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39334 No. 39334
Okay, I have this great idea for a my little pony cartoon, with OC's as main characters. The mane six will be backround ponies, as this is the backround ponies adventures.
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>> No. 39339
Do you have any plans for this? Any sort of structure whatsoever?

There are many work-hungry voice actors on Ponychan, but some of us do have standards.
>> No. 39343
Well, While I do have a script writing, I really think this will meet your standards.
>> No. 39359
Get an animator or two and release a teaser, then the actors will probably all come flocking to you.
>> No. 39368
Yeah like the other people said, more information is really needed, like plot, characters, script oand/or how to audition, and maybe an art example.
>> No. 39382
Thats what im trying to do.
>> No. 39391
I'll assume you haven't read the guidelines sticky. This isn't really how it works.
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