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MLP Adventure Game – Seeking Programming & Art Team Members

We are looking for more programmers and 3D artists to help build a team for a MLP adventure game. We’re aiming to create a game that focuses more on solving puzzles, clearing obstacles, and interacting with NPCs rather than combat and violence. While we have made some plans for the gameplay details, we have not really set anything in stone yet, and we are therefore open to suggestions. For now, our main goal is to find programmers and some 3D artists, but eventually, we may also need sound artists, writers (for quests and such) and voice talent.

Here is a link to the current team charter:

We will keep the Google Doc updated as more members join. If you’re interested in joining, please post here or contact Keta (for programming) or Eben (for art) and include the following information:

- Name (how you wish to be listed in the charter)
- Desired role (or roles)
- The software you use, and experience you have with it (don’t worry, we’re not looking for masters)
- (Optional) Portfolio
- Contact information (IM, website, blog, etc.)
- Notes (anything else you’d like to add)

Remember, while we are looking for people who will take the project seriously, it will be a fairly laid-back production, without any harsh deadlines or requirements. Thus, whether you’re a highly experienced artist/programmer who wants to contribute to a community project, or you’re just a beginner who wants to use this as a learning experience, feel free to get in touch with an existing member about joining – we’re not extremely picky at this point.

Programmer Introduction

Hey there!

I'm Bjarke (Keta) and I'm the Lead Programmer, seeing as I am currently the only programmer on the team. As well as Lead Programmer, I am also the founder and admin of this project, however I do not consider myself any more important than any other member of this project. So please don't expect anything special from me. As much as I will administrate the project, I value every members and fans opinion, so all voices will be heard.
We are using Visual Studio to develop in, using the C# language, and the XNA 4.0 Framework. Technically we could create the game without the Framework, but I see no flaws with using the XNA. It only speeds up the development, and helps us skip all the boring stuff.
We are not looking for super experts for the project, however you must know the language C#. I will gladly help you understand the framework, and anything else, should you want the help. After all, practice makes master.

Thanks for reading, and pony on.
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>> No. 38659

I’m Gabriel (Eben), and I’ll be the “Art Director” for this project, or at least until a more suitable member joins the team, as my strongest area is character animation. I’ve mostly used Maya up until now, but I’m gradually learning 3DS Max and ZBrush. As stated above, we don’t necessarily need super experts. In fact, I would be happy to coach any beginners out there who would like to be a part of this project – it could be a good opportunity to learn for everypony.

While we have not finalized much in terms of gameplay yet, here is the concept that I came up with:

This is the model that we’re currently using, but anything is still subject to change, and there are many more details that need to be added. However, this should at least give you a general idea of what we’re aiming for.
>> No. 38862
looks interesting. got anything else to show?
>> No. 38879
I prefer to only answer for programming, seeing as I am lead programmer. Here's what I can tell:
Gravity is now working, as well as the basic controls to move the player model around.
Soon we will release a demo of the first couple of quests, as well as whatever more we might have ready to show.

Please note, should any of you be split between wanting to program and create models/animate for us, I'd prefer if you'd create models and animate.
I'm not saying I'm a master programmer or anything, but currently we've ahead in programming. And our Lead Artist is pretty over encumbered of schoolwork already, so we can't put more weight on him.
>> No. 39321
We're still looking. We now have an extra programmer who's joined in. Now we're mainly interested in art people, however programmers are still welcome :)
>> No. 39330
What programming language is the game written in?
>> No. 39331
Never mind I read the google doc....derp
>> No. 39336
well XNA hast the downside of binding you to windows.

also the new express versions of visual studio won't allow any non-windows8-metro app, so who knows which retarded decisions microsoft will make in the future
>> No. 39360
Binds you to Windows, yes. However I wouldn't exactly call it a downside... Linux users got Wine (I think that's what its called. Dont exactly remember), and Mac's probably got something else. Either way, it makes development a heck lot faster. We wouldn't be anywhere this far in development if it wasn't because we're using XNA.
And I don't know about the new Visual Studio. However I've never heard of anything bad coming with new versions of it... :o We'll see. Worse case scenario, we can just stay on Visual Studio 2010.

Also, XNA provides the possibility of quickly converting to Xbox360, so who knows. If we have a lot of spare time sometimes, we might consider expanding to support Xbox as well.

>> No. 39587

↑ Hire this guy. Fuck XNA, it's a massive pile of shit and it doesn't work at all with other plateforms including Wine.
>> No. 39589
XNA is awesome, i don't know what you're talking about.

This looks cool guys. You should post some screens soon so people can get excited. Doesn't matter of it's all placeholders.
>> No. 39590
File 133954331759.png - (69.75KB , 1012x580 , TownHall.png )
Well, here's a screenshot of what I've completed so far on the model for town square, which will be the starting area and probably the "home base" of the game. We've recently had another modeler join, and he will be continuing work on this so that I can focus on my stronger area - animation.
>> No. 39591
File 133954404633.png - (72.03KB , 1012x580 , MainCharacterRig.png )
...also, here's a screenshot of the rig for the main character. It's pretty complicated compared to my previous rigs, but it also gives the animator a good deal of freedom, without the need for several blend shapes or a massive control panel. Additionally, the model is customizable - turning this into any other pony is simply a matter of swapping out the mane, tail, and wings/horn.
>> No. 39597
File 133957114733.jpg - (212.14KB , 1682x1054 , Capture.jpg )
So far, we haven't done much work on the world itself yet. We've been focusing on getting the Pony Creation Screen finished first, which is progressing quite fine.
On your left, a small image of our progress. Here's the full image, plus an explanation:
>> No. 40819
I'm interested in auditioning as a voice actress. You can find my pony samples at
>> No. 40830
The system sounds draconian with everything having to go thru the lead programmer. It's good to have someone who takes responsibility for each part of the code, but this feels a bit too much.
>> No. 40835
yes, I quickly realized it wouldn't quite work out that way, so currently we're all discussing in a Skype conversation what we should do, and then we simply individually do it. So me and Eben are the founders, but we're all maintaining the project, and we're all responsible for stuff. So really, its much more open than the main post describes x)
>> No. 40846
File 134269822364.png - (55.98KB , 552x558 , GdiPinkie2.png )
I have 5 years of expirience in programming, and would veary mutch like to help. However, I have as good as no expirience with 3D moddeling or 3D programming.
I do quite a lot of GUI designing using GDI, I even drawed pinkie pie once purly using code, but that's pretty mutch all I can do with graphics.

Also, I mostly write in VB as I find it easier to read, and intellisence are nicer there, but I can perfectly understand c#, I just write slower in it.

So yeah, please tell me if there is anything I can do to help. If you need some ponies to jump out of the window and pee on the taskbar, want some nice looking non-Xna controls, or want me to write some boring scripts or something, tell me :)
>> No. 40848
The team and I would like to talk with you. Could you leave a skype username we may add you on?
>> No. 40850
File 134271443711.png - (145.75KB , 735x1088 , FANMADE_AJ_Rope_Vector.png )
I would like to chat with you as well if you don't mind? I have a project that needs a VB programmer (or similar visual designer) and I would love your advice on how I should go about this project. If you wouldn't mind emailing me your skype name that would be awesome.
>> No. 40854


I'm looking forward to this ^^
>> No. 40862
I am considering joining the team as a programmer. I have worked a lot with C#, and i would like to know more about the game.
Please add me on skype: jaaslet
>> No. 40871
To keep up with progress on the game, here's our Blogspot link:
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