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No. 39007
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  I found a game genre that is lacking ponies, microgames!

This must be remedied!

I am ready to do the programming here, but I need artists.

Oh, and microgames.

This will be done using Flash and ActionScript 3. Input will be mouse only for the gameplay. So, no web cams, microphones, key pressing, multitouch, accelerometers, gyroscopes, tilt-switches or joysticks.

Feel free to post your microgame ideas here, napkin sketches are accepted.
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>> No. 39010
Is this another of those threads where OP announces a game and then expects that everypony else do all the work for him while he "directs" or "codes"?

Dude, read the guidelines posted in >>37938 before you get your head chewed out by the board.
>> No. 39013
No, I actually expect to work on the coding. And not just the coding for the ui/generic stuff, but also for all of the microgames.

There is more coding than you'd think in games. And there isn't much that can be reused in microgames. They are simply too specific.
>> No. 39015

He also said he needed artists, which means he doesn't have any graphics to use with the code that may exist or not yet.
A game made of bare code can't exist, you need a general idea of what are you trying to do, plus graphics and sounds. And judging by OP's post, he doesn't have any of that and expects this board to provide it all for him.

He doesn't want people to work with him, he wants people working FOR him and for what I've seen on this community, that is enough to grind everypony's gears on the spot.
>> No. 39023
I don't have any ideas for the games themselves (I haven't done much microgaming), but a short list of mechanics that can be "gamed" might be useful to you or others.

* Click timing (e.g. Rhythm Heaven, stop-the-counter-on-zero)
* Click accuracy (e.g. hit-the-target)
* Click speed (e.g. click-faster-to-go-faster)
* Movement accuracy (e.g. dont-touch-the-walls)
* Movement speed (e.g. wiggle-faster-to-go-faster)
* Location prediction (e.g. Missile Command)
* "Physics" (e.g. Angry Birds)
* Memory (e.g. Simon, blind-navigation, match-the-cards)
* Shape (e.g. Draw Something)
* Multitasking (e.g. left-and-right-both-need-help)

BTW: Why no key presses? The other restrictions make reasonable sense for your target of Flash, but not that one...

The first step of any project is design, which is what the OP is working on. While starting a new thread to hammer out design isn't the recomended way of doing things, lets not get all hot and bothered about the things he doesn't have. By the time a reasonable design emerges hopefully things will be fleshed out enough to attract some of the talent he needs.
>> No. 39037
File 133836568703.png - (7.85KB , 194x364 , CharaPlaceHolders.png )
Well, RealismFactors, I wish you luck on this project as pony microgames is an idea that I think will work really well.
Let me suggest one thing to you to help sell the idea though.

I am assuming you already have a handful of microgame ideas in your head, so make some and use placeholders. Like the ones I have here are the placeholders I used in my game.
Record a video of that, and then you'll probably have a slightly easier time finding people to help you out.
>> No. 39096

I agree fully. Coding is hard work to make all the gears of a game mesh together. It's like giving your creation a brain. I've played WarioWare before, there is a lot of variety in the microgames, which means there's gonna be a crack load of code involved.

When I first saw this video on EQD, I also thought this had to be done. I'd love to be part of this project. Coding and drawing!

I'm not much of an artist, but because I've been working on my game, I think I can make a decent pony. What is it that you'll need and I'll try to make it. Then you can decide whether to use it or not.
>> No. 39146
Right now I am trying to make an eye derping microgame. So I'd appreciate some art for that.

Once that is done I plan on doing the first chunk of the microgame sequencing. Loading stuff, picking random games, keeping track of score and lives, that stuff.

Here is some other ideas of mine:
* DrWhooves spins the hourglass.
* FindAPet: The microgame. See one pony, click the button with the correct pet. See interaction between pet and pony.

I am afraid that progress will be slow for the next week (7 days), I do have a big project work for my studies to complete. But that's my only real excuse.
>> No. 39148
Eye derping? Like Derpy facing forward and you gotta make her eyes derped? If that's so, then I'm sure I can do it. I'll start out with a Derpy head and some eyes. Perhaps later on I'll add designs for different characters in there. Like usually when the microgame starts, it'll be Derpy's eyes you gotta derp up. Then you come across the game again and this time it's Twilight's or anypony else's eyes you gotta derp.

Right then, I'll be on it. You wanna keep in touch here? Or you wanna do something different (e.g. Skype, email, etc)?
>> No. 39158
File 133859545102.png - (20.26KB , 261x252 , Derp Face.png )
Ok so this morning I got some references together to make this in the picture provided.

I can send you the fla file so you can have all the objects and stuff used to make it. Wanna use it? Or do you think it needs a little more work?
>> No. 39167
Hey, I can give ideas, which I'll email you since I'd rather concentrate my ideas to send at oncerather than posting 37 times. I would also like to offer help. While I'm no artist, I can help with making music.

If youre interested, send me an email at sto[email protected]
>> No. 39171
File 133867514474.png - (2.95KB , 582x52 , project url.png )
Sorry for not responding, but the spamfilter has been eating my posts.

I am organizing the project by using an Assembla space. Interested people should join it.
>> No. 39175
For those new to this, all content submissions should go in the Subversion (SVN for short) in the Assembla project.

You will need to join the project and get a SVN client (they are free, exists for ALL platforms and easy to use) in order to contribute content.

SVN helps by providing revision control, locking, merging and tracking who did what.
>> No. 39194
Just joined assembla and got tortois SVN client. My name on there is circuitsense. Add me and I'll put in the .fla for derpy's objects.
>> No. 39197
Or you could just, you know, edit the FLA I have already set up that kinda works.
>> No. 39261
Ok, Just added the objects. Hope they work well.
>> No. 39269
File 133884083058.swf - (3.10KB , 800x600 , derp.swf )
Here is the current WIP of the eye derping game.

The timer and stuff will be overlaid by the to be written overall engine.
>> No. 39289
Great, looks like the journey has started. I'll start making Dr. Whooves.
>> No. 39329
Please be careful with how you rig things. There were no big issues with the Derpy rig, but I still had to adjust things.

I have no rig in mind right now. But to clarify what I want here; I want to recreate the scene where Dr Whooves spins the hourglass to start the cider competition.

I am not sure what to do for the player input there. Some kind of pulling at his hoof in a counter clockwise motion?
>> No. 39466
Sorry for the wait. Just found out that there's quite a few more things to add to the RD Shooter.

Just added Dr. Whooves and an hourglass. I'll make a holder for the hourglass as well.
>> No. 39504
File 133927991713.swf - (9.55KB , 800x600 , Lyre.swf )
Please name your layers, it gets annoying having to figure out where stuff is. Also, please try and set the symbol types. Set it as a graphics symbol unless you need to use filters or have code control it directly.

And please, think about animability. Things need to actually animate. And I am afraid that I can't do the animation with code here. All I can do is to control the animation progress.

Also here is a crude game I coded today. Strum!
>> No. 39523
Ok, I'll get better as I go.
>> No. 39524
Just a helpful hint, I'm not terribly familiar with flash, but try to take the design model of MVC - Model-view-controller. Meaning always separate your graphics from your data and control logic, and always separate your control logic from your data. That way, if everything is separated, it makes it easier to change things without program the entire thing.
(hopefully MVC is relevant to flash, otherwise I just standard rambling about nothing)
>> No. 39526
File 133934735377.jpg - (40.14KB , 500x437 , applejack%20derp[1].jpg )
I meant to say "change without breaking the whole thing" not "change without program the whole thing"
>> No. 39527
I hate MVC. It just doesn't make sense in practice. I am more for the traditional and working "storage/business/display" split. Theory is nice, but true skill is knowing what to do in practice.

Trust me, I know when to separate graphics from logic and when to keep them together. There is such a thing as too much abstraction.

Still, feel free to keep a watch on how things end up in practice. The source files are open for review to anypony at any time.
>> No. 39528
Um, Storage/Business/Display is the exact same thing... Storage is the data model, business is the control logic, and display is the view. And I agree MVC isn't the best thing,but it has it's redeeming qualities for code development. MVC is sort of the prototype of some good design practices, which should be further developed upon. I've seen good and bad implementations of MVC (mostly, MVC is important in web design more than anything, in my opinion)
>> No. 39529
Thing is, it isn't.

The model ends up storing the data and running at least some of the business logic. The view only displays data, it doesn't allow for input and the controller does a little of everything. The differences become very obvious when you try to split the application into a client/server system.

I repeat: theory isn't everything. What actually works in practice is what truly matters.
>> No. 39530
Indeed, MVC and SBD are just concepts, and at least in my head, they are fairly analogous. And I agree, do what works best, guidelines are just that.
>> No. 40159
Progress is going well, but the project still needs artists. I can program an expression parser, but i can't draw.
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