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File 133824057989.png - (440.99KB , 1296x758 , MYOM1.png )
38958 No. 38958
Hey everypony. Since I'll be without internet/computer for the next three weeks, I thought I would show you all the game I've been working on these past few weeks.

My Little Pony: Make Your Own Magic is going to be a 2D story/adventure game built using XNA 4.0. For now, all of the main elements of the game engine are done, and I've included a simple little Luna story to demonstrate them (unfortunately I didn't have enough time to complete the main story and branching paths/endings yet).

You can get the setup for the game here:
Make sure you run the setup.exe and not the .msi, otherwise some prerequisites might not be installed (XNA and .NET Frameworks 4.0).

Some things that are still left to do:
Planned features:
-Complete story editor
-Theme selection
-Text scrolling for long speeches

Planned improvements:
-Improved/consistent graphics
-Improved memory usage
-Improved default stories
-Text speed selection

Possible future features:
-Sound, voice and music playback
-Speech and idle animations
-Full cast of important characters
-Downloading/uploading user-submitted stories
-Story categorization and rating

Feedback and comments are welcome. I'll be sure to check them all as soon as I'm back.
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>> No. 38959
File 133824065238.png - (545.50KB , 1296x758 , MYOM2.png )
A shot of the map screen.
>> No. 38961
Before I forget, F12 turns on full-screen and F11 returns to windowed mode. Clicking or pressing space/enter makes the text appear instantly.
>> No. 38964
File 133824581814.png - (338.80KB , 1600x900 , Error Message.png )
I don't think my laptop can run this.
>> No. 38965
File 133824617228.png - (43.29KB , 200x200 , 133816066442.png )
Wait, so with this, people will be able to make their own custom adventure games with their own stories?

...Not sure how I feel about that.
>> No. 38968
Hmmm, poot, I think it might just be a setting I need to disable. I'll have to look into it when I get back.

Yes, that is the original plan.
>> No. 38997
This definitely has promise. I'll have to keep my eye on it.
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