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Me and two other bronies are developing a Visual Novel set in an alternate Equestria, where Discord wins and everypony but the mane 6 is 'Discorded' (we had a four hour discussion about the plot, characters, etc. I can post it if you want.) Basically, some things we made canon are:
1) It's anthro
2) Music prevents the Discordation (Ocatavia and Vinyl are still sane)
3) You can play as all the mane 6, so that you get the full story only by playing them all
4) Discord and Gilda are in it
So basically we need:
1) Writers, we only have one
2) Artists. Remember, it's anthro
3) Musicians
4) Programmers, I can do the basics in Ren'Py* but we need a GUI and might need some advanced stuff
5) Any other jobs that somepony could think of
Can you tell I like lists?
Now I know most fan projects never get off the ground, but I think this could work. And I hope that we can get some more support to help so that we can make this.
So if you think you can help in any way, jump in.

*We aren't necessarily using Ren'Py, I just have some experience in it
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>> No. 38625
File 133762071122.png - (57.00KB , 500x500 , 132362561559.png )
Hm, depends on what you mean by 'writers'. I technically am one, but English isn't my native language and I'm not sure I could manage writing, say, a short story. I think I can help with dialogue, or stuff like that. I'd love to contribute in any way, cause this project looks really cool.
>> No. 38634
Sweet! E-Mail me at [email protected] and we'll chat some more
>> No. 38651
I'd like to give writing a go!
>> No. 38695
Sounds cool.
>> No. 38702
Okay so I'd like to think I'm a writer so there's that.
And I'm pretty good at concept/pre-production art. That's mainly because I have no idea how to use a tablet with any efficiency so all my stuff needs to be scanned and...whatever.
My email is [email protected]
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File 133803018476.jpg - (335.57KB , 1600x900 , 133150696552.jpg )
Need a voice actor?
>> No. 39179
File 133869565404.png - (59.59KB , 463x433 , CHIBIFlam.png )
This is a very interesting idea. I have no idea what kind of art youre looking for, but if you need vector artists let me know :)
>> No. 39180
Oops, forgot to put my name. Its the same as my DA name
>> No. 39181
This is an interesting concept, and I mean that in a good way. Being a visual novel and a pony one at that spikes my interest through the roof! Although I don't write as a professional I avidly do, and always have a plethora of ideas swirling inside my head, which can allow me to create multiple paths that in turn produce many more endings which a visual novel needs (you knew that already I know). But if you would, and your positions are not filled (since this thread is a slight bit old) I would gladly share my ideas and create for you, but if not I wish you the best of luck sirs for I am also eager to play!
>> No. 39190
I am wanting to go into concept art as a career, and I am looking for opportunities like this.
I can do finished art, concept art, storyboarding...
>> No. 39254
>> No. 39312
[email protected]
my email
my deviantart
normally I would link my portfolio, but my deviantart has all my pony stuff on it, so I figured it would be more relevant here.
>> No. 39326
when can we expect a reply?
are there any sort of deadlines for this project?
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