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Hey there everypony. I am starting a podcast all about Pony Fanfiction, and might need another cohost, through I already have one. I also need a good name. I've sent invitations to 3 authors to be guests, two of which I've talked with before. (They being Moonshooter, Psychicschubadiver, and Pav Feira.)

The show would be formatted thusly:
-Guest answers following questions: Favorite pony? Favorite CMC? Favorite fanfic? Favorite genre? Least favorite genre?
-Cohosts and guest talk about either new pony fics or updates to older ones.
-Cohosts and guest talk about older pony fics that they recommend, or sometimes just ones that are fun to talk about.
-Cohosts and guest talk about non-pony fics.
Any suggestions for a name or how to improve the idea?
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Best way to improve it is by just doing it, letting people listen to it and take in their feedback.

It's fanfic-related, I think /fic/ will be the best audience for it. Good luck!
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I thought about posting there, but I think the rules wouldn't let me.
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File 133845848983.jpg - (257.21KB , 1024x1024 , 1.jpg )
Just got psychicscubadiver, author of The Dresden Fillies, signed on as a guest.
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File 133846249068.png - (199.90KB , 600x600 , 133132332752.png )
As long as your thread is fan-fiction related and isn't better suited in an already existing thread, then it's probably fair game.

On topic, this may be a good idea... however, if your questions are:
>Favorite pony? Favorite CMC? Favorite fanfic? Favorite genre? Least favorite genre?
Then nopony is going to be interested. (At least, I won't be. I could hardly give two flying feathers about what so-and-so's favourite pony is.)

This is mainly a matter of good interviewing skills. Seemingly, most people in this fandom lack them. (I don't exclude myself in this judgement either.) The gist of it is that you need to figure out what novel knowledge your interviewee has. Then you need to create questions that will sufficiently probe that information.

It might also be worth talking about fan-fic–related current affairs or working projects and seeing what your interviewees thoughts are on those. (Try to use questions that will get more than a "Oh yeah that's pretty cool".)

my 2c
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Just read the sticky on /fic/ and if you are unsure - post in it to see if it's okay to make a thread.

For a podcast, it's important to get to know your audience, to get them interested in listening to your podcast. You can only do that by knowing what they'd like to hear - even the things they didn't know they wanted to hear.

So mostly this:
>> No. 39128
Interesting idea. I think it might be good to have in depth discussions on the fanfics. Come up with a formula like a few minutes introducing the guests and a little bit about them. Then introduce a new fanfic you will be discussing and discuss a few interesting points in the story and views that won't give away the entire thing since this would be a newer fanfic. Then move onto a classic fanfic and discuss it in depth including spoilerish stuff and ending since it is an older fic. Then maybe a quickpick like thing where one of your guests or you tell about a fic that isn't well known but you consider a good read and a little discussion like you would do with a new fic. You could try to have an overarching theme for each episode like pony wars, equestrian history, mystery, light comedy, spice of life etc.

I think picking the fics to discuss ahead of time will give you a more cohesive podcast then just randomly talking about whatever fic may pop into your heads while recording. Plus it may cause those who just read the story or those still itching to talk about it to seek your podcast out to hear your particular takes on them. Plus it will prevent unwanted spoilers as talking about random fics will likely cause which may make some avoid your casts. For those reading the fic still that you are discussing, they can skip that section in the podcast and save it for when they do finish it up.

Those are my ideas and wish you luck. =)
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File 133850937882.jpg - (271.84KB , 902x885 , abby road.jpg )
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File 133851570654.gif - (1.21MB , 330x345 , 132187523626.gif )
Thanks, that was part of the idea, and I think your idea of doing a theme for each episode works great! The new fic, classic fic, random ones, and non-pony fics portions could all tie into that week's theme. I love that idea! Also cool update, I got Pav Feira, author of My Little Chrono: Triggers are Magic, signed up for a guest.
>> No. 39147
File 133852692422.jpg - (132.02KB , 549x362 , themoreyouknow.jpg )
Even cooler news, we got MoonShooter, author of Sweetie's Mansion, to be the guest for the first episode.
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