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38534 No. 38534
O'hai there kids I'm Who Of Who.
And I'd like some help with an upcoming flash game, that I'm titling My Little Pony: friendship is questions.
It's a quiz game, I need some help.

I need somepony who can draw cloudsdale for me, just the clouds no BG color, if somepony could do that I'd be forever great full :D
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>> No. 38535
Why not just use a screencap from the show? Just edit out the background and you're done.
>> No. 38536
Mm, good idea.

Thank you Thirtyfour, I don't suppose you know anything about flash?
>> No. 38537
Not really, sorry. If you need help though, there's probably a ton of tutorials on the webs - quick Google search will probably help you out faster than anypony on this board (or any forum in general, really).
>> No. 38540
File 133744736097.png - (21.72KB , 1092x460 , cloudsDaleProgress.png )
What a coincidence! I'm trying to draw Cloudsdale as well on my shooter. I found some references on the internet and sorta got the pattern down to draw them. If you'd like to use these, I don't mind as long as I get credit. Good luck on the game!
>> No. 38542
Whoops, forgot my name on there. Name's Circuit Sense.
>> No. 38548
I *think* I saw a Clousdale vector posted on Deviantart some weeks ago, you could try searching for it and asking the author if you can use it.
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