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Everfree Northwest stands to be the biggest gathering of Brony musicians ever. Great artists like Mic the Microphone, SCHADENFREUDE, Chain Algorithm, and more will be there to show off their talents. Over a thousands fans will gather to see voice actors like Tara Strong and Tabitha St. Germain. It will be amazing, and I want to document it. I have a small film crew and we plan to be there filming the entire thing from before it starts to after it ends. The entire documentary will be made available on YouTube. I've set up a small Kickstarter to help with the expenses (I plan on wining and dining everypony I interview). If you're interested in this convention and you're interested in the documentary, please check out the Kickstarter and consider donating. We hope to get inside the minds of these talented people who've been sharing their amazing work free of charge with all of us.
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*sigh* THIS GUY!
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Sorry! Anything like a kickstarter that's asking for money will have to be run by the administrator first. Therefore, I'm gonna lock this thread.

Please email us first to ask permission to post this on the boards:
[email protected]
And be sure to CC it to me as well:
[email protected]

After you have permission, I think this thread would be better suited for /oat/, but we'll look at that later.
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