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File 133816596923.png - (1.18MB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_012845998.png )
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Please read before asking questions!
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>> No. 38919
File 133816608965.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_012758695.png )
so the guy who's modeled most of the karts wanted to redo twilight's, so he did

gave it a nice AO bake too (holy shit you should see its texture, it's ridiculous)

otherwise progress is slow as usual
>> No. 38920
File 133816618602.png - (1.20MB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_012937688.png )
dash's kart also got a ribbon emitter (needs a better color and texture) but the behaviour's pretty okay for now

changed how the jet flaps animate too
>> No. 38921
File 133816625126.png - (1.08MB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_013031149.png )
we've also been playing around with more sound effects, so if you try out the latest build in the repo you can see those, though they're still a work in progress
>> No. 38922
File 133816637399.png - (655.51KB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_013126403.png )
>> No. 38929
Progress, Beautiful Progress!

I'll compile it and play around with it when I can access my main computer.

Also, this just hit me: Do you plan on doing "Release Candidates" when it gets closer to being finished, and letting people submit bugs? Yeah, we can compile it ourselves now, but you seem aware of the vast majority of the kinks in it already, and it would be redundant to talk about bugs.
>> No. 38938
When we're doing big bug tests, sure, probably
>> No. 38949

So... much... yay...
>> No. 39189
File 133871759764.png - (135.27KB , 353x403 , IMG_02062012_230959.png )
Been working on background pony stuff again while I'm waiting for whitetail woods. This pony, besides the cutie mark, is completely colored through shaders! Doing this so we can mass-produce background ponies without needing a separate texture for every single one
>> No. 39193
Layman's version: there is now an automated color replacement program where colors can be changed at runtime, making it trivial to spawn dozens of cheap recolors.
>> No. 39199
File 133876165884.png - (187.95KB , 338x343 , 2 colours.png )
hooray hairs are all done
>> No. 39208
Progress! Beautiful low input progress!

And no I never left :P
>> No. 39252
That's more than great! Keep up the good progress.
>> No. 39447
File 133911014445.png - (267.32KB , 1181x689 , Capture.png )
I put together this little program this afternoon. Most of the work was spent figuring out how to embed Ogre into XAML, but after that it was pretty easy.

Still need to implement the browse button for buttmarks and animations (and sort out two hair textures) then I'll clean up and post this somewhere
>> No. 39470
Oh god, if you make it public, people will be able to easily create 3D models of their uninspired technicolor ponypony OCs. THINK OF THE HORROR! RED AND BLACK PONIES EVERYWHERE
>> No. 39475
>> No. 39480

>> No. 39482
I love how crash the program when I press the randomize button
>> No. 39485
File 133925910842.png - (113.99KB , 681x634 , Rawberry_punch.png )
>> No. 39489
File 133926213237.png - (77.67KB , 627x658 , jokerpony.png )
I want this so much in the crowd
>> No. 39491
>> No. 39495
File 133926951388.png - (207.67KB , 696x711 , random.png )
I'm so glad there no Alicorn option....
>> No. 39497

How right was Confucius when he said "Nopony can make a machine so smart that some jerk will not be too dumb to ruin it."
>> No. 39509
File 133928829317.png - (112.39KB , 641x648 , Twinkleshine.png )
Yes I am glad of that too!
Unless you pick both the horn and wing, luckily nopony will ever figure that out, hooves crossed

This is awesome. I was able to complete my completely original *shifty liarjack look* character really easily. Yep marvel at her beauty.

The only thing, is there a way to stop the rotating so I can concentrate on her eyes better or take better screencaps.

Oh I just found that if I scrunch the creator screen up it makes the pony look like a little filly. So cute!
>> No. 39513
make sure the cutie mark texture is transparent in the top section, it looks like it's hiding the mouth and nostrils

that's a good suggestion though, dunno if it's worth bothering but maybe
>> No. 39514
File 133929518661.png - (68.29KB , 610x334 , Scootaloo.png )
I did make it transparent. I don't know why the mouth didn't show up in that screenshot.

Messing around with this makes it how obvious everypony's hair is almost exact replicas of everypony else's.

Pretty fun messing around. Will we be able to port some of our creations into the bg of the game?
>> No. 39515
I ask the same as star step.
Will we be able to place some/all of these into the game to act as the bg ponies?
>> No. 39516
it'll probably be possible if you want to get your hands dirty and start manually editing data files, yes

but I won't officially support it. All ingame characters will have been in the show at some point, even if only for a second
>> No. 39520
fair enough.
Can't wait to see the next update ^.^
>> No. 39541
File 133937662532.png - (179.55KB , 631x600 , untitled.png )
That's a bummer, but understandable. Would have been wicked cool, though. Hold a design contest of some sort, background pony designs taken straight outta the player base. I can imagine that'd throw a certain type of people off though, for certain.
>> No. 39542
There are only so many red/black dark-coloured ponies one can tolerate. In my case that number is zero.
>> No. 39548
Well yeah, that's why it'd be a contest.
>> No. 39554
Is there a save function? :(
>> No. 39657
When I load a cutie mark it becomes black, everywhere.
>> No. 39661
use the PSD included in the download to make your cutie mark. It needs to be in a specific position with a transparent background for it to work, like the other cutie marks.
>> No. 39783
what do you guys think of something like this for the main menu of ponykart?

of course it's just a mockup right now but still

I dunno why the guy who made this chose that music but we're still going to be using this ingame:

design of the buttons and stuff are placeholders, this is to just get a feel for the "scrolling background with wireframes of the karts and little description bits popping up" like a blueprint sort of thing
>> No. 39786
Why not just go for something stationary? The blueprint stuff looks so technical, which is in complete contrast with the rest of the game...

I mean, I like it, but I find it such an odd choice.
>> No. 39792
File 134003943605.png - (191.38KB , 1280x697 , 2012-06-18_12-08-04.png )
The current menu is ok, IMO. Just move the menu to the left, and add some rotating art/video to the right of the menu. Obviously change "Play" to "Ponykart" or something.
>> No. 39795
While I think the current menu is rather plain, this doesn't quite work, either, IMO. What if you had a wireframe of the kart instead, rotating but otherwise stationary, with the same attributes popping up? After a while, it'd switch to another kart.
>> No. 39799
the problem with the current menu is that everything (after we add proper button graphics and stuff) is way too blue. And dash-centered.

That could also work, and would involve less mess with the GUI system


another idea somepony in /vg/'s AGDGs had was to make the main menu background a static scene of like a pitstop or garage or something, with various ponies doing things to the karts and moving stuff around and stuff like that. Would be more complicated to model and might be too excessive, but it would look nice!

What do you think?
>> No. 39801
>the problem with the current menu is that everything (after we add proper button graphics and stuff) is way too blue. And dash-centered.

A wacky idea: would be too complicated to generate seven different versions of the menu (With the colors and marks of the Mane 6 + Spike's fire) and make them switch at random every time the player boots the game or opens the menu?
>> No. 39828
make the main menu background a static scene of like a pitstop or garage or something, with various ponies doing things to the karts and moving stuff around and stuff like that.

That's a lovely idea. The buzz of a racetrack with the anticipation of actually racing. It's basically a story mode. :)
>> No. 39836
A few games have the menu I'm going to suggest but it might be neat. If you ever played 1080 on n64 or that episode 1 pod racer game, you know how the camera just zips around the room from one object to another for a menu?

Well that def won't work for a game based off a 2d show but what if you made a long horizontal illustration that can only be shown 1/6th of the time. Like as soon as you log in your default position would be "start game" showing right outside the garage maybe in front the the track with the players ready to go. As you select "options" the screen could pan slowly to the right showing the interior of the garage with characters working on their karts, pan again to the right for to see a walled eyed pony in a tangled mess of wires hooking up a server in the far back or even further a DJ playing with the sound options? As the illustration keeps panning you can lead the camera to the interior of a building or anything that would make since in a long sequence.

I think it would be nice to have the menu art as close to the shows style as possible then go into your amazing 3D as you start the game.

It maybe a cheap solution to an interactive feeling menu. The camera could just zip by faster as you get comfortable and know where the options you like are. Also might give a nice feeling of speed before even starting the game.
>> No. 39837
With this option you would be including the characters which IMO is completely necessary. I feel if your basing the game off of a funny cartoon you should do as much as you can to capture the feel. To me the feel of the show is the interaction between characters and this would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun and even show some humor when (and I'm only speculating) there will be little chance for gags within the actual game.

Make Pinky filling her gas tank with cake, have Twilight taking it far to seriously and reading up on how to race, Rairty could be polishing up her car and AJ can be arguing with RD or have rainbow already practicing her victory speech.

Then again you could have no menu at all and I'd still play. Love your project can't wait for an update!
>> No. 39844
This is a good idea!
Include some stuff from this: >>39837
and I think it'd be pretty cool. A bit more resource-intensive than some alternatives, but shouldn't be that bad.
>> No. 39853
Clearly I have nothing better to do today, but maybe my input will be helpful.

The more I think about it the more I feel you should absolutely incorporate a menu with a style almost exactly like the show even if not by the way I suggested. It would be a direct comparison and show the players just how much work you put into making your 3D models look as close as you can to the original source. Idk how you guys have a darker color outline/stroke on your 3d models just like the flash animation but it's damn near perfect and of course you have all the colors just how they should be.

When you finally select to start the game it would be like bringing the characters to life.
>> No. 39857
While there is a plugin for the graphics engine I'm using that lets you use flash, it's pretty out of date and I'd rather not have to deal with yet another library
>> No. 39859
I'm not saying you have to use actually use Flash. It would just be a stagnant image, although it could be made in flash and exported to whatever format you require png, jpeg, ect. Even the art you use now when you first boot up is nice and very similar. But like I said I'm just bored and spit balling. Any direction you guys go is going to look great.
>> No. 39914
File 134022965842.png - (806.19KB , 1280x800 , Ponykart_06202012_222927807.png )
>look at empty area of track
>look at crowd
>> No. 39915
Wow, there is an extraordinary abundance of blue in that crowd. I'm not the only one who sees that, am I?
>> No. 39916
those are just random but I can make a crowd which shows all 80 of the ponies I've stuck into the game so far
>> No. 39921
I disagree, make it dynamic, like in the Valve games. They have an animated background scene for their menus.

3d menu: 10 coolness points
3d menu with non trivial geometry: 20 additional coolness points
Animated 3d menu: 15 additional coolness points
Dynamic soundscapes for different menu screens: 15 coolness points
That's a lot of coolness points. But it is also a lot of work.

I have no doubts that it can be done. But it is simply not something I can recommend spending resources on until the main game works very well.

For now the simple menu works fine. But the loading screen could use some tweaks for smoothness.

About using Flash. Yeah, you don't want an outdated version of Flash. Especially not one that can't even run ActioScript 3. That came out in 2006. Trust me on this one, I am an actionscript expert.
>> No. 39931
static scene does not mean static picture! Also Portal 2 is a perfect example of what I meant. It's a non-moving camera with small animations to give life. In fact I think it may even be pre rendered or painted images with moving elements (I can't remember exactly).

The easiest classy bg would be a sort of scenic drive camera through the tracks. Probably from the side (not first person), and probably without karts. Wouldn't require extra modelling/animation anyway.
>> No. 39932
Actually Left 4 Dead's menu is more what I was getting at. Replace with a "garage" type scene or "pre race setup" type thing.

That's what I meant by a static scene.
>> No. 39934
My suggestion is to just use a still image created within Flash, of course this can just as easily be done within illustrator, I only mentioned Flash because it would be be the same program used within the show. As long as it's a nice smooth vector illustration I think it will look beautiful. Actionscript is not at all what I was suggesting.

I think the direct comparison would look very nice. Your 3D models look brilliant and it would be really nice to show just how dedicated you were to the original art style. Just because they differ doesn't mean they will clash at all.

I just feel having the entire menu with the in game models would look a little odd. I'm thinking back to older games but say South Park N64. The game worked and the characters were definitely based off the show but they had to be made into these models to work as the game the developers were trying to make. When you were at the main menu everything looked off. Within the game everything was fine because you understood this was the way to go to make that kind of game playable.

I feel the interaction with characters is a very important part of the show +fanbase. Although you're models are by far the best I've seen for MLP:FIM I don't feel they will emote the same.

Sure you'll come close but something will always seem off. Since the point of the actual game is racing and not the interaction/differentiation of characters, I feel the main menu is the perfect chance to pull that off.
>> No. 39951
Source games have traditionally used a special map for the menu background. But I strongly suspect that the menu backgrounds from portal 2 (not the original) are prerendered video.
>> No. 39982
I have an idea about items. Merging items. So if it were Mariokart, you could merge Red Shell and Star and get a shell that works like the blue shell in 64 and Super Circuit. Or merge the shell with something I don't know, and you can drop it like in Super Circuit.

For crowds, you could use sprites like in Mariokart DS. The crowd in Delfino Square looks good as sprites, and the way the sprite always is facing you makes it look like they are following you.
>> No. 39996
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 40019
Can the pupil and reflections be altered?
Same for the overall eye placement?
>> No. 40027
>Can the pupil and reflections be altered?
yes easily, since it's just a texture, but it's not so easy to change it ingame

>Same for the overall eye placement?
that's a pain
>> No. 40029
File 134045548305.png - (65.20KB , 665x647 , batmare.png )
>> No. 40053
File 134055960942.png - (216.84KB , 512x512 , LowPolyBaseUv.png )
>> No. 40055
File 134055992270.png - (154.98KB , 1024x1024 , LowPolyFace&CMUv.png )
>> No. 40061
File 134056322151.png - (36.70KB , 512x512 , batmare.png )
>> No. 40291
File 134111355860.png - (314.97KB , 594x551 , 779.png )
Hey, I have finally decided to compile the game, and have been following various instructions to do so very carefully, but when I try to compile the game, I get the following error message:

"Unable to start program 'C\ponykart\trunk\Debug\shaders.exe'

The system cannot find the file specified."

What should I do? I can't find anything else regarding this .exe anywhere!
>> No. 40293
i missed your bronycon panel , is this recorded anywhere?
>> No. 40301
yeeeaaaaaah just ignore that one. I need to get around to removing that bit at some point

I dunno if everfree radio was recording it or not, but if they did, that's where you'll find it
>> No. 40318
File 134115805485.png - (122.55KB , 395x455 , 366.png )
Alright, but the game still won't run.

Unless I'm doing it wrong??
>> No. 40321
try updating again, I removed that project
>> No. 40351
File 134126394339.png - (33.86KB , 130x159 , 56.png )
IT WORKS! Thank you! Also is Derpy supposed to follow you through the whole race?
>> No. 40352

Derpy is this game's Lakitu.
>> No. 40354
File 134126578910.png - (30.63KB , 130x232 , 68.png )
I get that, but hes been stalking me through the entire race! Even Lakitu only came in when necessary.
>> No. 40356
yeah we haven't implemented that yet
>> No. 40360
Not in Super Mario 64. I like it better the way it is now.
>> No. 40362
Derpy is a mare.
>> No. 40368
Youtube embed play button
  Also if you haven't seen it yet, we've got rough multiplayer working!

This is probably the only programming part of ponykart that I haven't had a hand in making, so if you have any questions about it I'll have to forward them to someone else for you.
>> No. 40374
File 134132822726.gif - (30.40KB , 100x100 , 71.gif )
Thanks for the update.

>>40362 bad?

>> No. 40540
just a note that if you have checked out the SVN repo, we have moved to because sourceforge recommended we upgraded ponykart to their new project system, which changed the URL.
>> No. 40542
File 134176486192.png - (162.27KB , 600x445 , 132641278165.png )
Um...this requires a password and username to enter.
>> No. 40544
I just used my normal sourceforge login and that seems to work, despite me not being a project member.
>> No. 40545
Are you using an SVN client or just trying to look at it from your browser? Use for your browser

Otherwise I checked the permissions and it says anonymous not-logged-in users have read access... I dunno then
>> No. 40690
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 40691
Yay, ragdolls!
>> No. 40697
Ponies wobble but never fall down!
>> No. 40750
i have a really old version of the game, i cant check which version it is exactly, because it was loaded from my last computer, but it is old enough that RD is having issues with drifting, already went through and recoded all drift and everything there and nothing changed, any advice? Also, it only happens with that one model
>> No. 40757
So why don't you update?
>> No. 40767
yeah, drifting's still broken
>> No. 40839
cus idk how to update, basically what i was doing before: delete ponykart, download new stuff from sourceforge idk how to do that other site thingy hoppip posted
>> No. 40847
Try using a SVN client.
>> No. 41081
Hello, everypony! I don't really come here all that often, but I saw this project on Sourceforge and I was absolutely dying do download it and play it 'till I drop! Ponies seem like the perfect thing to make into a karting game, it just fits so well with the general goofiness and cuteness. Unfortunately, my hope received a swift kick to the bollocks when I realized that it was written in C#.
I use Linux; this poses a very obvious problem. For those of you who are less technical, Linux is an alternative to Windows. It's better in many ways, but unfortunately the one barrier that many can't leap over is that of software and hardware support.
Anyways, WINE, which is a way to use Windows programs on Linux, would normally remedy a problem of a platform-exclusive game. This is not so in the case of this one; .NET is very, very broken on Linux, and this game depends on it. This same issue makes also makes this game inaccessible to Mac users.
As you can probably guess, this really isn't a good thing! While I've heard C# is a delightful programming language, and Microsoft certainly did well in designing it, by using it you've managed to cut out a good 10% of your potential userbase! This is a problem, as you can almost certainly tell.
Porting things across programming languages can be, as I'm sure you devs know, very tricky. It's also a thing that I'm sure the community would gladly support and help maintain. I don't have much money but I'd be willing to scrape something up for anyone who would help develop and maintain a port of this in parallel to the main C# branch. If the devs of the proper project were to do something similar you can bet my money would go to them! I'd gladly help pay for a cross-platform implementation of this and I'm sure many others would agree.
If anyone supports this or has any ideas on how to make this happen, I'd be absolutely thrilled! This is a very promising project, promising enough to get on the front page of Sourceforge at least, and I'd be infinitely grateful if the devs were to help those of us who use less-common operating systems out.

Sorry if I'm bumping a dead thread, but this is something I can really get behind.
>> No. 41084

So basically you came here to tell the game devs to redo everything so you could get pleased?
>> No. 41089
There is this "mono" thing I've read about. Try that?

And I have to agree, it is outrageous to demand that the project should be recoded in a different language where the used middleware likely doesn't even exist.
>> No. 41095
The problem is actually with the C# wrapper for the graphics engine and not our own code. While mono would usually work for this sort of thing, mono only supports one of the two ways of wrapping things, and unfortunately the wrapper uses the one mono doesn't like.

Unless you know anything about wrappers, there isn't really much I can do, sorry!
>> No. 41096
i have 2 solutions for you: 1: run a dual OS, i do that on most of my devices with few issues, and it also allows for more customization and ease of use. Another thing *which is much easier* get a cheap, like $200 computer, with like windows vista on it, download the free trial of microsoft visual studio 2010 professional,then play it.

Note, idk now well linux will dual OS with windows, might need to surf for a decent program to as support, so it is not exactly advised
>> No. 41097

A third and cheaper solution would be stop bellyaching because a group of strangers aren't doing what he wants, but hey...
>> No. 41105
Alright, I'm the guy who posted the above wall of text. Sorry about that, I figured the idea would be difficult but I wasn't quite aware of how insane it would be.
>> No. 41118
File 134349739564.png - (157.50KB , 490x693 , vinyl likes what she sees.png )
Those certainly are some... interesting character names you've got going in the selection menu.
>> No. 41120
You should compare with the old ones.
>> No. 41159
new website up and running pretty much. Still missing some stuff here and there though
>> No. 41307
Found an official map of equestria. Since you guys want this game as close to the show as possible I think this will be helpful
>> No. 41312
Saw it last night actually, but yeah, it'll be really helpful!

How annoying is that big "do not redistribute" text? I'm thinking of shrinking it or just removing it altogether
>> No. 41347
Very annoying. But at least it doesn't trigger unless you attempt to move the built files.

However, open source vs secret algorithms? Very bad fit, at the very minimum there is the ideological friction.

And as previously discussed, easy to hack away. Especially if you have the ability to pinpoint the exact lines that changed when the protection was added. Even more so when anyone can freely download a decent decompiler. There are ups to give.
>> No. 41355
>How annoying is that big "do not redistribute" text?

It's very annoying- which means you should leave it untouched.
That's why it's there for, after all.
>> No. 41491
how do i download the ponykart game ?
>> No. 41495
If you have to ask then you should probably not try it yet. You obviously lack the needed tools to build the project.
>> No. 41497
Is "needed tools" a new slang for brain nowadays?
>> No. 41505
Sadly not. You really do need the correct software to do it.

But my real point is that it's not stable software. The levels are not finished. Especially not Whitetail woods, there are issues. Like big gaps in the geometry issues.
>> No. 41669
Are you guys going to be at Canterlot Gardens? Or what is the next convention you guys are attending?
>> No. 41674
I think a few of the team members are gonna be at Brony Fan Fair
>> No. 41842
Are you still working on this? You kinda went off the radar.
>> No. 41860
probably because they are actually working on it.
>> No. 41975
I want the Vehicle Select Screen to be just like Hot Wheels: Beat That!
>> No. 41983
File 134763555094.png - (69.21KB , 486x714 , loading issues.png )
That screen may look cool, but it has an unreasonable delay between each car.

Also, I hit this issue when trying to load a level that isn't Apple Acres.
>> No. 41993
Well, I really want it to be like that, without loading times.
>> No. 42045

Pressing the wrong button during a race gives you a similar result, as I found out during the BFF.
>> No. 42283
File 134960899919.jpg - (29.74KB , 698x389 , 1345912251949.jpg )
well this, uh, kinda died

here's the current situation to be completely honest:
I'm probably not going to be working on this very much any more. I'm not very interested in ponies any more (after watching a bunch of other and better cartoons), and I've also got a job that involves programming, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is program some more.

A good chunk of the team is losing steam as well (though that always happens in unpaid games), though there's a few that are still slowly working on stuff.

We've been getting a few other people joining, friends of some of the existing members, but I think what we really need is just some fresh blood in the team since that seems to be the only way to keep game projects like these moving forwards.
>> No. 42293
File 134963058440.gif - (456.85KB , 390x293 , g.gif )
Called it!

But really, that sucks.
>> No. 42295
Oh, come on! Don't give up on ponies and us now! We all want Ponykart to be the best mario kart knockoff it can ever be! We need you to keep working on the new karts, the tracks, the HUD, and the AI. So, please work on this some more?
>> No. 42302
Stink to hear, this was the game I've been looking forward to!. It's a shame the game didn't have enough motivation juice on it's own merits for you to see it through. Hope the project gets picked up by some other random people!
>> No. 42317
Heh. It's obvious so many people want to see this project to the end. Hay, If there's anything I could do to help, if even in a small way, I'd like to know. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about programming, but I might be able to help design a track or two, or something.

As for now, I'll keep an eye on this page and wait for some hopeful news, or an opportunity to help. I jjst don't want to see this die.
>> No. 42325
File 134975496009.png - (454.30KB , 640x480 , 133413598343.png )
Can't say I didn't see this coming... You said yourself towards the beginning of the project that you didn't care for bronies or ponies all that much, which is REALLY the only thing that keeps these projects going. I would pick up on it, though I have little to no programming ability, so I sadly cannot pick up anything. Though I can be motivational :D
>> No. 42345
Wow, this makes me feel so sad.

Ponykart was one of the few projects that interested me, shown development & had the potential to go far. To hear you're basically shelving it is quite disheartening.
>> No. 42346
If there's anything we as the community can do to help out, tell us. It's clear we all really really hate to see this go.
>> No. 42364
If the project is canceled, can we at least have the latest build? I'm pretty sure that everyone here wants to give Ponykart a try!
>> No. 42376
Just make a build yourself?

But yeah, sad thing if a project this far along ends up dying.
>> No. 42379
Hey, fighting is magic is still going, and I'm about as non-brony as you can get! There are many many things that need to work for a project to last, and passion for the source material is only one of them.
>> No. 42385
I am one of the many peoples who don't know how to make my own build :'(
>> No. 42392
File 135007224443.png - (206.82KB , 686x805 , 131221933953.png )
Oooooh, I would be very interested in trying the latest build too, if that is on the cards.
>> No. 42396
I have the skills to make a build without the copy protections. In fact, I always do that.

But I am not so sure if I should share this trainwreck. WTW has "issues" with the geometry. It used to be much better, but I lost the revision number for the good version.

Someone recall when the road and the ground was on the same level in WTW?
>> No. 42435
File 135018673796.png - (114.43KB , 400x400 , RD_You_Bettah_Believe_It.png )
Well Fighting is Magic has turned into something beyond ponies. It's got a fanbase that includes a multitude of different people and only half of them have any interest in ponies or are indifferent to them.

I'm still rooting for mane6, though I'm trying to not annoy people too much :P Go team!
>> No. 42534
YOU!! Your team isn't tweeting back to me!! I swear! I'll sue if your team doesn't reply to EVERY tweet I send.
>> No. 42548
Well that's depressing.
>> No. 42607
Oh please, make this game a real thing, or at least hand it over to an other team who can work on it? This was the game I looked forward the most the whole year!
Dont let all your hard work (and our love for your game) to die n get flushed in the toilet! D:
>> No. 42608
I don't think the issue is a lack of wanting to hand it over to someone else. Rather that there is no one to hand it over to.
>> No. 42631
Yeah I guess ):
Dont wanna see something this good to get ruined by people lacking the talent. I just hope this will get back on the road soon. They have too much work in this to just simply stop n throw it in the garbage. The style n visuals are breathtaking (not to mention all the background music already made), also I am a sucker for kart games since Crash Team Racing on PS1, so yah...wanna see this masterpiece to happen.
>> No. 42684
>> No. 42690

>> No. 42692
Oh! Yes! The project isn't dead!
>> No. 42715
File 135213511210.gif - (3.00MB , 259x146 , pinkieOHMYYES.gif )
>> No. 42782
File 135266878595.jpg - (768.54KB , 2048x1536 , HWBTPC Cars 029.jpg )
I want this so much in the game.
>> No. 42783
File 135266860118.jpg - (768.54KB , 2048x1536 , HWBTPC Cars 029.jpg )
I also want some Ponykart artwork of this.
>> No. 42791
I've gone here, but I still can't figure out how to download it from Sourceforge. I used to just download the tarball from the old Sourceforge, but it appears that's not an option anymore.
>> No. 42792
I think they've pretty much decided against the original idea from "Hot Wheels: Beat That!" due to the extensive wait between cars/karts. However, the base idea of the pictures could be something, with a display of the kart/driver to the right, and their stats to the left like that. They probably won't go zooming on/off screen or anything, but it would still look cool to have both the kart and stats on display like that.
>> No. 42793
I meant the car as a kart. The screen would look awesome in the game, though. The PC version (which is the picture you see now, doesn't have loading times. Play the game on PC and you'll see what I mean.
>> No. 42801
That's what I thought you said. Pretty much take the car, replace it with a kart, maybe add in the driver standing besides the kart, and voila. Awesome looking main menu. Of course, the background will be more pony-appropriate, but it will still look cool.
>> No. 42803
Like, driving out of Applejack's barn!
>> No. 42805
Maybe. I'm kind of iffy about the driving back and forth thing. It doesn't seem useful besides killing time, and I wouldn't like that on my menu. I have nothing to the kart or driver animated (such as the driver bobbing their head as they wait, or the kart turning in circles like at a car show), but I don't see the need for that.
>> No. 42808
Well, I guess. The PC doesn't have loading times, so...
>> No. 42812
Good one.

All computers have loading times. What matters is how long they are and how well masked they are.
>> No. 42813
I partially disagree. There may be loading time, but if you place the loading right, you wont notice it. Run the loading of karts in a background thread and you wont notice it. Or just load them all into memory along with everything else. It may be a few more seconds of loading time, but meh.
>> No. 42814
Using a background thread is not a magical solution. It doesn't remove the loading time, it adds complexity, outright isn't possible for some apis (such as graphics) that has thread dependencies and plain doesn't do anything about the user not noticing the loading.

A game can be responsive while the user is stuck waiting for it to load.

The proper solution is to minimize the loading times and do the loading when the user isn't noticing. Techniques like incremental loading and loading during active gameplay help, but they can only do so much.
>> No. 43014
Indeed. However, loading times would have to be pretty large to worry about driving a kart off and on screen if it's going to be realistic. They don't just drive off and on instantly or anything, but if the loading time is short enough, it'll just kill too much time for a realistic drive on effect.
>> No. 43017
Not sure if this has been suggested before, but how about a Canterlot track? Driving through the city would be epic... You could have an alt version with the attacking changelings.
>> No. 43018
I haven't heard of any suggestions like that, but it does sound like a good idea. I immediately think of something like Delfino Square from Mario Kart, just with Canterlot.
>> No. 43344
File 135646766863.png - (557.88KB , 1675x1143 , MouthTopology.png )
>> No. 43348

how about you start making major updates like new tracks, cars or physics instead of some cosmetic changes no one will notice?
>> No. 43350
File 135653670213.png - (141.54KB , 894x894 , sweetie_belle___ono_by_lukezke-d5nkb1d[1].png )
As nice as they are, if there's no progress to show, why bother showing it? I'd rather see they're doing some little things, just to be reassured that it's still in progress. Don't slam them for their choices.

Also, there are many like myself that will notice these changes (then again, I've made comments before because I found individual pixels that were missing or out of place). Don't say that nobody will notice when they're reassuring us that they're still working on it, okay?
>> No. 43352
They could just finish the second track instead. It's like 40 % modeled. Only needs a couple of weeks of cleanup, fixup, and decorating before it is in a showable state.
>> No. 43356
There's one thing I'm wondering, being how you know exactly how much progress they have when you're not a team member. All I can say is you're guessing based off of the update videos, which is quite believable but not the most accurate.

Besides, it's still a couple of weeks. I'd still rather see a small tweak than wait 4-6 weeks for something big. If nothing else, it's proof that work is still being done and the projects not dead. Now, if those 4-6 weeks was the release of the whole thing, that's a different story, but as it is, I prefer to see the little things so I can fully show my hope on the project. Trust me, my hope is in the stratosphere due to that picture.
>> No. 43359
Man, when is Update Video #5 coming?

I know you said in your update called "Not Ded" that you would get an Update Video this month, but where is it?
>> No. 43364
I just build the game from source code myself. It is quite easy to do.
>> No. 43373
I know that, and that's what I did in the past. However, I'm having difficulties finding an SVN client that's either free or cracked, and therefore can't update very well. If only there was a better way to get it without an SVN client, it'd be much appreciated.
>> No. 43374

You really haven't been looking far. Also, subversion is open source. You are a sucker if you pay for it.
>> No. 43420
I thank you for that. Once I return home I'll try it out. As for my failure to find one before now, I blame Google. Google kept giving me programs requiring payment. Stupid Google ignoring the word "free".
>> No. 43424
It's the first hit for "free svn client".
>> No. 43475
Not for me. I still blame Google.
>> No. 43476
Not for me. I still blame Google.
>> No. 43491
DOOD!! Where's Update Video 5???
>> No. 43528
File 135776062604.png - (372.28KB , 737x974 , Ponykart Derps.png )
Well, I finally got the most recent build (Thanks to RealismFactors), and I've noticed several problems. I figured I'd tell them to you, just in case you didn't notice these bugs.

Picture 1: My attempt at drifting kinda screwed up. All I did was accelerate, turn, and drift, and the wheels just pop out of place. That's kinda creepy to be honest, and appears even with another driver in Twilight's kart It does seem to be kart exclusive though and will not happen to Rainbow's kart or Applejack's kart (neither of those drift properly, but they're still works in progress so it's expected. Rainbow's drifting in particular is broken, actually turning left while holding the "d" (right turn) key.)

Picture 2: Pressing the "r" button to turn left 90 degrees is fine for testing purposes, but if you move, stop, and then press "r", the wheels turn before the car does, resulting in that odd picture. It corrects itself a second or two later (usually), and it's not all too important because it'll likely be removed from the final version, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If nothing else, it's a funny photo.

Picture 3: Derpy doesn't seem to know when she'd collide with stuff, and I've seen her fly straight through trees and through these pieces of test track without a second thought. Then again, this is Derpy we're talking about. What would she care?

Applejack's kart wheels will turn like usual when driving and steering, but they stop turning once you start drifting for some reason.

Item barrels seem to cause large lag spikes when collected, depending on the character you play as. Pinkie Pie seems altogether immune from it, Twilight has low amounts, and Rarity in particular has heavy lag from it. Other characters, like Rainbow Dash, seem to have moments where they lag out like mad, and other moments when they're not affected. The three I listed seem constant in the amount of lag however, when considering factors like the number of barrels in play that have to be removed. It also seems to be less of an issue on the release version, in comparison to the debug version.

The lap counter and item box hang around on the main menu once you back out with the "0" key. The same thing can be said about the "You win!" phrase once you complete both laps of Sweet Apple Acres, however that only displays while actually racing on a map and not on the main menu itself. That, and returning to the menu after finishing a race tends to crash the game most of the time.

Also, some of Sweet Apple Acres' scattered items in the debug version tend to lag out rather severely, mostly the single apple lying on the ground and the square crates of apples. I'm guessing that it's trying to pick up the apples as an item, especially after hearing the pickup sound from the release version.

Last but not least, Whitetail Woods is rather difficult to start, as it gives an error and crashes the game 9 times out of 10 (estimated). I did eventually get it working in a stable manner out of sheer luck, but if I did anything out of the ordinary to do it, I have no clue.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 9th, 2013 12:47

>> No. 43529
>Ponykart is dead
>I leave ponychan
>as it was the only reason why I came here
>come back several months later
>it's not dead

Thank you based god.
>> No. 43631
when i compile it now i always have the development thing across the screen now ;_; it makes it difficult
>> No. 43632
Just remve the badly hidden watermark code yourself. It's not difficult to find even if you don't know that the svn history outright gives it away.
>> No. 43633

i must be a derp cause i cant find it .-.

searched everywhere for it....
>> No. 43634

I cant find it in the SVN logs either, whats it called?
>> No. 43637
I forgot.

Here is a hint: the watermark code is not provided in source form. That should instantly narrow things down.
>> No. 43747
What. This project is back to being dead, huh? Well, I've got HEAT online. (Not at the moment. My computer still needs repairment.)
>> No. 43994
I hope this doesn't get a Cease and Desist as well. That would be bullshit.
>> No. 43995
At least it is open source. It's kinda hard to shut down such projects. I just hope that all the source material is in the repository. It might get complicated otherwise.
>> No. 44008
You say and this give me the oportunity to check and unles they have a 'secret' place here the code is stored differently from sourceforge, the last update was in 2012-08-09 and the las update on the webpage on 12-nov-2012

fell fre to determine by yourself is this is death project or not
>> No. 44009

1. Development has been moving at a snails pace, with the current progress not warranting an official update.

2. To not attract attention, they are not updating their pages. That way, they stay under the radar until they have a finished project.

3. The project died because some of the developers left. Those that remained don't have access to the main page and can't announce they're dead, or just don't want to.

4. The project was put on hiatus by the developers due to lack of mass interest from the community, lost by their rigid 'Show Only', 'No Fanon', 'Background Ponies in the Background where they belong', and 'We hate Bronies' comments that alienated followers expecting such fan service from a fan game.
>> No. 44010
File 136046811223.png - (456.70KB , 2500x1740 , mlfw1248_wqkbw.png )
Well, the last SVN commit was on 1/3/13, so it's not as dead as you think. Still could be dead though. If it really is dead, I might look into some way to reverse engineer the closed source bits so someone has a starting point if they want to pick the project back up.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 9th, 2013 20:47

>> No. 44011
Change all original names, make a color editor and you can paint your "horse" like some famous tv show
>> No. 44027
Mine says that it was the 10th January 2013, not some date that hasn't even happened yet.

silly americans, not knowing how to format dates.
>> No. 44032

silly britons, not knowing that that's actually the correct way of formatting dates in america.
>> No. 44046
silly american assuming that all people who think that you are silly are british.
>> No. 44260
Although, I would like some ideas of other episodes from the show, I just hope they would HURRY UP, AND GET UPDATE VIDEO 5 POSTED, SO WE CAN RELAX!!!
>> No. 44262
File 136217845987.png - (1.01MB , 900x675 , Brutalistic.png )
I'm gonna upload a picture of a car of Hot Wheels: Beat That!, and you're gonna guess what the stats resemble.

So first up, Brutalistic!

Do you know a similarity?
>> No. 44274
I don't think this is a place to discuss other games, at least not unless it's a comparison between that game and this one or a suggestion to add something from one game to another. The loading screen from that's already been suggested, so I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here. Well, unless you're trying to play a game, but this really isn't the place for that.
>> No. 44309
What I mean is, that there's similarities for the cars compared to the karts. This doesn't mean the karts will have the same stats from that game. Besides, have you played the game before?
>> No. 44319
No, nor do I plan to play it. I'm also wondering what these "similarities" you're talking about are and what it pertains to this.
>> No. 44333
These similarities are identical, but here, the cars have -1 of each. For example: Applejack has 16, while Brutalistic has 15.
>> No. 44334
Are you talking stats or something?
>> No. 44344
Yes. I'll give you the answer to this one:
Brutalistic has similar stats to Twilight Sparkle. Like that.
>> No. 44363

I'll be honest, this means absolutely nothing to me or this project and is just cluttering it up. I can't stop you from enjoying things (nor would I want to), but I would prefer that this post stay on the topic of Ponykart and not Hot Wheels. So please, drop the Hot Wheels stuff that only you seem to care about. It'd keep things a little clearer once Ponykart actually releases their next update video (if they do. It seems way too dead here).
>> No. 44393
so we're scraping this, right?
>> No. 44416
I don't really get what you mean.
>> No. 44432

Remember, no news is good news. Maybe they're just keeping low at the moment.
>> No. 44434
File 136320568061.png - (99.31KB , 640x360 , bf4923ef845b8577fa60ec7d266265eb.png )

so naive.
>> No. 44449
This is one of the best brony projects I hope the lack of information is for avoid problems from Hasbro, please do not be discouraged and continue this project :3
>> No. 44455

hasbro dont care for such tiny and unadvertised projects , mane6 fiasco will never be repeated , there's nothing to worry about.

except the author who abandoned this project
>> No. 44464
The problem isn't likely fear of Hasbro as much as it is a lack of motivation to continue. I know they've said that several places, which is why I still support this project after so much empty time.
>> No. 44468
File 136371136710.png - (125.33KB , 320x306 , twi no problem.png )
For anyone doubting this is still in the works, I saw that the SVN was updated yesterday. It is being worked on in silence. Stay tuned, its not over yet.
>> No. 44472
>> No. 44479
What's "SVN"?
>> No. 44493
It is short for Subversion, the source control system that this project uses.

In this context it means that the source repository got a commit (changes push).
>> No. 44496
File 136391077947.png - (65.90KB , 978x838 , 2013-03-21_19-05-31.png )
Where did you see that? Did they change the SVN link again? The date won't go past the 11th.
>> No. 44497
Oh, was it the 11th? My brain was foggy on the exact date. It was updated recently was what I meant.
>> No. 44599
Damn... Still no freaking updates since November 12th? It's been almost 5 months because of their lifetime jobs, how lazy they are, and how school for them is coming along.

Sucks that this isn't updating a lot quicker than I should've expected.

Although, it would seem that they are trying to avoid a C&D letter from Hasbro. Thank god they didn't get one, yet...

MLP: FiM doesn't have a story in a 3D world. It's in a 2D world, so I am highly doubting they would send a C&D letter to them for the 3D graphics.
>> No. 44833

>It's been almost 5 months because of their lifetime jobs, how lazy they are, and how school for them is coming along.
>how lazy they are

>> No. 44834
What? In their 4th update video, one of the members said: "...also because we're lazy." Are you talking about something I don't know about?
>> No. 44858
I think they were being facetious and poking fun at themselves, however in the context of someone else calling them "lazy" for not taking the time to work on a non-profit project kinda comes off as entitlement, which creates bit of a negative atmosphere for them to return to.

Regardelss, it's a shame they haven't posted information on where it's at in a long time. Even just a "hey we're still working on it" or "we're not going to be working on anytime soon" would be nice. It'd be a wonderful surprise if suddenly they showed up again, but that's life; sometimes stuff like this loses it's appeal to a game design team, and they don't have to work on it if they don't want to.
>> No. 44884
It's open source. If they don't want to continue somebody else can. Even if they restrict access to the code I still have a copy of it.
>> No. 44885
But does the repository include all the source files? The graphical source assets and music source assets are important too. It's not good enough to be able to compile the code. You need to be able to edit everything.
>> No. 44888
You're right. Although such things should be put in the repository as well, they aren't there.

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 12:01

>> No. 44998
Hey guys, I'm new here. Can anyone point me to what is causing that 'development build' watermark covering everything? >_>
>> No. 44999
The game has some homemade DRM. It is rather simple to cut out if you are a programmer.
>> No. 45006
Well, I contacted BPS, and he should read the note I sent him on Deviantart. We'll just have to see what he says when he reads my note.
>> No. 45013

Sure, if you knew what you were looking for
>> No. 45016
Really, it is easy to find even if you miss the blatant clue in the source control history. It is a simple process of elimination. That and the fact that it is rather obvious that one of the bundled libraries is small, non standard and only used in two spots.
>> No. 45049
File 137016016829.jpg - (93.38KB , 400x400 , 38334803.jpg )
>> No. 45055
Blue-Paint-Sea has updated Twilight Sparkle in her artwork:
>> No. 45145
Wait, what happened to the recent posts?
>> No. 45146
probably got deleted since thy where not from this project
>> No. 45363
File 137331038473.gif - (1.16MB , 403x360 , LUDaniK.gif )
I do believe its safe to say that PonyKart is ded. Last commit was in March, and there has been no word at all from devs. Sad to see it die like this. They could at least release the asset sources so people could continue work on it if they wanted to.
>> No. 45370
You seem to forget Blue-Paint-Sea's Deviantart page. Why would he still be making Ponykart-related pictures if the project's dead? Don't lose hope so quickly!
>> No. 45371
Because they like the concept despite the project being dead?
>> No. 45372
from what i know pony kart is open sours i seen even a movie on YT how to download with all needed software in description for compiling the sours code and sours code itself

here it is

don't ask me how exactly i did not try it yet :p

Last edited at Mon, Jul 8th, 2013 21:59

>> No. 45376
Open source projects are not immune from dying from a lack of developer attention.

And the project isn't following any accepted license from what I can tell. It doesn't even have one stated.

Probably because all cool ones demand that all code is provided as source code. None of that copy protection shenanigans and missing model source files.
>> No. 45478
Wow, it has been a year since the last update video. I guess the reason why they're not updating much is because they're trying their best to avoid a C&D letter from Hasbro.

But look... For those of you who think the project is dead, think again. They're working on it in silence. Settle down eveypony, wait and see what happens. Yes it might take a long time, but surely we'll get to see an Update Video before the year is over.

So updates from the team are on the way, and all they're asking for is your patience and understanding that they have their own lives when you stop reading this post. We still got Blue-Paint-Sea's Deviantart page in case you forgotten or don't know.

Just sit tight, keep your fingers and toe's crossed and hope that a C&D letter won't be sent to the team.
>> No. 45480
I will believe that when they start committing to svn again.
>> No. 45551
Ok Ok, Where is the Open Source....
>> No. 45580
File 137644620237.png - (198.96KB , 523x469 , igiveup.png )
I'd love to believe that, but if I were to avoid a C&D letter in their position, I'd take down the videos as well...

Sigh... Why must all awesome projects either not get finished or get C&Ded? I guess this community is just not meant to have a good game...

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 19:12

>> No. 45582
Now that the project is dead, if you want to compile it yourself and give it to your friend or someone to play together, in UIresources.cs, replace the entire CreateResources with:
public static void CreateResources(MiyagiSystem system)
/*// then fix the fonts so they work correctly
* pfff, first we patch the game so the protection is disabled
* and buck you hoppip for this protection system
system, Fonts, Skins);
If you cant compile it, then you can use this already compiled game:
>> No. 45583
Umm, guys, Blue-Paint-Sea stated on his Da page in may that they're still working on it, jsut very-very slowly, and if anything would happen to the project (I assume including it being cancelled) they would let the fans know. also, he's still dishing out art of ideas and other ponykart related pics.
>> No. 45585
One person does not equal a working team. Whitetail woods remains broken and there has been no code changes what so ever in months.
>> No. 45595
No offense, but I think a member of the actual game devteam would probably know if it's dead or not. For all we know, they're working on it incognito so that Hasbro doesn't notice. That alone would explain everything.
>> No. 45597
That's pure speculation. I call Occam's razor. There are no signs of work, because there is no work being done.

Here are the facts:
* No commits for five months
* No posts on the official site this year.
* No posts in this topic by members for months.
* No shows during recent cons as far as I have heard

They would have had something to release if they had done development during the time frame.

It's dead, get over it. I don't like it either, but it's reality.
>> No. 45616
Hoppip confirmed on MLPG that the project was dead.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 20th, 2013 12:03

>> No. 45648
Why would they quit on us like this? I mean sure it is very hard and compicated work, but we created a entire fanbase around the devlopment of this game and they quit. WHY HOPPIP!? WHY!?
>> No. 45659
Anyway is Open whatever, any can take the code and continue, this is why they use that devel model, to let anyonw continue if they can't

I hope in that anyone can continue it
>> No. 45689
Blue-Paint-Sea's birthday is 2 days from now. So don't forget to say happy birthday to him, everypony!
>> No. 45690
I think that you missed the part where I noted that the model source files are missing. Kinda hard to finish the levels without them.
>> No. 45712
File 137862117263.jpg - (73.38KB , 611x381 , bandicam 2013-09-08 02-03-34-161.jpg )
Solid proof here that ponykart is ded. I'm sorry everyone. R.I.P Ponykart... July 24th 2011 - March 26th 2013 you were a good game... you were...
>> No. 45718
Sorry, but that only proves abandonment.

The proof is over here. >>45616
>> No. 45854
>> No. 45855
File 138228927952.jpg - (59.17KB , 640x360 , image.jpg )
There are also open source modeling tools (Blender, lib3ds), music workstations (LMMS, Ardour, Milkytracker), vector editors (Inkscape, Synfig Studio), raster editors (GIMP, mtPaint, Mypaint), game engines (OGRE, Irrlicht, or write your own with SDL/OpenGL), and compilers (MinGW, GCC, TinyCC, clang). It isn't such a big deal that Ponykart is dead, and if it is, you can make a new one.
>> No. 45902
PEOPLE! The project is actually not dead. They're just laying low on the updates to avoid Hasbro, which is why they are updating really slow. How can the project be dead when Blue-Paint-Sea is still making concept artwork for the game along with a few other members of the team still programming VERY SLOWLY?
>> No. 45905
Schrodinger’s Ponykart

Last edited at Mon, Nov 11th, 2013 04:28

>> No. 45906
Very slowly as in "not at all"?
>> No. 45911
No. Just very slowly as in what I just said.
>> No. 45912
There is a minimum speed required for projects to be considered alive. For an unfinished project that speed is higher.

We could argue what the exact speed is. But I'd rather argue about a different speed, the speed where not even the most generous would consider the project alive.

I say that a commit every two months is that speed. This project is well bellow even that. It's dead. Give it a burial. It's not going anywhere.
>> No. 45915
>> No. 45918
Does anyone know if there are any groups forming to try and take over the project now that we know its dead? There is some discussion going about that in reddit's /mylittleprogramming but doesn't seem like anything certain yet.
>> No. 45921
Don't forget about all the other developers needed. Software is nothing without input files. The team needs modelers and animators too.
>> No. 45932
If anyone is interested there is a google group going for possible revival over here:!forum/ponykart . Gonna try see how many people we can gather and decide whether it is feasible to attempt it in the first place.
>> No. 46133
Any news?
>> No. 46275
New team is hiring,19.0.html
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