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File 133745636504.png - (289.29KB , 1296x756 , Beta1Promotional.png )
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Tomorrow, the 2D Side Scrolling Pony Racing Game that I have been working on individually goes live as a Beta-1 release. If you haven't been following, it's a full desktop game I made in C# and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh that features true-to-the-show ponies, online scoreboards, online ranking and will soon come with better graphics, m0ar ponies and eventually have 2-8 pony online racing. I wanted to fill a bit of the gap that was that there aren't very many full-featured standalone desktop pony games (I mean sure there's hundreds of amazing Flash games and some mods for things like Garry's Mod and Skyrim).

-- Simple yet addicting gameplay
-- Compete for the #1 pony worldwide with the online scoreboards
-- Be part of a fast-evolving game (I program with the R.A.D paradigm).
-- See your features IN the game.
-- Varying difficulty settings with different score gain rates
-- 4 fully licensed songs with more being added very soon (Thank you Lapfox Trax).
-- 8 ponies to unlock and play against, or create your own race for fun in the Freeplay Mode.
-- Use the real ponies specials such as the rainboom and fluttershy's stare!
-- And much more...

The game may be simple at this release but it is just Beta-1 and I want the community to be part of how the game is shaped...

To join the Beta-1 register on :3
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File 133747469263.png - (172.53KB , 851x938 , twilight_happy.png )
Can we have some more screenshots ?
This look awesome but it doesn't run on my OS. And for the little time I spend on windows a week, I'd like to know if I should reboot right the fuck now or if I can wait !
>> No. 38607
File 133755403976.png - (151.29KB , 900x589 , dashie_sleeping_by_kraysee-d50egyf.png )
Going to test it right now. Will post a small review ^^
>> No. 38609
Alright, I've played a couple of Campaign races, I like the idea, and online would be a great feature. Only my fingers started to hurt after a couple of races, are you going to keep the zx system?
>> No. 38618
Having to register an account on your forum just to try this is fairly annoying in my opinion.

But more importantly, it's telling me I cannot play this because my graphics card is inadequate.
>> No. 38681
File 133772084286.png - (22.97KB , 945x945 , Shrugset Bolt.png )
Played a few races. S'alright so far. Mite b cool.

Also, looking at the controls, I'd recommend making the Special Ability button a simple Mouse Click as opposed to pressing Space Bar. That could mess with your Z/X mashin rhythm.
>> No. 38727
Hey guys. I have to say all your responses are very helpful and I'll respond to them each now:

The Z/X system is going under trail and I am thinking of moving more towards having a static speed but having "Storm Clouds" and "Serenity Clouds", which will serve as obstacles and speed-up bads (hitting the storm clouds would reduce your speed and make your controls wonky for a few seconds - much like when Derpy / Ditzy got zapped by that cloud on S2E14. So yes, I am thinking of a better way to do the speed :).

DeftFunk - The requirement to register to the forums will be disappearing once I hit 40 members, it was only to test some features that I have programmed in the back-end and I needed a moderate sized testing sample for it. Could I ask what graphics card you have in your machine?

Sunset Bolt, changing the specials to a mouseclick is coming in the next update (which will basically allow you to change Speed Key 1 (currently Z), Speed Key 2 (currently X) and Specials Key, to any other key or mouse button.

Expect this very soon, probably Friday.

I look forward to any other suggestions/critique/feedback :)

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File 133781576398.jpg - (93.70KB , 1024x716 , 1337010726297.jpg )
Alright...finally got myself to post something, after I downloaded the game and my fingers screamed at the ''mash the buttons'' olympics gameplay style, and my eyes at the lack of animation, and my ears at the high volume techno dub music set on default.

A flying racing game in 2D, yeah this could work.

I like your idea of static speed(way better than the Z-X system), but I'd like it better if you could stop completely, and if you could limit your speed like a car's gear so you can move slower in order to dodge better or maintain your current speed without going higher, by enabling something.
Like I'd like to eventually go to speed 5 without holding the keyboard or mouse button, and if I want to go higher I just hold down on the mouse button, and set new checkpoints for my default static speed as I go.

Btw how much are you able to resize the screen without lagging? Can you zoom all the way out, and make your racing character 1/64 or 1/128 of the screen?(or making the pegasus smaller)
And is it possible for the game to generate rings, power ups and obstacles before the match begins? I was thinking of an option that allows you to generate how many you want, instead of manually placing them in the editor if you don't want to.

And perhaps some more power ups such as temporal invincibility(or using a cloud for it), or one that makes your pegasus pony smaller to fit easier through the rings.
Maybe some more gameplay modes where there is no finish line, instead your speed limit is way higher and you have to get tons of power ups and rings in order to be the first to use his special fast sprint, to win.

The next features...I don't think they can be implemented if you don't have any animators(like Dash's rainbow trail is missing) plus it might be a bit too ambitious for it's own good.

Like a gameplay mode called ''apocalyptic'' where you only have to reach the finish line.(unless the host server also puts rings in it)
I was thinking of far more obstacles like falling stars, comets, meteors, swarms of parasprites, obstacles that fall vertical and diagonal.
Creatures or environmental hazards such as windigos, evil buffalos riding on clouds(pic related), huge thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, etc.

And more options for it:
get to choose if you can die or not, and you can modify the health bar.
select how many obstacles to appear on screen.
be a jerk and select if the players also have to go through the rings, while dodging all those obstacles and environmental hazards.

And maybe more locations, like a giant cave where you get chased by the Ursa Major and stalactites fall.
Or racing in space, or in Cloudsdale, Canterlot, Manehattan, etc. and going through building interiors, smashing through windows.

I was thinking of Dino Run, with the whole ''apocalyptic'' thing.
>> No. 38735
By the way.
Might wanna ask a mod to fix your link
You put punctuation at the end of the link, and it gives a 404, cause it counts the punctuation as part of the link
>> No. 38737

Thanks, yes actually a gear system could be planned such as maybe instead of using Z/X for mashing mode, you could infact have like a speed display and a "Speed Level" and Z reduces it by one and X increases it by one, or something similar, so you do get that increased control around corners, very nice idea actually.

Resizing the screen is being tested right now, being that the Y limits are restricted so you don't don't go totally out of bounds for no point and the screen is currently sized to the Y bounds, so top of screen is top Y bounds and so forth.

Funny that you mention randomly generated maps, because that is in fact what it is. All powerups, rings and (soon to come) serenity clouds and storm clouds are randomly generated. This was influenced with the awesome random map generation of many of the Worms games, I always loved the "You'll never play the same game twice" idea.

Powerups being added: Ring Size Modulator - Use the magic of Twilight Sparkle to increase the size of the next 6 rings by 40%. (This will work differently once multiplayer comes out where it will reduce the size of your opponent's rings by 20% for 6 rings.
Once more "pony specials" are added, Temporory Immunity will be added.

Other games modes that have been planned:
Endurance Mode (with seperate online leaderboard): Play for as long as you can collecting "score bonuses" in obscure places, missing one ring will cause the race to end and pausing will also cause the race to end, (this is so that you cannot pause the game overnight, continue and get a ridiculous score.

Cloud Capers: The storms need clearing, you need to intentionally hit the storm clouds before your opponent, the pony with the most storm clouds is the winner.

Dashie's Rainbow Trail is actually planned and I have a good idea how to implement it, in practice, not too sure how well it will render on lower-spec machines, but we'll see :D

The final idea you had about more obstacles / locations and all that jazz will also be added eventually, this was EXACTLY why I released as an early beta, was to get the COMMUNITY'S attention and feature requests. What THEY want to see in the game.

That's the whole idea of an online game, it's the community of the game that makes it the game it is, not just the dev.

I've really taken on board your suggestions and thank you very much.
>> No. 38804
>thank you very much.
No problem.

By the way...I hope you don't mind if i ask you something a little meta - not really about the game's progression.

>Ring Size Modulator - Use the magic of Twilight Sparkle to increase the size of the next 6 rings by 40%.
>(This will work differently once multiplayer comes out where it will reduce the size of your opponent's rings by 20% for 6 rings.)
>your opponent's rings
Each player has his own rings?!

Don't the players share the same screen/game(same rings?), thus reducing the size of your opponent's rings will also reduce them for you?

Or is it actually possible for players to see and interact with something different between each player, even while different players are running in the same screen you're playing ?

That's the concept which always confused the hell out of me.
>> No. 38821
While the CPU automatically goes for the middle of the ring (until I improve it slightly) so the ring size is irrelevant to it, when multiplayer comes about, the raceRings[i].Position will be the same for each player, but each client stores it's own raceRings[i].Scale

Thus when it receives (for example) "rngSizeMod" from the opponent, it will then set the next 6 raceRings[i].Scale down to 0.8f rather than 1.0f (or rather 0.8f of what they were - incase the race uses Hard Mode or Easy Mode), this will not affect your own screen as it still has it's default .Scale

Hopefully that cleared it up :3
>> No. 38822
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 38865
Not at all :)

I just wanted to let anypony who doesn't really read the forums much that development was slow during this week because I am nearing the end of my college course so I am just finalizing all my units up to Distinction level (the same as an A or a 1 (in Germany)). You should see a good update either Sunday or Monday containing the keybindings :)
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