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fellow bronies im not that great at building websites but are you not sick of going on youtube to and wanting to have a pleasent conversation on the pony vid, show only to see haters. haters complain there are 2 many pony videos even though they could easily ignore them. and bronies like the rest of the internet wish to be free of haters. Solution a ponytube or whatever you call it it a hater free version of youtube dedicated to all thing my little pony related. haters could be reported and banned so it will be rare to come across them and we will have all of our wonderful videos in one place. so i ask is there already a website like this that jus needs more attention or are some bronies out there going to help me get this off the ground. suggestions and improvements will be helpful
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>> No. 38592
I would love to see this! displaying such great works as:
"They all know how it feels"
"It's good to be Queen"

and so many other great hits like on this ponyfied channel:

>> No. 38596
Two issues. The first one is that video costs a lot of bandwidth. And bandwidth isn't free.

And that is on top of the development costs, video is tricky and designing a site is going to take serious effort, with or without video.

The second issue is that a separate site wouldn't solve the issue at all. Haters is gonna hate.
>> No. 38617
>Two issues. The first one is that video costs a lot of bandwidth. And bandwidth isn't free.

Indeed. There's a reason 90% of the Internet piggybacks on YouTube already for its video hosting needs even though it's really unprofessional and unreliable to do so.
>> No. 38636
It would be a nice thing to have but it would be hard to maintain. And if you took all of the pony vids from youtube. that would be a lot of money.
>> No. 38653
I think I could maintain it.
I would need more bandwidth on my VPS though.

This is similar to my idea of a Pony Ebay which I started and never got back to,
>> No. 38654
File 133768487236.gif - (570.33KB , 358x400 , 132385494285.gif )
Actually I would need more bandwidth, bigger HDD and RAM would be a close one after that.

So if you want to pay me... let's see, $80 USD /year I'll do it
>> No. 38658
Is that in total or per user? I'd like to see your business model.
>> No. 38663
Thinking it through a bit more it would have to be per certain amount of users. My VPS is pretty powerful and can be easily upgraded but without knowing a rough estimate of how much traffic the site would pull it's hard to say how much upgrading my server would require.

HDD is a must, the VPS was only ever meant for and a couple of smaller sites so I originally purchased it with 40GB of drive. A pony youtube would need a lot more than that, I would want there to be a 10GB buffer as well, just to be safe.

My current bandwidth quota is 300GB/month, it would do for the first bit but realistically if it was ever going to take off 300GB/month is a pitiful amount of bandwidth. I have run a couple of image boards in my time and I know how easily they eat up bandwidth.

RAM could probably wait, I really don't know without starting the site and seeing how it went though.

It has oodles of processing power for the time being, but same with RAM, I have no experience with video uploading websites and what resources are used on what.

Also asking people to pay on a "we'll see how it goes" basis NEVER works out well.

If I was going to upgrade my VPS to fit a Pony Youtube I guess the best way to do it would be to screenshot the invoice for the upgrades with the total amount, explain why it's all needed and wait until the paypal payment into my account comes through.

That method involves a lot of trust though, somepony suggest a better way?
>> No. 38665
File 133770198021.png - (177.63KB , 451x356 , 132353198409.png )
Yea I can start to see issues with this idea.

For eg, the site goes live it's a huge hit, so much so my server begins to become overloaded, I ask for the money to upgrade the server and who evers idea it was to have a pony youtube refuses to pay, saying something along the lines of "This is what you quoted me, I paid it, and the site is running fine. Stop trying to suck more money out of me". *Fast Forward a couple weeks* I take the site down because it's dragging everything else on my server into hell and suddenly I'm hated because I tried to save my other websites.

Somepony who is better at marketing or something please explain the correct way to do it.
>> No. 39163
Did OP ditch this idea. I thought it had merit.
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