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Copy-pasta from /oat/ thread mostly. Just skip to past the second dashed line thing if you already read this:

Anypony ever remember this thing from ages ago:

For those who don't know, basically you play the role of a hacker who goes in and does jobs, which basically consist of hacking into terminals and defeating the security inside, sometimes also needing to collect stuff while doing so. It played like a very interesting strategy game, where your main weapon is programs you can use to place on the grid that appeared for each terminal. You moved around and squares appeared behind you, basically meaning the health of the program. Take damage, and the appropriate amount of squares vanished, started from the farthest one away attached to them.

There were a wide variety of choices program-wise, and they did quite a few different things. From basic attack, to moving fast, being sentinels, healing programs, affecting others, and a vast amount of other shenanigans.

The game even had kind of a story as well: You go about your job as usual, but there's this one guy that wants you to do stuff for him that seems okay, but makes you question his motives. By close to the end of the game, you probably already have a good idea that this guy isn't on the good side.

Anywho, for those tl;dring at me, i'll just get to the idea: Basically, it'd be cool to see a Ponified version of this game, with perhaps a changed script, changed program names/looks and perhaps more choices, new company/terminal names, and so on and so forth.

To me, this game was my childhood, the one actual online game that truly caught my attention and had me playing it for hours on end. For me, seeing this get an update/upgrade, especially a Pony one, would be the most excellent thing ever, especially if it could be 100% done.

I seem like i'm rambling on, but I seriously love coming back to this game every now and then, and I def. enjoyed the way they set up the actual battle system here. So yeah, it might seem silly to some, but to me, it does mean a lot, so thus why I got all tl;dr with this thing.

Anywho, I'm not sure who would be up for doing this, but its at least a thing I wish could be able to get going perhaps if people were up for it....
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File 133765667642.jpg - (13.98KB , 210x240 , I see.jpg )
Sorry to bump his, but I actually do wanna see if anypony would be interested in tackling this.

Dunno if anypony would be, but eh, its worth a try.....
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Bumping because i'm actually gonna go through with this thing.

Prob gonna use Game Maker for almost the entirety of this mess, but if ya wanna suggest a better choice to use, ya can do so.

Imma need help in the music and art departments, so you can help with that kind of thing since I can't art well, and if ya wanna come aboard to flesh out how the pony-fying of this game should go, you're welcome to.

Just remember, skype is ancara23. Hopefully I get help with this, because I have had a mancrush on this game for years, and would love to be able to bring it out into the next generation in what I consider to be the best way possible.
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File 133799172606.jpg - (41.57KB , 420x315 , whatever.jpg )

I went and did a basic test thingy, of movement, sector creation and deletion(when more than the max amount happen with another move).

It isn't much, but its a start, hopefully to show i'm at least trying (even though Game Maker is derping with getting "turns" set up). Hopefully with some help, this can go well....
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