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Gentlemen, I have this fantastic idea for a story in which can be read at (warning if you go through with this i have so many ideas it could be next to seasons worth of content) but im going to need people such as ANIMATORS WRITERS MUSICIANS ARTISTS AND ANY OTHER PONY REALATED PEOPLE details willl be later Email me at [email protected]
Whos up for a challenge?
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>> No. 38627
What will be your share of the work, aka how much of the project itself will be completed by you?

Right now, this "project" looks like another of those threads that can be sumed up as "Hey, I want free slaves to do all the work for me, while I "direct" and then take all the credit." and honestly, this community already have seen too many of these.

For the records "Idea guys" are considered as less than nothing here, because honestly, all what they do is daydream and then sit to wait others to take his idea and work themselves to the bone to make it real.
>> No. 38633
In addition to everything the guy above me has said, LEARN TO SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH.
>> No. 38726
1.Look I just suck at all the said topics and I will probably take next to no credit (mabye a small original concept credit)
2.My computer has no Flash or music editing software and would probably blow up if i got some
3.I apoligize about how much i suck im really throwing the idea out there for somone to take and make awesome while i throw ideas in
4.I was actully looking for this to be a credit to evreyone even people that do nothing get credit
5.dont shoot the messenger i can understand how this makes me look like a lazy fuck
6.My gmail got like hacked and i cant get in (probably that romainian guy) so project is delayed
7.If this doesent happen i accept the fact that it was lame
>> No. 38730
File 133780914948.png - (134.91KB , 397x360 )
There are guidelines for /collab/. Please follow them if you want to keep posting here.

Also, this board isn't /ideadump/. Seriously.
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