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This thread is made for the purpose of discussing all concerns in regards to the Desktop Ponies project ( >>36234 ) and the increasing stealing of its sprite art, so that these topics can be omitted from the actual project thread in order to leave space for actual development there.

Please make sure that the people you report as thieves are actually thieves. Be sure to compare the sprites they put up with the ones in the project. Being accused of plagiarism when you actually haven't stolen anything is a very serious issue, so please make sure you double-check before reporting people here.

List of known thieves:

Thief's name: pumpkinc
DA account:
She stole a dozen or so of DP animations, claimed to have created them all and went absolutely hysterical when she was caugh: she deleted messages, blocked out people who called her oun on her lies, broke into a string of sob stories and even harrased out people on their own DA accounts out of kiddy rage and (apparently) some mental inbalances she suffers of.
Status: All the stolen material was taken down by DA Mods.

Thief's name: charlie46
DA account:
She stole animations belonging to PonyNoia, Deathpony and Dogostar.
She tries to pose as the original creator of the stolen material, and blocked out/deleted anything that could prove otherwise, she even harrased Deathpony on his own account, accusing him of being the real thief and attempted to sic DA Mods on him out of revenge.
Status: The stolen content is still up, DA Mods still haven't taken actions againt the thief.

Thief's name: samakelly
DA account:
She stole material that attempted to pass as her own AND demanded payment for using it. Her goal was scamming 1,000 DA credits so she could get a premium DA account for herself, and stood so low as to inventing a story about a friend who needed the money to afford a surgery. When she was caught, she deleted all comments accusing her and then disabled all comments on her page.
Status: DA staff deleted her account and banned her for life.

Thief's name: KoKoKokunuts
DA account: She stole a lot of material, posed as the real creator and attempted to feign craziness to avoid the issue when she was found out.
Status: DA staff deleted the stolen material, but she and her account are still active.

Thief's name: albinomink
DA account:
She stole a large number of DP animations, labeled them as "icons" and demanded payment because "she needed the money". She claimed to be very poor and almost starved, but a few conversations among her friends revealed she just wanted free money to spend.
Status: she panicked after being discovered and after a few half-assed attempts to justify herself, she deactivated her account and ran away to a new account found here: where she is STILL trying to charge for using her stolen recolors and horrible splices.
Status on her secound account: all the stolen material is still up and the scam continues.

Thief's name:FlutterDashy90876
DA account:
She stole a lot of assorted animations AND templates, presented them as gifts made by "a secret cousin" and submited them to different DA groups as her own. She had another DA account that had been reported for theft as well, it can be found here:
Status: She ran away after being caught for the second time, all the stolen material is still up.

Thief's name: fluttershylover
DA account:
She stole practically the entire DP project folder and reposted it as her own, even offering to take "requests".
Status: she ran away after being caught, her account and all the stolen material are still up and untouched.

Thief's name: ponyluver, but her DA account is under the name of angelkat34
DA account:
Ttole a huge chunk of DP animations and then attempted to re-submit to the project thread found on this very same board as her own. After being chewed out, she tried to force her way into the project, refused to listen to any logic, hijacked other people's threads with her own recolors, and basically behaved like a huge headache that refused to stop or go away. She was caught stealing at least 3 more times and every time she STILL insisted to not have done anything wrong.
Status: She has apologized for her behavior and is willing to contribute to the project in a legitimate way. The stolen material has been deleted from her account. Although she now wishes to work with the project, she is still in a sketchy area, although she has behaved so far.

Thief's name:batrisyia04
DA account:
She stole material from StarStepPony's DA account, then went hysterical when her theft was made public and tried to get SSP in trouble by claiming he was the real thief, then tried to get everypony's pity by claiming "she was only a little girl, she isn't responsible of her actions" and finally tried to tardrage her way out of the mess.
Status: DA staff deleted all the stolen material, and the thief's account is no longer active.

Thief's name: creshosk
DA account:
This guy has been brough out several times. He charges money for "his" animations, which is not something the original creators want. Even though he makes OC ponies (which is allowed), the original artists do not want their templates or sprites used for commerical profit.
Status: A lot of the sprite work is still on his account.
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>> No. 43812

Sellig recolored Desktop Ponies animations and reposting the program's original animations as her own.
>> No. 43815

How many of those bases are stolen?
>> No. 43817
I was warned that thiis person was selling Desktop Ponies as "adoptables" (and generic ponies made with the flash creator too)

>> No. 43854
All of her images are being taken down.Even the non-desktop ponies. I think I see an account shut-down.
>> No. 43889
What "it" said after dealing with me

HayleeEquine:"You're not allowed to commission Desktop Ponies."
aesd:"Go talk to the owner about that"
Eye roll.
>> No. 43905

Sometimes that place makes me want to scream.
>> No. 43910
Look what aesd said now.
aesd:Last time I checked it was okay to make pony icon commissions as long as you give credit to the base owner this is what is said in the base's descriptions usage and it's a :points: commish not money! Please stop bugging me about this!
>> No. 43911

You can simply report that person to DA's staff and link Desktop Ponies's front page (where the non profit rules applied to desktop ponies and any kind of derivated work are clearly explained)

You can also post links to that person's posts to make the Mod's job easier but don't push the issue too much because several Mods there thend to side with thieves and you can end up in trouble instead.

You can also report that person on Desktop Ponies' DA group and in this anti-theft group here: to keep a record of that person's behavior in case she tries to spam the hide and block buttons.
>> No. 43918
The OP is a bit out of date. I'll list the changes here if nobody minds.

Charlie46's account has been deactivated.

Samakelly is somehow back up with no stolen material (and not banned for life as it says here).

KoKoKonuts has moved to where I can find no trace of stolen material.

Albinomink (a.k.a. Alienmink) has no visible traces of stolen material, has changed her name to ChangelingScribe, then moved to where I can only find a single desktop pony based item with credit to the Desktop Ponies team for the base.

That's all I can find that's changed since the original post was last edited.
>> No. 43919

Albinomink's dummy account is being used to sell more stolen/recolored animations and also has been badtalking about Monkeyjay after he politely asked her to stop selling what's not hers.

She decided he's "not worthy" and a jerk for not letting her sell what she took from him.
>> No. 43925

Her "Gryphon Trotters" are obvious Desktop Ponies trotters with Gilda's pieces and her "Riders" are obvious rainbow dash edits with a Desktop Pony pasted on top. She shouldn't be allowed to sell those either.

She claims she needs the money because she's poor and can't find a job but checking her other accounts I can see she has been using that same excuse since 2011.
And yet she can afford a computer, internet access, and endless wasted time on Deviantart picking fights and playing drama since then, all because she couldn't take advantage of someone else's work to make a pittance.
>> No. 43929
Charlie46 is up and at it again.
>> No. 43930
that is weird because it says her account is deactivated. Plus that was uploaded middle of last year so it looks like it just didnt take her pages down when her account got deactivated.
>> No. 43933
Yeah. Shutting down a page doesn't get rid of the pictures/comments they uploaded, but instead gets rid of their homepage so there's no way to link to their art short of favorited art from someone else.
>> No. 43942 <--- Selling Desktop Ponies <--- Displaying stolen ponies as his own.
>> No. 43948
From agirl3003's page after she was asked about her commissions:

"well the bases that I used were from someone else, used with permission and I modify my own even. And to be honest these aren't ordered that often, and its not uncommon for people to do these commissions as a way for people who can't make them to get their oc's done."

A lot of random blablah, hyperbole and lame backpedaling to cover herself.
>> No. 43962
Ponyluver/Angelkat34 had another stash of uncredited/plain stolen animations here:

Judging by the dates, they were added way after she were constantly caught stealing, lying and then stealing again, so there's no excuse here.
>> No. 43963 <-- selling Desktop Ponies for $4 each (or 400 DA credits) and ignoring a warning about not being supposed to sell them. <-- Displaying stolen ponies, creating "templates" with said stolen animations and even selling them around. <-- selling Desktop Ponies for 20 DA credits each. <-- Selling desktop Ponies for 5 DA credits each. <-- selling individual frames stolen from Desktop Ponies for 15 Da credits each and throwing a tantrum after being caught, then refusing to stop stealing. <-- Thinks that giving credits to desktop Ponies allows her to take everything she wants from them and pass it as her own.
>> No. 43966 <-- Countless stolen/uncredited Desktop Ponies and a warning about being revenge spammed and blocked if you say anything that could make him feel bad.
>> No. 43979
hmmm well considering its an open wiki, maybe jsut turn it on her, and flip the fake wiki into a proper one lol
>> No. 43983
Lol, Sarahostervig is asking you guys to do requests for her while she has been leading several hate campaigns against your group after you began to shut down paid comissions.

Evidently, she is up to something.
>> No. 44019 <--- Selling Desktop Ponies for 25 DA points each and hiding/blocking any comment saying she can't do that. <-- Selling Desktop Ponies (he claims they are free but people can give him "donations") and stealing a few others to pass them as his own. <-- Selling Desktop Ponies for 30 DA points each AND claiming that and are the real creators of Desktop Ponies. <-- Selling Desktop Ponies so she could buy herself a CAR. (Seriously...?) <-- Selling Desktop Ponies for 10 DA points each. <-- selling Desktop Ponies and disabling comments so nobody could call her on it.
>> No. 44020 <-- This previously reported thief and scammer is back, this time taking requests via private notes so nobody could see what she is doing (But openly announcing it on her comments anyways)
>> No. 44054 <--- reposting stolen Desktop Ponies bases as his own, berating and calling "Holligans" the original Desktop Ponies creators for shutting down paid comissions accounts, imposing a pile of absurd conditions and demanding an unwarranted level of respect just so he "may" consider recoloring a stolen Desktop Pony for you.
>> No. 44061 <-- is this person a thief or not? I don't know who made Derpy and all of those animations, but the way as this person brags and abuses the hide and block buttons are big read flags for me. <-- selling Desktop Ponies for $2 and openly claiming to be desperate for money because she's "poor" but still can afford a Premium DA account. <-- Selling Desktop Ponies and crediting a thief as the real author of Desktop Ponies
>> No. 44065 <-- selling stolen recolors for 10-30 DA credits each since 2011
>> No. 44098 <-- selling Desktop Ponies for 120 Deviantart Points each and using Derpibooru as a front to advertise them.
>> No. 44113 <-- reposting stolen Desktop Ponies as her own, imposing some pathetic conditions of use and refusing to take down the stolen material after being confronted by one of the real creators.
She created a dummy account here to escape and use it as her safeheaven.
>> No. 44157 <--- Offering stolen Desktop Ponies bases and refusing to give credit, he thinks that saying "I didn't made them" allows him to do whatever he wants.
>> No. 44315

This chick is stealing Desktop Ponies AND Dirkos' SeaPonies animations to get attention.

You can see how she hides and blocks out comments she doesn't like and judging by the answers to the hidden comments, she also hides any evidence of her thefts as well.
>> No. 44326
File 136243945919.gif - (735B , 58x80 , Hmm.gif )
Didn't really steal the seaponies, just made some using the templates. I don't think that the original Desktop Pony artists were credited for the head sprite though.
>> No. 44332

He is stealing parts from Desktop Ponies to paste on your Sea Ponies bases, though.

No credit to anyone so he pretends everything is his own work so you still can report him.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

This part of Deviantart's FAQ can crush him on sight.
>> No. 44365

The account was deactivated.
Looks like DA staff nuked it for theft after all.
>> No. 44403 <--- sells Desktop Ponies for $5. No points or art trades, he only wants MONEY.
>> No. 44463 <--- This chick stole the Zodiac Ponies created by Desktop Ponies member Botchan and is reposting them as her own.

Her REAL artistic skills are limited to recolor templates and bases collected from the net.
>> No. 44913 <-- This person sells Desktop Ponies at 30 DA points a piece.
>> No. 45228
I read DA here and DA there
but what is the procedure for thief, unproper crediting and other stuff in other sites differents to DA including non art sites??
>> No. 45229
It depends on the site. Community oriented sites tend to have report systems. Private sites tend to have contact information. Worst case scenario? Time for a cease and desist letter to the host.
>> No. 45233

Aniway, What is a proper credding for you??
for ones: Creddinting in metadata or INSIDE the png other a separate README, other in the CREDITS and other all
>> No. 45253
I'd help, except that your grammar is so bad that it's almost impossible to tell what you're saying.
>> No. 45256

I ask: What is a propper Crediting/Propper ways to give Credits/Correct and Ok forms to Give Creddits; Thinking in all possible forms???
>> No. 45262
I think what most people demand is credit when credit is normally given.

That normally means that credit is provided when the material is presented.

But the problem here is flat out plagiarism. Not that someone forgot to give credit.
>> No. 45263
Giving credit means when you take someone's else's public base work (templates, etc.) to modify it into your own characters and then you make a very visible statement where you say the modified work was created using someone else's base work, then you say exactly who made said original base work, add a link to that person's site/account and finally prove you are following all of the rules and terms of use imposed on the base work you took and modified for your own purposes.

The team behind of Desktop Ponies provides several official templates for people who wants tro make their own animations, as long those people never try to sell them, trade them for points/money or openly try to pass them as their own work.
>> No. 45278
Ok, anyway... What is 'the preffered way' for creditting??

I find a project that give credit in a README file (for Desktop ponies in general), and inside the ponies for individual artist and 'based on' (sic), tha' is a propper way, because if not enought I can contact (dirrectly) or drop the link..... isnot an art site
>> No. 45279
It all depends on the individual case. Some people have rather specific requirements. Especially when you come to trademarks. But in general just including the name in the credits is enough.
>> No. 45288
Already way ahead of you, editing pages to be more organized and adding a section known as "Crediting and Creation". Also fixing grammar. My first page i will post made by me is 80's cheerilee just gotta find out who made it.
>> No. 45289
Already way ahead of you, editing pages to be more organized and adding a section known as "Crediting and Creation". Also fixing grammar. My first page i will post made by me is 80's cheerilee just gotta find out who made it.

(Edit:) Lol sorry for the double post, stupid slow browser!

Last edited at Mon, Jul 1st, 2013 14:05

>> No. 45290
mah, much compĺex... I drop the link, and if BotChan or any other can decide what make or what not make
>> No. 45294
Looks innocent and trying to track credit for individual pictures.
>> No. 45301

In simple english, this mean?

oh, and is a linux distro packaging and supporting that program ... not sure if that is Good or not...

As far I know that Linux Distro is free (no pay, no money, all for free in they spare time)

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 01:45

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