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File 133936119537.png - (17.59KB , 656x518 , PonyGame.png )
39532 No. 39532
This has really just been something small I work on during lunch, but it's turning into a fun little project so I figured I’d share it with you guys and get feedback.

Basically, it’s a top-down adventure game. You walk around, interact with things, talk to people, pick up items... pretty standard mechanics.

Story wise, I’m opting for many small, interconnected arcs in lieu of one singular arc. These will be logged in some kind of book, similar in concept to the Bomber’s Notebook from Majora’s Mask. The initial scenario will setup this premise of helping people, and from that point gameplay becomes open ended.

I figure doing mini-arcs is more logical seeing as this is how the show is structured. They're also easier to develop and gives the community an easy way to get involved (see below).

Working features:
-Basic WASD movement
-Pixel-perfect collisions
-Multi-layered scene rendering

Stuff I’m working on:
-Major code refactoring
-UI improvements
-Inventory system
-Tiny pony creator app

Stuff for modders:
-XML representation of scenes
-C# / Iron Python scripting (undecided)

Other things:
The game is programmed in C# using XNA, which kind of locks it down to windows at the moment.
After version 1.0, I’ll start working on an OpenTK port which will open it up to multiple platforms.

Ways you can help:
I’m not really looking for any help with development per se.
However, I will need help with writing game scenarios. So this is an open call for writers and budding game designers to start playing with ideas.

Anyway, feel free to critique anything I post as well. I need feedback from you guys to make this something fun that everypony will enjoy.
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>> No. 39533
File 133936157299.png - (483.88KB , 841x978 , red6.png )
When can we expect a playable beta version?
>> No. 39534
Within the next week, hopefully.
>> No. 39535
Looks like my kind of game. :)
>> No. 39536
This already looks much better than the other top-down MLP adventure game produced here.

Take my internets. All of them.
>> No. 39537
File 133936838882.png - (234.99KB , 550x666 , happy5.png )
Looks promising! If you need writers, /fic/ has a bunch, I doubt there are any dedicated writers here (no offense if there are any, haha).
>> No. 39556
File 133940373510.png - (209.90KB , 501x384 , mlfw5259-WANT2.png )
Oh yes! See this is the type of game I think works best with MLP and all other similar fictional universes. Much like Hamtaro, Ham-Ham Heart Break. Never cared much for the show, but it was a damn good game! It's good to see this actually being made.

Well, Anonymous above me says there are others, but I don't remember seeing them.
Oh wait! Cutie Mark Crusade is one. Well, that's not exactly top-down is it?

I DIGRESS! I've been wanting to make a pony game like this myself, but much like you, scenarios are not something I'm good with coming up with. However, I might suggest checking out other adventure games, much like Hamtaro Ham-Ham heart break, for some cool ideas.
>> No. 39557
File 133940917959.gif - (187.22KB , 664x528 , update_01.gif )
heh, thanks.

Yeah, i figured as much. But i'm looking for more than just writers. It'd be helpful if some more design oriented people help out too. People who are good at organization and documenting things. Really, if anypony has anything they feel like contributing, i'm open.

Thanks man. I'll definitely check those out when i can.

Yawn. Here's tonight's progress: wobbly apples (see picture).
In other news, i got a very large portion of the engine refactored, as well as some hacky event based stuff with objects. I also added a little bit of code for the inventory. Nothing visual there, just backend stuff;

I guess tomorrow i'll take a look at the UI and scripting some.

Gotta sleep, catch yall later
>> No. 39610
File 133963042634.png - (5.43KB , 640x480 , update_02.png )
I did some work on the scripting, it's all working pretty well now and i just need to plug it into the game. The language is going to pretty much be straight C#. This was fairly easy to implement, and it gives you guys the same tools i'm using to build the game without necessarily making it open source.

The scripts are executed at load time, so there's no need for anypony to download VStudio or anything like that unless they want to.

I'm looking to release a preview demo this weekend to show some of this stuff off. This initial preview won't have any of the book of friendship (tm) in it or NPCs, but it'll show off the player controls, objects, the inventory, and hopefully a little scripting.

Anyway, in the meantime check out the totally original character and train station i made. They'll both probably be scrapped later because they suck.
>> No. 39611
The perspective on that train station is really weird. Have you thought about using a drop shadow on your characters to show that they're standing on the ground?
>> No. 39612
yeah, i know. I was originally going for a fixed perspective, took a break, and when i came back i just messed the entire thing up. I'm redoing the entire scene.

And at one point the characters did have drop shadows. I left it out after i broke the drawing into several layers (for customization). I just haven't added it back yet.
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