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39240 No. 39240
Hi Everypony! So, I was wondering if anypony would like pony games made with Game Maker. I've already made 2, a clicking pony game:
and a RD platformer named Loyalty. So anyways, anypony actually use GameMaker on ponychan? Uhh, that was a lot of 'pony'...

<<pic unrelated, just adorable
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>> No. 39243

I made a pony game with Game Maker as well. And while I think it's quite awesome, It just doesn't seem to garner much interest. >>38250

Also Game Maker is a terrible program. I am never using it again.

As for your Click the Applejacks game, eh... I don't find it very entertaining. But that's just me.
>> No. 39247
My game is being done in Game Maker. >>11985

It's the only game making program I know how to use and I love.
>> No. 39251
File 133880829018.png - (103.15KB , 309x265 , 131090858945.png )
Game Maker is an awful program... Have you thought about using something else?

Unity3D is harder to learn, but it has a huge database of tutorials, scripting and a lot of dedicated users willing to help through the Unity Answers program, plus a lot more capability and compatibility with other platforms. The interface is visual and easy to learn compared to other engines and it uses a variety of well known coding languages such as Java, C# and others.
Don't let the name throw you off: Unity is more than capable of creating 2D games.

Did I mention it's free? Because it is. Yep.
>> No. 39290
Well, I've made a demo for Loyalty...
Please tell me if you find a bug or a mistake, please.
And, if you want to jump on all the enemies in the Boss Battle, then don't even try to get the one that is right where you jump on, that will be fixed next demo, along with other minor problems.
>> No. 39314
Hello everypony,
I actually do have a bit of experience with Game Maker Language (and even drag and drop). So if anypony has any questions about game maker, I'm happy to help.
>> No. 39429
File 133906172420.png - (6.16KB , 246x266 , 0ww.png )
I made a game once upon a time called Winter Wrap-Up.
It's a gameboy styled game(I cheated a bit with the colors.) where you plow snow, till soil, and plant seeds while hoping Derpy doesn't ruin things.

I started on another project, so I stopped working on it and included the source.
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