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38412 No. 38412
So I was originally planning a song but recently decided to turn it into and animation and was wondering if anypony could suggest some good animation software that I should use being an amateur at animating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 38501
>>38412 Adobe Flash CS3 or CS5 to be fair are pretty easy to animate with once you practice enough. Hope it goes well for you :D
>> No. 38521
That's what I've heard I was planning on trying that out this weekend hopefully.
>> No. 38563
>>38521 Looking forward to seeing what comes from it. Good luck as well but if you need a helping hoof with it I know a little on animating as well.
>> No. 38577
Okay I'll keep that in mind, hopefully it'll be good it's been a while since I've done any animation work.
>> No. 38597
CS 6 came out like weeks ago, might be worth getting it while it is still hot.

Anyway, if anypony needs help with Flash feel free to contact me, I know a lot about it. Try ##flash @ the Freenode IRC network, I am there more often than not.
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