426052.png - (5.49KB , 256x224 , NES - Pony Poki Panic.png )
Do you like Video Games?
Do you like My Little Pony?
Are you a Spriter or Pixel Artist?
Do you wish that there were more Video Games and other related material to My Little Pony?
If you said yes to all of the above, then you've come to the right place.

This is a crossover thread which is dedicated to combining characters from My Little Pony into our favorite video game classics.
And the way to do that is with Sprite Editing Projects where the goal is to replace the characters of a game with MLP-related characters.

A prime example of this is Pony Poki Panic, made by herooftime1000.

This game is a modification of Super Mario Bros 2 but with the main cast and some of the enemies replaced with MLP-Themed Characters.

So if you're good at Spriting and have lots of free time on your hooves, this is where you come in.
All the Projects here are voluntary and open to everypony.

But just in case you didn't get the message, let me clarify it again.
I am asking YOU, the viewers of this thread, to volunteer in trying to use Windows Paint to change the Sprites that I provide to the specified Character from MLP.
There is absolutely no rush and no deadline because you may try these projects at your own pace on your own time.
>> No. 38341
And what exactly would be your share of the work? And don't say "Ideas" or "Code" because those are forbidden words here.

You can't just pop out from nowhere and basically say you will give us the HONOR of serving you so you could get something to show at other people's expenses.
>> No. 38342
>>38341're making it sound like the Element of Generosity doesn't exist here.

I'm just nicely asking for help from anypony here willing to offer it.
>> No. 38346
My share of the work is to provide the needed resources for the projects.
>> No. 38347
Thanks for showing this to our attention, but...

>And what exactly would be your share of the work?

>'re making it sound like the Element of Generosity doesn't exist here.

You dodged >>38341's question and you really can't do that. You will absolutely need to answer if you want to get ANY support. People are far more willing to do stuff WITH somepony than FOR somepony.

I wouldn't start casting aspersions on their 'generosity' two replies in, if I were you.

As suggested, read the guidelines first. It will save a lot of time (and be prepared for the fact that the guidelines may be strongly hinting that you do not actually have a project as we see it).
>> No. 38349

Your "share of the work" consists of spending three minutes on Google to find and leech pre-made spritesheets from sprite ripping communities while everypony else do the -important- work so you could brag and feel important elsewhere?

The door is that way. I would hurry to use it as soon as possible if I were you.
>> No. 38353
And you can take your false accusations elsewhere for all I care.
I MAKE my own Sprite Sheets because I will never, ever trust anypony else to provide good-quality and well-organized Sprite Sheets.
>> No. 38356

> Wants to put everypony to work for him so he could get free sprites.
> Then claims to make his spritesheets all by himself because he doesn't trusts other people to do a good job.

Yeah, you already made an horrible first impression here, and it will follow you for the rest of your life.
So I assme this is the part where you rage and claim we are all evil and mean because you didn't got what you wanted, eh?

Just like so many other people before you.
>> No. 38357
Alright... I'll confess...

The only thing I'm good at is Sprite Ripping... and coming up with ideas for Videogame Crossovers.

I simply do not have the skill or desire to make MLP sprites.

That is why I came here... to request help from others because I do not have the skill or motivation to make my dreams come to life with my own hands.

I'm very afraid that I might get them wrong... so I really need people who are good at making MLP sprites to build upon these Ideas.

The plan... is that I make and provide my own Sprite Sheets of other characters as Base Templates for Characters from MLP.
Then, with the help of volunteers, the Sprites would be changed over to the specified MLP Character.
Plain and simple... somewhat.

All I have right now and all I have to give... are Ideas.
And the only thing I can promise is that any and all volunteers will claim 100% credit for their participation and hard-work in bringing them into fruition.

If I can't find help here... in one of the busiest places in the MLP fandom that is specifically named 'Projects'... where else am I supposed to go?
>> No. 38358

> Boohoo... I... I will try to... too *snif* guiltrip everypony so... so I could use them anyways... yes... please serve me... yes...? Be my slaves, work for me.... or I will feel... sad... and... and it will be your fault! Yes! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Obey me! Make me feel important, you owe me!

Dude, you were offered a chance to go away so you could avoid disgracing yourself.
Too bad you didn't took it.

And nopony cares if you can rip sprites or not, because anypony can get them from the net without needing you at all.
>> No. 38359
Why are you being so cruel when the only thing I ask for is voluntary help?
>> No. 38360
File 133697832544.png - (125.35KB , 831x962 , 1336977816532.png )
>> No. 38361
Well at least I'm not a nameless and unashamed coward. Like you.
>> No. 38362
Oh look, Internet Tough Guy detected.

I'm reporting this trainwreck to the Mods before it gets out of control.

And as for you, please go and read the guides pinned on top of /collab/ so you could understand why you were treated this way and why every word you said only made it worse.
>> No. 38363
File 133698132647.jpg - (41.31KB , 477x500 , 5ea814f3-117d-8b62-1019122.jpg )
>If I can't find help here... in one of the busiest places in the MLP fandom that is specifically named 'Projects'... where else am I supposed to go?
Allow Wikipedia to explain:
>Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize his/her strengths and minimize his/her weaknesses. Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everypony to go beyond their limitations.
In the most contexts, an "ideas guy" is close to useless. You're not Larry Wall writing the documentation of Perl nor Peter Molyneux designing a new game, so the potential gain volunteers get out of working with you is close to nothing. Why does a spriter need to work with you at all to make a sprite of Shining Armour? I know it's a bit harsh, but unless you've got something to give, don't expect anypony to give back. It goes both ways.
>> No. 38364
So what you're telling me is... the Element of Generosity doesn't exist here.
>> No. 38365
Good luck trying to find people here to do this. The rule here is pretty much "Do everything yourself." Unless it's the biggest project since the show itself, no one is going to help.

Though I will thank you for linking to a forum I didn't know of. Gives me another place to try to find the help I so desperately need but can't get. Maybe I'll actually do one of these to thank you.
>> No. 38366
>It goes both ways.
The Element of Slavery does not exist here, no.
>> No. 38367
File 133698259633.png - (433.41KB , 930x532 )
No, it doesn't. Do you even know what you're asking for? People who are already hard at work, to spend time and resources on your work without being paid for it. Frankly, you're being arrogant.

I'll leave the thread open for now and see if anypony's willing to take it up. However, in /collab/, you'll have to convince people to work for you. Don't just hop into Ponychan expecting people to glady take up your dirty work for nothing.

You have gone out of line. Next time, please report these kind of threads sooner.
>> No. 38368
My advice is to not to try to get into an argument with them because it will do neither of you any good.

Next spouting about generosity makes you seem needy and that you are trying to guilt trip us into feeling guilty when we have no need to feel that way.

Most artists in this fandom are generous and make art in their free time for nothing. I know you want to try and direct that towards your project but try to be realistic and think to yourself 'if you were an artist why would you choose this project?' They may see their generosity, as you put it, better used helping somepony else with their project who will be there to help along the way. Saying you don't have the motivation for this project yourself does not instill confidence. Meaning unless they had the exact same idea and desire it will be tough to find an artist. I wish you luck though.
>> No. 38369
And to clarify:
We're not expecting to be paid. However, you should be more considerate of the fact that everypony who's willing to take up your job, probably has a million other things to do.

Put some effort into it. Get people interested. Show us the kind of project that you or anypony else would want to help with. The guidelines in the stickied thread are an excellent place to start.
>> No. 38371
I'm sorry for coming here with ONLY Ideas at hand and trying to ask for help with them... I really am.
>> No. 38372
File 133698453070.png - (91.62KB , 600x600 , 133496031708.png )
To be fair, it does look like quite a bit has already been done on that linked thread. Not that I know what needs to be done, I'm assuming you're making sprites, then replacing the old sprites in the game. But judging from the amount of pictures in that thread it looks like stuff has been made.

Also I think the main thing here is people like to see a project that looks like it's actually going to happen. One does that by having a good summary, and showing work that's been done thereby proving that the team leader is dedicated to the task and will make it happen. Because nothing sucks harder than putting lots of hard work into a project and having it die cause the leader went AFK foreeeever.
>> No. 38379
> This thread

Hey Mods, hey Admins. Can I make a suggestion?

"I invoke your Love and Tolerance" and "I invoke the Element of Generosity" should be bannable words because too many greedy and horrible people keeps abusing them in order to be annoying or to manipulate others like OP did here.

I am sure that LOTS of future headaches could be avoided if people were forced to understand that:

A) They are 100% responsible for their actions, no matter how many memes or catchphrases they cite.

B) Ponychan is not the Salvation Army or their personal group of slaves. People here is willing to work WITH somepony, not FOR somepony.

OP is a great example of an abusive requester who tried to manipulate the community by guilt triping them into serving him AND later into excusing him for his horrible behavior so he could "win" even after being carefully explained why he was not going to get anything of what he wanted. Hey, he continued the victim charade until the end.

At least consider it, because honestly, this place is amazing but unfortunately, that is the same reason for why so many horrible people like OP are atracted here, with all the problems it means for everypony else.
>> No. 38394
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Nooooooooooooo.

Just report the threads that you feel are stepping out of line so we can deal with them.
>> No. 38397
File 133703791903.jpg - (12.76KB , 251x239 , okay-face.jpg )
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