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Hello, ponychan. I have been hard at work trying to do something rather interesting recently.
What I have been planning is a sort of continually-updated Pony RPG-style game that we can add more and more OC ponies to. I do know what Quality control is, so of course nothing like "BLODCLAW DEATHFART ALICURN SISTURR UV TWELIT SPRIKLE" is getting in, but I do already have a few candidates for inclusion, mostly from the Tumblr community.

The way I have it set up story wise is that a rather odd scientist finds a way to link alternate realities together, allowing for conflicting story-lines to coexist in a way that actually makes sense.

The starting area for the game will be a massive subterranean network of machinery and technology, a place called the Complex. This is where the scientist comes in, as he is the owner of this place. He will serve as the intro character, as well as one of many playable characters.

I have a few art assets, mostly just pixel art though. I am by no means a programmer, so I will obviously be needing help in that department.

If anypony here is interested, contact me via either my email or my tumblr,

I have a lot of ideas for this thing, and I would vastly appreciate any help I can get on this!
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File 133725782340.gif - (9.35KB , 52x52 , plugAnimation.gif )
Also, as an addendum, I am more suited to doing Floor tiles and machinery than I am with doing actual ponies. I am getting better, but as you can see it isn't quite there yet.
The image is a sample of some of the things I have for some dynamic background elements I hope can be put in the game.
Above is a decent example of what I am best at.
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One final thing, when I said Continually updated, this is what I meant by that: We will start with a few characters for the first release, then over time integrate more and more characters into the game.
I apologize, as I should have put this in the original post.
I do have an idea of what to do here, I just need some help with coding and getting to know game design. I can do plenty of art for this, creating Tilesets and the like, and music might not be an issue, but any help coding this thing and getting it off to a good start is why I made this thread.
Thank you in advance!
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