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Hello, biddies and gentlecolts! It's Peachy here. I've decided that I've sat for far too long expecting a chance to use my voice to fall into my lap; therefore, I'm creating one. I've rewritten the lyrics of the Scarlet Pimpernel's "Creation of Man" to reflect a possible discussion between Prince Blueblood, Fancy Pants, and several other stallions of "noble blood." I'll be using a midi track to accompany the voices used simply because it's free and sounds nice enough.

I AM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for the role of blueblood and all of the chorus (somewhere around 5 or 6 voices). I''d like submissions sent in any easy-to-access audio file format to the email listed in my email field, also listed here ([email protected]). If that for some reason doesn't work, I'll let you know, but it should.

It's IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that I will not choose the singers I use based on who sounds more like show ponies or Blueblood, but on vocal/choral talent. Therefore, don't force anything you don't have down with full confidence. Just sing your best!

Here's a link to the documentation of the lyrics, several free links, the free-use midi I'll be using, and the like. Feel free to peruse.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I apologize that I'm diving head in without much introduction here, but I'm just so excited for this that I can't help myself. Thanks again for your time and I hope to hear your wonderful voices soon.

~Peachy Pastel
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Looks great, I'll definitely participate.

But I'm a bit confused on how to record itand stuff...I mean, do I just record myself doing each of those parts all together? Or separate by color? And I can't really tell where the open parts are in the song with the link given. (honestly I'm not familiar with the song, so maybe I need to listen to it more)
>> No. 38994
File 133830961456.gif - (35.01KB , 100x100 , flyawaynow.gif )
Listen to it a few more times, the voices will make it more distinct, however;

Red is blueblood's, which is an open role
the blue-backgrounded text is for the chorus to sing, all open spots

Blue is the only thing taken and it's because I would like to play that role. I WILL still take submissions for it, though I'd be hard-pressed to give it up, lol.
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File 133836404574.png - (382.01KB , 1318x1100 , thumbsup.png )
quick bump, could still use plenty of voices
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