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This thread is here to advertise and make some basic follow-up on the My Little Karaoke: Singing is Magic project. Official site is up at:

The aim of this project is to craft high-quality MLP songpacks for Singstar clones, such as Performous / Vocaluxe / UltraStar Deluxe. The current focus is on official songs, and I expect to move on with fan-made stuff after that.

I'm currently looking for people willing to help this project:
- Sync songs (rhythm and pitch) using a few authoring tools; the objective here is to be as accurate as possible.
- Background wallpaper artists; I'd love this project to have custom-made song 1080p wallpapers (instead of using screenshots from the show). There's also the opportunity of creating a whole MLP theme for UltraStar, and various other graphical assets.

More details are available on the official site. Do not hesitate to register!
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Youtube embed play button
  Quick and messy preview.
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Some updates!

- We are tracking our progress using Google Docs:

- We opened a DeviantArt account:
This page will be useful to help gather background and CD artworks. If you happen to see something nice on DeviantArt that would fit the project, please let us know there!

We're kinda low on staff, and are still looking for help! You can join anytime by registering on the forum ( ). The general idea then is to pick any song, then start building its lyric using Composer (here's a quick tutorial: ). It's quite easy once you get the hang of it!
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File 134034533783.png - (508.64KB , 606x735 , flutter winky.png )
Joined the forum! Cant wait to work with you all!
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File 134036094106.jpg - (91.08KB , 589x707 , 132462292382.jpg )
Awesome Project, I don't have many skills or time to offer but If you're ever in need of hosting a real website, I can lash a cPanel account together for you on my VPS. You can install wordpress, drupal, phpBB or whatever you want on it and buy a domain for yourself and what not. I don't have the time install/set up that stuff myself, but hell, a child can operate cPanel and install wordpress, seriously.
Setting up a cPanel account would take 10 minutes so I'm fine with doing it if you want it, as long as you use it for something :)
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File 134227306220.jpg - (20.54KB , 350x243 , fail.jpg )
First public release! (also, spoiler)

Since Hasbro gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming Season3, I decided to take a leap and create the sing-along version.

This was made for kicks, before we had the high-quality video. Its quality is not representative of the other songs in the MyLittleKaraoke pack (which feature awesome visuals and audio), but it's still a lot of fun to play!

Consider this a "demo" if you will. Use the file in any Songstar clone you wish (Ultrastar, UltraStar Deluxe, Performous, Vocaluxe…). I'd recommand UltraStar Deluxe.

Download link:
>> No. 40725
Would it be possible to go the Rock band route and include harmonies?
But I guess that'd be saved for RB customs since these are just focused on Singstar stuff.
>> No. 40727

While the official Singstar game does include Harmony mode, we're alas limited by the current Ultrastar file format. There's no support form Harmonies, Rap Meter, and even the way 2-players songs are currently crafted is sadly way too hackish to be relied upon.

The Pony Rock Project might be able to go this way, though - I'm not quite certain about this.
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Project is close to its initial milestone, expect a release in a few weeks (days?). There are still a few things to iron out!

I you wish to be informed of the release date, you may want to register on:
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Hello, I see this thread still exist so, well, there was a major update of the game a week ago, with more than 150 songs ! be sure to get your copy at :)
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File 137432813485.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
I might be able to seed the torrent when I get a server
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