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Hello there Ponychan and especiallly /collab/ which is this section. ( I'm pretty sure you know that though >.> )

I am asking you all for input on my latest brainchild:

"The Pony Roleplay Game"

It is meant to be a website dedicated to Roleplaying, both 'serious' ( which means that each reply is thought out and structured. ) and not serious roleplay. ( Which is just anything that is purely for fun. )

I have already the basics down, and as I love open source I decided to give it to everypony free of charge. ( And free liability for me. )

You can visit the Project page here:

I don't have web hosting yet. But I should get it within the next week.

What to expect from PRpG?

A quality website for roleplaying. I can't assure that all the roleplays will have the same quality. ( I'm sure some will be even better! ) But I try to offer a fresh and easy to use website, using the latest Technology.

Can you give us a rundown of the features?

As I have written here:

My current features are:

Thought Out Roleplay System

A three stage system.
The first stage is called the Preparation Stage, here the owner and anypony may be able to give input to the owner. Allowing him to refine the his Idea of the roleplay.

The next stage is the recruitment stage, it is assumed that by now the general direction is chosen. It is here where the users will be able to join.

The final stage is the actual roleplay stage, users can now start replying to each other.
A built in OOC system. Going to the OOC version of the Roleplay is as easy as pressing a button.
A built in chat system. The chat is not part of the RoR project: It is written in Javascript, meant to be used on a node server. You can check it out here:
Characters have their own profile, whether they are meant to be roleplayed with, or just for showcasing, users can create as many as they want.
No limit in the amount of roleplays, roleplays participated in, or replies.

Do you need help?

Well I don't need it. I would certainly appreciate it though. Even if it is just a few small things, like reporting a bug or a typo somewhere. Or even something like a feedback message telling me why you dislike certain features. Or perhaps you also have this awesome Idea you would like to see implemented?
All those can be posted here:

And those tagged correctly will be even seen first! ( I tend to go trough those first. )

You said 'latest technology' earlier, what exactly do you mean?

By that I mean that I extensively use technology that is on par with what one can expect from a website. ( If I use it correctly is something else though :P )

The website is built using Ruby on Rails. The chat is written in Javascript and runs on Node.js.

A few pictures: The Create a Roleplay page. ( The private option is currently not enabled, I have yet to write that part! ) Our Roleplay has been created! The Preparations Chatroom, here you can exchange ideas in realtime! A character page! It is still a bit barebones, but it has everything needed for now. There also is a "Main Chatroom" where every user can join, anytime to just talk and have fun!

So /collab/, what do you think so far?
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A new feature has been added! Notifications, they tell you whether the roleplay you participate in has any new replies!
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File 133717645530.png - (485.82KB , 554x622 , laugh.png )
I'm pretty impressed! Although I'm not honestly into roleplaying. It could be a good idea to post it on /ooc/ as well.

You should upload the screenshots in posts so it'll catch people's eyes more. Then they'll find out that this is already a thing that's being worked on.

The idea itself seems pretty well thought out... But people can't test it unless there's actually a site to test... Unless there's something on your Github page to test that I missed.

I doubt a lot of people here do roleplaying so try to advertise this on /ooc/ as well when the site is up.
>> No. 38445
Thanks for the input!

I will follow your advice, and do that once the site is up and running!
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File 133720918223.png - (319.36KB , 2507x1996 , twilight_in_the_wind_by_sierraex-d41svu3.png )
So, the server is online! The address is:
>> No. 38464
I really hope this takes off! I've been looking for a good place to role-play since I left some of the forums I used to do it at, and what makes this superior... is ponies (duh).

I'll try spreading the word on this, I really look forward to it!
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File 133726331404.png - (366.88KB , 705x896 , eeexcellent____by_yoorporick-d4a4rmc.png )
I have now also integrated it into PunBB. Which means that each user now has a forum account. ( except those who signed up before. But they will get an email telling what to do next. )
>> No. 38513
Hey, I seem to be having a problem with logging into the forums. When I click on the forums button for the main-site it says that it's logging in and that the pass and username is the same from the main-site - yet it still says that I have to login. When I go to login it tells me that the information I give it is incorrect.

I dunno if this is just me or not but I hope it gets fixed soon, I was looking forward to starting up some general discussions with other rp'ers and getting a RP discussion going
>> No. 38645

I'm sorry to reply only now, I only just saw this.

I believe you fell into the moment where there was a bug for the forum user creation.

You can check the user list:

If you do not find yourself then that confirms it.

Shoot me an e-mail at: contact at
>> No. 38693

huh, I guess that is the case, well at least now I know. I'll shoot you that email about now.
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