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This is a simple platformer game written in java. Maybe if i have time (and somepony wants) I'll publish it (source code aswell).

The game is a copy of continuity ( but with better graphics and ofc ponies!

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very impressive sir.

What graphics libraries are you using?
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I find the camera motion a little nauseating, though on closer inspection of some of my other favorite parallax-mapped games (Sonic and Tyrian), I think it might just be due to how "close" the background is to the foreground. I think if it moved less, I wouldn't be quite as

Anyway, it looks great! Very smooth, and definitely better graphics than the original ;) I'd love to see the source -- there's always something to be learned from it!
>> No. 38442

Totally built from scratch. Only the java graphics class is used. All other coded by me (animations too, I'm not using the implementation).


Yes, the parallax scrolling is implemented "backwards" because I can't make it look good with the zooming.

Download link + source code :
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