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39539 No. 39539
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread XIII

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one becomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.

- Third. Rarity is Best Poni. Then Twi, then AJ/Fluttershy, then Pinkie and lastly RD. Let's avoid "x is best poni" debates... Unless we're talking about gameplay, that is, in which Rarity is also -totally- going to kick everypony's flank...

- Fourth. This one is more a comment than a guideline. We'll update when we've got something we consider worthwhile to post. We've explained several times why we prefer to do this over a daily/weekly log. Poking us will only result in getting distracted from actual development, thus, slowing the rate at which we put out updates. Don't worry. If the game were to be cancelled/delayed (and it's not), we'd be making an announcement about it on the site, not keeping silent about it.


>Our website's located at ; We'll be doing all major announcements through there, as well as having behind-the-scenes images and sneak-peeks at development as we go along; Following this thread is your second best source for information. Followers here might also get a goodie once in a while.

>Frequently Axed Questions - Read this before asking any questions, please!


>Youtube Channel

>Livestream Channel

>Twitter channel!/ManeSix


>Important: The only accounts answering questions belong to the DevTeam, and are posting with a tripcode; Please consider any answer not coming from official posters or already answered in the FAQ as rumors, or with a grain of salt.

The official accounts are

Nappy (Programmer/Animator) - !ncuj4CwIRE
MonkeyJay (Programmer/Animator) - !Rainbow23
Hawk!ntHwpY8x96 - (programmer/FM2K tamer)
Leedin (Animator, Character Artist) - !oEMx1GiGEw
Anukan (GUI Designer/Community Manager) - !Aikan3NYWE

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>> No. 39540
>Website updated

MFU - Week 3
>> No. 39543
Very nice update. Applejack deserves a bigger update.
>> No. 39545
Oh yay! Applejack!

I'm glad you redid Applejacks splash. It looks awesome. (I can't wait to see Twilight's.)
>> No. 39560
I just think it's pretty awesome how you do really cool stuff first and then feel like it doesn't meet your self imposed standards, and then do it one more time and said stuff happens to become even cooler.

like the style of the splashes. the first ones were more show-like, and I thought they were pretty rad. but now in retrospect and especially in comparison with the newer ones they do look kind of dull because the new ones are just so energetic and stylish.
also the AJ stage. I already figured the first version was really freaking neat. but the redone one fits the style of the show even better. I wouldn't want you to go for the old one any longer now that I've seen them two side by side in your last update.

the level of quality you are going for is astonishing. I'm dead honest when I say that I have not been anticipating a video game quite as much as fighting is magic in a long, long while.
>> No. 39561
File 133942793989.png - (250.81KB , 850x939 , 132734261852_png.png )
Sweet... delicious... concept sketches... *drools*
>> No. 39562
File 133942843994.png - (134.48KB , 379x360 , smile10.png )
Y'all are the best. <3
>> No. 39581
Would it be too much to ask for a large, wallpaper sized version of the splash screens?
>> No. 39582

Well, it depends. Did you check the FAQ at the end of the post in question? ;)
>> No. 39585

I agree. You can never have enough Applejack!
>> No. 39586

Well, damn it. I'd thought I had.
>> No. 39601
A while ago in one of these threads, I remember there being talk of some online resources for people who want to become good at fighting games. I'd really appreciate being pointed in their direction: though there's many fighting games that I love, I've always been frustrated my my inability to pull off most of the specials (to say nothing of comboing). I want to improve at least a little bit, since I fear I won't be getting as much out of this game in my current state.
>> No. 39603
You got it.

--Community-- If there's something happening in the world of fighting games, you'll find it here. Real Honest Fighting

--Resources-- Move-listings, Articles. VERY GOOD wiki for all the popular fighting games. There are a few GOOD guides for fighting games here from combos to strategies. Here you'll find the a glossary of fighting game terms that you need to be familiar with, most of them revolve around street fighter but a lot of these can be applied to other fighting games. The Mizuumi wiki, You'll find some "poverty" fighting games here. Popular ones are IaMP and Melty Blood

--Get Equipped-- This is where I buy all of my parts and gear. You can't play a keyboard for life if you want to get good. (and I mean tournament good, keyboards max out at casual good) The madcatz store, for all the madcatz sticks and pads. Use coupon code CEO60 for sticks and CEO30 for pads. The Hori store, Fighting edge is coming out soon

There are a lot more streams but these are the ones you'll be seeing the most.

Then, to answer your post directly, practice.
Practice, practice, practice. Build your muscle memory, learn to control your equipment and study up on your fundamentals.
>> No. 39604

>Use coupon code CEO60 for sticks and CEO30 for pads.

Please note that the coupon code is only valid for this weekend, and expires on 6/19/2012.
>> No. 39605
File 133961793935.png - (144.25KB , 1406x1036 , BoltExcited.png )
Ey yo man, why don't you join our Skype Group? We started it here in the threads with the general idea of improving ourselves in anticipation of Fighting is Magic. We'd be more than happy to help you learn some fightan games! :D
>> No. 39606
>>39603 is another semi-popular stream and they go over a lot of newbie stuff, you should at least give their acheived stuff a watch through
>> No. 39618
File 133964806668.jpg - (42.67KB , 570x483 , 132653476165_jpg.jpg )
Oh shoot, it's lasting that long? Aaaa holy crap I should be rationing my first paycheck but aaaaa good equipment.
>> No. 39619
File 133964878381.png - (229.76KB , 524x543 , 133288360724_png.png )
And like Trick said. Practice. Practice until your goddang hooves bleed blood.

Every month, I do a little input training session in each game I have. 50 Hadoukens, then 50 Hurricane Kicks, then 50 Shoryukens, then 50 reverse-Shoryukens, then do each of those 50 times IN A ROW WITHOUT MESSING UP. A bit extreme, but it works.
>> No. 39620
File 133965111125.png - (150.80KB , 1275x1448 , BoltReassuring.png )
Try practicing in Street Fighter II Turbo. Grab the ROM and ZSNES and practice them inputs yo!
>> No. 39626
I think its funny that I grew up with fighters since SFII and never learned to use a stick properly. Always been a d-pad guy. I have one, but I think the box gate needs to be adjusted to an octagonal one.
>> No. 39629
File 133969492191.png - (34.59KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Grin.png )
Hey, you know what would be funny? In my opinion, at least?
OK, I know you said no OC ponies, but... DevTeam OCs. That would allow you to put in OCs without everypony else complaining about "Why not my OC?" It's justified as a Creator Cameo, as opposed to stuffing in random people's OCs just because.
>> No. 39630
If you see an OC, it would probably only be in the credits.
Devs can't be hypocrites.
>> No. 39631
> Dev team: "We don't want OCs"

> Annoying Poster: "I know, but what if I..."

> Dev team: "We don't want OCs."

> Annoying Poster "But I want them, so what about if you..."

> Dev team: "We don't want OCs."

> Annoying poster "I KNOW! But can you make an exception so I could...?"

> Dev team: "We don't want OCs."

> Annoying poster "I already said I know! Sheesh! Now, where do I submit my OC?"

> Dev team: "How many times have we said we don't want OCs?"

> Annoying poster: "How many times have I told you how you should make your own game? Capeesh?"
>> No. 39633
File 133970188814.png - (139.44KB , 1202x1444 , BoltHappy1.png )
Same here man. I grew up on SFII. I try to play stick nowadays, I can't even do Quarter Circles reliably on it. It's shameful. Give me a pad though and I can do leagues better. And hey, Stick's aren't inherently better. Pad's are just as good as sticks. Just look at Wolfkrone!
>> No. 39634
File 133970313586.png - (378.66KB , 549x603 , smirk.png )
Agreed. It's all about what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Although I will say I'm a stick player but our scene is mostly comprised of pad players... Well, last time I was around, anyway.
>> No. 39636
I planned that, when my previous "suggestion" was turned down, I would make such a comment. Yes, I predicted that everypony would think it was a suggestion as opposed to a random "Hey, you know what would be funny?" statement.
>> No. 39637
I prefer pads because I can feel them with my thumb. Sticks seem to go in directions I don't want. With that said, I've played a fighting game on an iOS device and it was awkward because I couldn't hit the "buttons" for the life of me.

One day though... eventually I'll get the hang of it. Haven't been in the fighting game mood lately.
>> No. 39638
File 133970726916.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
>Fighting games
>On an iOS
>> No. 39641
Yup. Friend had it on his phone.
>> No. 39651

Marvel vs Capcom 2 was ported to iOS, actually.
>> No. 39665
You should definitely include Derpy in this game. :3
>> No. 39679
File 133978266105.png - (34.45KB , 155x145 , 132927252666_png.png )
>> No. 39687
What does it take to join in this skype group? I'm super excited for this game, but haven't played a single fighter in my life.

I'd like to be in the group so I can practice n stuff, but not sure I'd be eligible considering my complete lack of experience/knowledge of the genre.
>> No. 39688
>Twitter Update.

We usually don't announce these, but I thought some of you might want to see the kind of stuff that goes on in our weekend meetings.
>> No. 39690
But why is Twilight Charlie Chaplin?
>> No. 39693
Because mustaches were a running joke in Season 1.
>> No. 39707
File 133986936622.jpg - (44.23KB , 538x425 , 130.jpg )
>> No. 39712
It's a joke. There is no 'why'! It wasn't even because of season one. I just do dumb things on the vid conferences because dumb things are funny.

So, in conclusion, if you find it funny, that is as deep as it goes.
>> No. 39725
File 133990673196.png - (160.91KB , 1202x1444 , Bolt Happy1W.png )
Yo, to get into the Skype group, you just need to post your Skype name! I'll bring you in! We have zero requirements to get in. The group was pretty much started for ponies who were looking forward to FiM and wanted to get some fighting game practice in in anticipation for it. We'd be more than happy to show you the ropes and such man!
>> No. 39744
Awesome. Name's Woozleberry.
I'll try not to be too much trouble.
>> No. 39762
> Website Updated

Bite-Size update, week 4.
>> No. 39763
As if this game wasn't already cool enough... This is cool overload...
>> No. 39765
Does this mean that Applejack's Applebuck will give her 30 lives? Or will it just make her explode?
>> No. 39766
hoolee crap that HUD looks so freaking sleek. also that goddamn manual. so much professionalism in so little pictures. it's a fucking shame the devs won't be able to earn a cent off this game, because I know I for one would definitely be willing to drop some money for the countless of hours of entertainment I expect to experience with fighting is magic.

oh yeah and it took me retardedly long to figure out that the inputs for AJ's moves were placeholders. he I was all like "oh wow those look hardcore. didn't they say something along the lines of going easy on the execution barrier?"
>> No. 39768
File 133998552887.png - (144.25KB , 1406x1036 , BoltExcited.png )
Words cannot describe how much that made me laugh. XD
>> No. 39770
The Konami Code seems to have become the Brony Code. Watch it be the code to get the "Secret" Derpy Jack color.
>> No. 39784
File 134002645471.png - (172.50KB , 650x650 , roseluck wat.png )
Five bucks says they use the Konami Code in game anyway...
>> No. 39785
File 134002927527.png - (715.85KB , 1400x1000 , who else but applejack.png )
Using the Konami code for reminds me of how awful Capcom was with their Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 site. The character "movelists" often contained moves with wrong inputs or moves that didn't exist at all. Even after people on SRK found out from playing demo builds, they still wouldn't fix them.

Are characters on the menu screen gonna change according to which characters we play the most like 3s:OE?

>also pic related
>> No. 39789
Everypony gets a Derpy palette.

Derpyjack, Derpy Sparkle, Derpity, Derpy Pie, Derpyshy, and Derpy Dash (...wait.).
>> No. 39793

>Are characters on the menu screen gonna change according to which characters we play the most like 3s:OE?

You mean like Twi and Pinkie in the "story - versus" selection menu?; Right now they're random every time that screen loads.
>> No. 39816

Pretty sure they'll forever be random (actually at the moment they seem to force Anu to look at Twilight 20 times in a row.

There is no method for storing data about your most used character or retrieving that data even if we could store it (that we know of).
>> No. 39822
Originally was going to state that I assumed that variables reset every time you start the game, but it seems that there isn't a champion winner number in the screenshots either.
>> No. 39826
File 134009640825.png - (17.40KB , 512x512 , That is my fetish.png )
>> No. 39939
File 134024083898.png - (152.50KB , 849x941 , 132616346916_png.png )
>> No. 39958
File 134030863905.png - (181.43KB , 600x225 , Applejack Rope backfire 2.png )
Since you're polishing the presentation, are there going to be better victory poses in this game?
>> No. 39959

Yes. Current are placeholders. Flavour stuff and "flair" get added last of all.
>> No. 40071
> Website Updated

BSU week 5 - Rarity edition
>> No. 40073
File 134058713514.png - (259.27KB , 480x480 , 480px-Isabella_in_Fireside_Attire.png )

This is a very nice update. I take it Rainbow Dash will been seen in a future update sometime...
>> No. 40074
>> No. 40075

Well, she kind of has to be seen in a -future- update. Then again, she's also been seen in a -past- update, so...
>> No. 40090
I just noticed something:

In the concept art for Applejack and Rarity, their pets, Winona and Opal appear. Are they just part of their taunts or do some special moves involve them?
>> No. 40110

Stuff from the BSUs is, as mentioned in the post itself, highly WIP.

Some stuff gets implemented. Some stuff doesn't. Some gets re purposed. Some simply doesn't fit anymore after mechanic changes. And some we've not gotten around to yet.
>> No. 40125
Hey, I've got a question.

Have you guys ever thought about trying to get Fighting is Magic offically endorsed by Hasbro?

I feel like at this point that doesn't sound like a daydream anymore. You can buy officially licensed brony shirts with fan submitted designs all over the place, and when I look at some of the most recent toys it's pretty obvious that Hasbro is starting to really take the adult fanbase into account more than ever before. Now considering how your game rivals the show itself in quality and that it's probably the most anticipated anything by all of bronydom, is it really that far off?

Ever thought about it? Or is it something you wouldn't want in the first place for whatever reason?
>> No. 40140
Okay first of all. they intend to make this game a freeware. if they partner with hasbro they're obviously gonna make us pay for the game.
>> No. 40142

I honestly wouldn't mind paying for a game of this quality. Especially if it shows Hasbro how badly we (well, I can actually only speak for myself) want good Pony games.
>> No. 40150
I'd buy it.
>> No. 40163

I would pay for it too.
In fact, this game looks much better than what an officlal game would have ever been, and in the case they could get Hasbro's approval, the game could use the same VA from the cartoon, so more reasons to buy this game instead of pirating things from the web arrr.
>> No. 40167

It's not happening.
>> No. 40169

Of course, we know that.
Or, well, I can only speak for myself.
>> No. 40170
> Website Updated:

Canterlot Gardens: Party Plan.
>> No. 40173
So, if you're having a proper tourney does that mean the first 6 are at a usable state? Or will it just be the 4 we've seen that are allowed? Or will it just be AJ on AJ (for example)?

I'm just curious to see how the flying mechanics will work and how you plan to avoid RD getting a quick hit in at the start and then hiding out of reach in the top corner.
>> No. 40176
The con is at the end of September. That's about 3 months from now. I think all 6 will be somewhat stable by then.

Though, I find it funny that RD was one of the first characters to get an animated gif preview when their site launched but she's the last one to be revealed (or close to it).
>> No. 40181
> Website Updated... again!

Mane6 Events Calendar - The News have been tripled!
>> No. 40182
holy crap no fucking way fighting is magic at evo
fuck I saw the logo and figured it was a joke
but it isn't

I'm goddamn impressed
>> No. 40183
Questions: 1) will there be video of these tournies?

2) if you're able to show off a playable beta, does that mean you're getting close to another livestream in the following months?
>> No. 40184

1) EVO streams depend on EVO, not us. We can't really promise anything there.

2) Read latest post, please.
>> No. 40190
File 134077480407.png - (779.41KB , 1059x867 , yee-haw.png )
>Eeeyup, Fighting is Magic will be at EVO 2012, which happens the following July 6 to 8

Straight up GODLIKE.
>> No. 40196
>Our game will be present at EVO. The DevTeam won't be attending, however.
>Hands-on Demos are exclusive to the events we're attending to personally [...]
>except if your event is really cool like EVO which it probably isn't anyway so don't bother asking
>> No. 40197
You know, I would be excited for the whole EVO thing (and I was when I saw the logo), but I'd like to know if we'll get to see it or not. I know this isn't in the hands of the devteam anymore.

You'll keep us informed on that, I'm sure.
>> No. 40210

It's more a case of negotiations taking too long - By the time we were sure it was in, it was too late to make travel arrangements ourselves.
>> No. 40212

... Double posting 'cause I missed this one.

Indie games don't get a dedicated stream, as far as we know, but will get shown here and there between the big events, so you might get to see a bit.

The PON-E3 stream mid July will feature the EVO build, however, so you get a better look at it then.
>> No. 40217
File 134090303543.png - (145.04KB , 1201x1444 , BoltSurprised.png )
>Indie games don't get a dedicated stream
>> No. 40326
> Website Updated (Sort of)

BSU is taking a week off. It'll be back to our scheduled programming next week.
>> No. 40328


oh well, on the bright side that means that for the first time since when you started doing the BSUs I won't have to force myself to stay up till 3am local time to catch it as soon as it goes live
>> No. 40341
File 134125238982.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
>> No. 40353, it feels just yesterday that we were making jokes about it being at EVO when you guys just started the project. I don't know why I feel nostalgic over that.
>> No. 40364
So I noticed in BSU #4 that Rarity's icon in the corner changed, and I'm assuming it was when her HP hit a certain point. That's a really neat touch. Is there just one scruffy-looking pic change for each character, or more as the match goes on?

Also, is Fluttershy's beat-up icon going to be flutterrage or her in tears? I can't decide which is worse. :<

Good luck getting everything together for EVO!
>> No. 40365
File 134129242258.png - (142.65KB , 1270x1381 , BoltSad3E.png )
I hope the stream gives this game a lil spotlight at some point during EVO...I'd kill to see Combofiend, Justin Wong and/or Mike Ross playin Fighting is Magic... ; 0 ;
>> No. 40377
File 134134304156.png - (35.69KB , 369x351 , Agent Pony.png )
What will this game be playable on? PC,XBLA? Please let it be on XBLA!
>> No. 40378

PC only.
>> No. 40380
File 134134947989.png - (35.69KB , 369x351 , Agent Pony.png )
That works to. will it be free?
>> No. 40381

>> No. 40469
Do you guys still play melty in the Skype group? I haven't been in it since... the turn of the new year I think. I never talked much.
>> No. 40476
File 134162609621.png - (142.65KB , 1270x1381 , BoltSad3.png )
...I...I'm always up for Melty...
>> No. 40480
Whoa, whats got you down?

I'd be down for some matches, but evos going down, I'll be preoccupied all weekend.
>> No. 40481
File 134163802654.jpg - (103.68KB , 612x612 , 37232f62c7b911e1b00112313800c5e4_7.jpg )
> Website Updated

Mane6 Stream III (PON-E3 EVO build)

Also, have an EVO pic!
>> No. 40485
Saw a certain pic in a certain forum. My question is: So how are they walking on _____? :P
>> No. 40498

It's magic. An unicorn did it.
>> No. 40504
File 134170747783.jpg - (36.40KB , 640x360 , AccomplishmentPatchesCheer.jpg )
>pic related
>> No. 40507
Spoilered for those who haven't seen the stream yet.
Well, I can only assume Rainbow Dash's theme is completed.

I can only guess that's your next update?

Also, what is all this about Pinkie's party cannon? Seems to do a whole lot of different things.
>> No. 40509
I also heard main menu music. Only for a bit, but it sounded cool. Are you going to post that as well?
>> No. 40510
Sorry for all these posts in a row. I'm posting things as I'm watching, so I don't forget to ask about them later. Hope you're not mad :3

Another thing I noticed was you seemed to fix a palette issue where the same values had to be used to make a good looking sprite. (Head lighter than body, ect.) I was watching one Pinkie that was grey with white hair (Which is the opposite of her color values (Hair darker than body)) and it seemed to look alright. So cudos to that I guess!

Did you ever get over the default costume issues where you couldn't have two characters have a default recolor?
>> No. 40512
File 134171076452.jpg - (30.24KB , 800x450 , BecarefulCandace.jpg )
Some skipping issues in the video caused me to miss Rarity's level 3. What did she do anyway?

And Pinkie Goes into Pinkamena mode for her level 3? What did she do, anyway, hug her enemy tightly to death like she's Elmyra?
>> No. 40513
File 134171152411.png - (448.65KB , 800x450 , FiresideGirlsFieldTrip.png )

Actually, they did. They're choosing color palettes our of their own accord. I've seen Twilight and Applejack fight against each other in their original colors as well as Applejack and Rarity.

We've also seen Twilight's Level 3. I wonder what level 3 move Applejack has, as that's the only one I didn't see yet...
>> No. 40514
Another thing, Twilight seems like the God-Tier character now instead of Pinkie. She just seems to do a BUNCH of damage, combos like hell, and she's able to spam projectiles very well. I saw just recently her juggling Rarity with nothing more than her "hadouken". She wasn't nearly that badass in the 2nd Livestream.
>> No. 40515
Well that's pretty cool.

as for L3 supers, I guess they just haven't implemented Applejack's yet? Or it may just be that nopony has used it yet.
>> No. 40516
Pinkie does turn into to depressed Pinkie and hugs her opponent for her level 3. That's exactly what she did in Party of One to her friends. She became happy and hugged everyone.
>> No. 40518
File 134171699032.jpg - (23.46KB , 800x449 , 830px-Resistance_Isabella_Stares.jpg )

Actually, I guess the issue with the palettes aren't fully resolved eyes may have deceived me...
>> No. 40529
So are they not doing a second stream this sunday? I don't really see any reason not to. I was hoping some people would learn to use Rarity.

The most painful thing about watching the Rarity players was seeing all the combo opertunities that they constantly missed or never tried.
>> No. 40531
I really liked how Pinkies Party Cannon worked and it seems to use her Magic System (that Octagon in the bottom left/right corner).Starts the round with full magic and uses a bit everytime she throws an item out.

Also, random items, attacks with tongue and a teleport with inbuild attack. Pinke is like Faust from Guilty Gear... and I love it.
>> No. 40532
Our stream plans haven't changed.

The EVO stream was not us, it was a tester at EVO streaming our game (with our consent). None of us were there. There was no commentary or input from the dev team whatsoever.
>> No. 40533
Are there any recordings of the livestream? I missed it
>> No. 40535
>> No. 40536
File 134175686491.jpg - (76.14KB , 600x600 , fighting_is_evo.jpg )
That was one long ass stream. I quit for awhile and came back and it was still going.
>> No. 40541
So after looking at Rarity's movelist I am assuming this should properly combo

Throw>22C>623C>j.C>623B>level1 super
>> No. 40548
File 134177737861.png - (715.85KB , 1400x1000 , who else but applejack.png )
Holy crap, AJ actually says "Bionic Arm!" during her Super.

Have my babies.
>> No. 40556
File 134178800121.png - (23.95KB , 211x211 , 131233397481.png )

Actually, she says "Bionic Farm!"
>> No. 40557
What is that from, exactly?

Sounds familiar, but from where?
>> No. 40558
Spencer from Marvel vs Capcom 3 says it.

Also I'm slow lately. It didn't hit me as to why Twilight had a mustache. It's a "curly mustache" reference.
>> No. 40561

The ponies' names written in Japanese characters - was that something you added to this build for the Japanese EVO audience? Or is it something you plan on keeping / wanted to do anyway?
>> No. 40562
File 134179112212.gif - (490.39KB , 290x260 , derpwalk.gif )
Close enough.
>> No. 40563
>Website Updated

Bite-sized update, week 6
>> No. 40564
I'm sort of surprised you didn't upload Rainbow Dash's theme or The Main Menu theme I heard in the stream.

Oh well, this is nice too. I love how much detail you're trying to put into this game. Just like Friendship is Magic itself, it's the little things about it that make us smile the most.
>> No. 40568
Well, if there was any doubt, it's gone now. Totally getting this game.
>> No. 40619
Rarity's level 3 is that a partition moves in front of the opponent, and when it moves away Rarity is tightening a corset on the character so much it crushes them.
>> No. 40641
Are you going to have your Twilight re-record? Some of her lines are too low and I know from her newer work that she's gotten a lot better. I think you should ask her to redo some of those lines.
>> No. 40675
File 134215498840.png - (26.67KB , 400x400 , 134182601865.png )
Pinkie and Rarity's LV3 Hypers are a bit odd, they are kinda OP imo

Rarity's would be okay if it had a more limited range, think Zangief Ultra grabbox?

Pinkamena mode might work better as an alternate/upgraded moveset with only limited time as compared to run and hug thing (although i'm pretty sure it's cuz you guys just didn't finish her yet)

I can't wait for the next stream to come out :D
inb4 Justin using AJ and Daigo maining Twi lol
>> No. 40676
File 134216778069.png - (11.16KB , 200x317 , Angel flower 1.png )
Pinkie's lvl3 does have the biggest tell possible and leaves you pretty much open to attacks and unable to do anything other than trying to get close and hug.
>> No. 40683
"Rare footage of Twilight actually angry..."
>> No. 40688
File 134221508313.png - (283.51KB , 608x504 , pinkie n q.png )
Is it just me, or does depressed Pinkie's animation remind you of Q from Third Strike
>> No. 40695
>Website Updated

Reminder: PON-E3 stream
>> No. 40711
Yeah, but you can set it up amazingly if you have the skill.

In case you haven't seen the newest stream yet, there was an instance where Pinkie launched a pot at Applejack. As Applejack was being hit, Pinkie then "teleported" right next to her, turned Pinkamina, and grabbed her immediately after. As far as I could tell, that might have been unavoidable.

So yeah, great move if done correctly.
>> No. 40715
File 134232347818.jpg - (12.42KB , 318x325 , 12235434634745745.jpg )
Excuse me while I act like a diva and whine that you didn't place Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash in the game yet. It's been like...5 FUCKING MONTHS. You're behind schedule, you should have already released this game somewhere in July or August with the mane6 completed.
Just how important were those 2 guys that left? And how well is the current programmer holding up for them?
>> No. 40716
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 40717
> Website Update

Stream III - Pon-E3's Evo Build: The aftermath
>> No. 40718
File 134233259361.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
It's beautiful... I appreciate you guys recording these things.
>> No. 40720
It's OK, you can whine. It's one of the most effective ways to change the world. Just kidding, it's useless.
>> No. 40721
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 40724
Out of guys have no idea when you're gonna complete this game? Or at least complete the main 6?
>> No. 40726
File 134235494549.png - (257.75KB , 467x495 , 131834978178.png )
I am in no way affiliated with the development team, but based on their previous responses to these kinds of questions, I think I can answer that question:

>> No. 40739
So when am I going to be able to listen to dat Rainbow Dash theme and Menu Theme without any sound effects on youtube?

Also, who did the Menu theme? Sounds like RC's work.
>> No. 40755

It's RC's


> Website Updated

Bite-Sized update, week 7
>> No. 40762
File 134242452977.png - (11.16KB , 200x317 , Angel flower 1.png )
Thanks a lot for that, much more interesting than the EVO stream. It's much better to see people who actually know how to use their characters (well, except for not knowing how to use Rarity's lvl 3 ^^) with the added benefit of insightful commentary.

Just a question, how long does Pinkie stay on her Pinkamena state? It'd be silly if it's "as long as it takes for her to connect the attack". She's still vulnerable to attacks in that state right?
>> No. 40765
File 134242969551.gif - (1.00MB , 192x144 , 1341722039125.gif )

I believe on the EVO stream I saw someone successfully hit her when in Pinkamena state, and her eyes went nutty. Obviously, trying to score hits when she's in that state will be quite dangerous. The state isn't infinite, and seems to last for about 7-8 seconds before she goes back to normal if she doesn't get a hug in.
>> No. 40777
Is it possible to make a recommendation on Pinkie's command list?

LVL 1. Cupcake Assault: I believe 2xQCF seems more fitting and less-awkward than 2xQCB
(I'm used to Ibuki's Kunai Super)

LVL 3. Pinkamena: Current motions to trigger is okay, but if you could make it into 2xHCB or 2xQCB that would be nice :)
>> No. 40779
I forgot to ask as well, can you buffer Pinkie's charge moves? as well as buffer them mid-combo?
>> No. 40789
File 134249248055.png - (81.92KB , 236x220 , 59.png )
::looks at the controls for teching::

Damn iiiiiit. I prefer the Blazblue tech controls :((((

It's okay though. I'll learn.
>> No. 40799
>I forgot to ask as well, can you buffer Pinkie's charge moves? as well as buffer them mid-combo?

Yes siree.
>> No. 40801
Thy language. Watch it.
>> No. 40803

"Damn it"? That's bad language now?
>> No. 40807
You, too. This is a site dedicated to a children's TV show. There may be children around. Watch. Your. Language.
>> No. 40808
Mind your own fucking bussiness.
>> No. 40812
Yeah, no. Despite banning for porn on sight, this is still a chan where people can swear as much as they want, and not at all meant for children.
>> No. 40813
File 134254552212.png - (382.11KB , 511x579 )
Everypony calm down.

Language is fine. You'll only get banned if you're straight up being a dick to someone.
>> No. 40815
Ah. Apologies.
>> No. 40840
File 134266664523.jpg - (26.54KB , 500x287 , Have a Rainbowdash.jpg )
Well... can we get started, again?
I still feel the levels of awkward this generated, and I've been gone during the whole thing. =P
So, about that party cannon... When it breaks, is it still a "usable" item, as in you can step on it or hit it?
>> No. 40842
The breaking animation is once it runs out of ammo. You can't interact with it any more. Eventually we'll make it clear off the screen, just not right now.
>> No. 40843
How/which button press + motion does Pinkie eat the consumable ammo?
>> No. 40849

I believe the lick attack allows you to eat stuff - a pretty charming mechanic.
>> No. 40873
File 134275812021.png - (2.09MB , 1200x900 , Pinkamena Hug.png )
Might be me, but was Applejack smiling when Pinkamena hugged her? It looks like she is here...

>Pic related, plus it's brighter so you can see more clearly
>> No. 40892
Please, delete my post (40873) because there is a grammar error, and because now it's look like for me on the picture like that pegasus humping AJ (sorry my english)
>> No. 40893
Dammit, so please delete #40891 (yeah, so many fail I know)
>> No. 40897

You know you can report your own posts and a mod will delete them for you?
>> No. 40899
No, but thank you for the information
>> No. 40994
> Website Updated

Bite-Size Update - Week 8
Combo Edition
>> No. 40995
File 134301518895.jpg - (106.94KB , 347x346 , money flying bills air.jpg )

> Pinkie becomes Pinkamena during one of her specials.

That's it, I lost.

Just take it.
Take it all.
>> No. 40996
File 134302191294.gif - (626.15KB , 300x168 , AllMyBits.gif )
Here's a more appropriate image. I'm at this point and they haven't even shown Rainbow Dash yet.
>> No. 40998
I expected Applejack do have a bit stronger normals, but her combos are just brutal. Guess its justified , because she has to build magic and meter... once she has it though, its pretty much over :P

Also, lol at Pinkies combo with the reset into LVL3.
>> No. 41007
File 134306028465.jpg - (29.11KB , 492x452 , 1341454680987.jpg )
That reset was beautiful and scary at the same time, dat damage scaling

One thing I find odd tho is Rarity's L1 Hyper, only the last hit of the animation does big damage and not the gems inbetween it, wouldn't it make more sense to give equal damage distribution per hitbox?
>> No. 41025
File 134308536754.png - (263.47KB , 830x468 , 830px-Diamond_Tiara_angry_S2E23.png )
I need demos, demos of this game.
>> No. 41034
File 134311794127.png - (64.10KB , 197x195 , 189.png )
::Looks at combo video::


Release it now pls?

^_^ Kidding. Looks great though M6.
>> No. 41043
File 134316232108.gif - (603.47KB , 335x188 , dash YOU.gif )
Just FYI, this app dev uses three of the Fighting is Magic themes in their paid games.

They aren't terrible games, but they use your songs, audio clips from the show (except Fluttershy, they have an impersonator for some reason) and charge 99¢ for them.

Disregard if this is somehow officially endorsed by the team. I dunno.
>> No. 41046

Kill them with fire.
>> No. 41047

Thanks for the report. We'll look into it.
>> No. 41048

Also, mind us e-mailing the report, please, with a bit more detailed info on what songs are being used and where?; You can reach us at manesix(at)
>> No. 41050
Often the last hit does a bit more to make it more exciting. This is a well-used technique in multihit supers in other games.

If the first one hits the rest are guaranteed anyway, so overall it makes no difference, having the last hit do more damage just makes it feel more tense especially if you are on your last sliver of health.

Thanks for the heads-up, guess we better check with RC first, but if they are using it without his permission then that is absolutely unacceptable.
>> No. 41063
File 134331158605.png - (64.33KB , 204x255 , Hazama-3.png )
So does anyone else think it would be fun to make an "Unlimited" mod of the game. Basically a mode where every character is now their super cheap boss form. Like Unlimited Mars mode of Blaz Blue.

Because I could go for that.
>> No. 41065
Amazing combo video, but still no "danger" indicator...
>> No. 41067
File 134333237250.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , 131137069276.png )
No please! Anything but that!
>> No. 41073
File 134334480215.png - (70.36KB , 477x363 , 193022 - artist briskby coloured gilda thumbs_up.png )
C'mon, it's idea ever. Ya know if I wasn't to lazy to do it. I'm sure it would mostly boil down to using stuff that's already in the game to make every move cheaper. Shouldn't be too hard.

Fighting is Unlimited Magic
>> No. 41074
Not like level 3s take off half a bar anyway.
>> No. 41076

And this, gentlemen, is why we're not open source.
>> No. 41078
Youtube embed play button

>C'mon, it's idea ever.
>> No. 41087
File 134340247499.jpg - (27.48KB , 400x300 , vrvO2.jpg )
Oh right I forgot about that. I suppose that wouldn't make getting into it impossible, just a lot harder.

I dunno, I have this idea in my head and I want it done. I will find way to do this. I swear.
>> No. 41090
File 134340485091.jpg - (20.72KB , 509x423 , 133721815945.jpg )
Thanks for the reply!
hmm I agree, it leans toward SFIV style Ultras now that I think about it

Do you guys have a stance on giving a character V-ISM or A-Groove? Just asking if there is even the slightest possibility
>> No. 41091
File 134340754984.png - (345.73KB , 1280x720 , Confused_Applejack_is_confused_S01E04.png )
So.... about those demos?
>> No. 41092

So... About reading our FAQ?
>> No. 41099
>> No. 41106
File 134345196174.png - (284.20KB , 373x700 , tumblr_lk3sjhqott1qitf3lo1_500.png )
Yeah! This one's much better!
>> No. 41113
um what..?
I'd like to stay on topic if that's okay
>> No. 41119
Wait, what demo?
>> No. 41130
>Website Updated

Bite-size update - Week 9 // Pinkfinite edition
>> No. 41141
Not sure if Pinkies fire siren animation (where she goes "woooo woooo") is used yet, but it would be perfect for a taunt. Actually, will there even be taunts in the game?

The new stage looks really good and I can't wait to see it in motion. Although its a shame that the upper part of the stage won't be shown in most of the fights :/
>> No. 41144
They said in their last stream that they were still planning on doing taunts.
>> No. 41160
So what's the best solution to the 640x480 resolution limitation? Setting the monitor to 800 x 600 makes it pretty decent (but a deal breaker for my friend). Is that the general advice? I notice there's a maximize button in a few screenshots. That'd probably distort pretty badly on a widescreen monitor, huh?
>> No. 41169
Went through your FAQ, sucks you guys aren't taking alpha testers, me and mah Hori stick would love to get in on this. Though I'm not sure if my PC could run it, your min specs is still blank. XP machine from '03. 2GHz processor, 1gb ram, ati radeon 9600 series (128mb video memory.) Need to get something better than this toaster, if only mah job would give me more hours D:.
>> No. 41179
Me too, I'd try to sniff out every exploit or glitch in the game if they'd let me
>> No. 41182
You can configure a window size through the .ini file included if (like me), you're in a widescreen monitor. Resolution will remain locked at 640x480, though... Yeah, we know. Can't do much about it. Engine limitation.

You're a bit on the lower end of the current spectrum, but it still -should- be able to run the game. We'd recommend downloading Vanguard Princess (another FM2K game) and giving it a spin around the block on that setup. If it runs that, it'll most likely run this.
>> No. 41186

The window will be resizable according to the FAQ, so it shouldn't be a problem. :)
>> No. 41193
Guess I'll give that a shot then, heard a lot of great things about the mechanics in that game, just never bothered to play it 'cause I'm not a fan of the aesthetic and rampant fan service, nor have anyone that'd play it with me.
>> No. 41236
A build has been leaked, how does this influence the development?
>> No. 41240
File 134395617171.gif - (0.99MB , 412x384 , 130297084152.gif )
Everypony panic.
>> No. 41241
Target locked, moving in, search formation gamma.
>> No. 41243
File 134395839343.png - (93.69KB , 286x285 , pinkamena scared.png )
Is this a hypothetical question, or did one actually leak?
>> No. 41244
File 134395915140.png - (90.46KB , 579x634 , 134198582450_3.png )
There was, and anypony who downloaded the leak should be ashamed.
>> No. 41246
Words cannot express how deeply disappointed I am at whoever leaked this game. But what's done is done. All that's really left for you to do if you want to help is to refuse to download it or distribute it. I only hope that this doesn't make the Dev team disappear completely off the grid.
>> No. 41249
File 134396061300.png - (40.66KB , 217x211 , pinkamena sad.png )
Oh, oh dear... That's no good at all.
>> No. 41250
My concerns are more about the impact this will have on the future development on the game. The QA testers have been removed from the looks of it...ok never mind I just saw the update to the open letter as I typed this up. As long as you still have QA tester and will still show off bits of content via BSU, I'll be happy. I just didn't want this project to go completely behind closed doors without giving the fans any updates, nor did I want there to be any lack of testers (for obvious reasons). The update to the letter put a lot of my fears at rest. Keep being awesome Mane6.
>> No. 41251
File 134396125006.jpg - (78.14KB , 908x598 , cry.jpg )
Oh guys... I'm so so very sorry to hear that this happened. As an avid (but quiet) fan I cannot express my disappointment in the guilty parties.

I'm sure you don't need to be reminded, but a good majority of the Pony fandom do look forward to the first finished iteration of the game. And personally as someone who loves to see the concepts for attacks and such and an aspiring professional artist, I hope that in the future you guys will open up bite sized updates again.

Please though, please take a little bit of time to recuperate and strategize, but realize that we're still cheering for you guys because this is easily a beautiful marriage of many arts, not just a fan game.

Godspeed fellows.
>> No. 41253
Just a question, what will you guys do if suddenly flash maker and sprite ripping communities start distributing the game's graphics?

I assume you are opposed to it, but it would be good to know in case we spot someone reposting them.
>> No. 41254
It's going to happen, not like they can do anything about it
>> No. 41256

Dude, what the hay. No, this is a dick move.
>> No. 41257
is very stable considering that is just an alpha version
>> No. 41259

you are from /mlp/ too?
>> No. 41260

A couple months ago a guy threw an hysterical fit on the Desktop Ponies thread because he wasn't allowed to redistribute their animations on his sprite ripping community, but at the end they stood firm and refused to let him do that no matter how much he screamed and insulted them.

That way they prevented a massive spillage and contained the problem before it happened.
>> No. 41262
File 134396379080.jpg - (41.61KB , 316x201 , 24363572.jpg )
Seriously though, I would say that these fangame devs should be picked up by development companies but inevitably their creativity would be suppressed by natural corporation edict. Gameloft will probably just make some shitty Robot Unicorn Attack knock-off.
>> No. 41263
Wow. Who cares. It's not even their IP, it's fanart if anything.
>> No. 41264

Desktop Ponies has been dealing with people stealing their animations and selling them on Deviantart, though.

The guy reposting links and egging Mane6 dev team must be someone holding a grudge against them or something like that, I guess.
>> No. 41265
File 134396580224.png - (649.29KB , 800x480 , 122641 - screencap twilight_sparkle winter_wrap_up.png )
The person who made the thread with the download link has been banned for a week and the thread deleted.

I'm glad I didn't download the game. Who knows whether or not it was infected...
>> No. 41267
File 134396618093.png - (96.95KB , 2450x1944 )
You have our support, FiM team! The staff here on Ponychan has agreed to remove any links to the offending material.

You have our love and respect for what you do. Thank you all and keep up the wonderful work.
>> No. 41268
>>I'm glad I didn't download the game. Who knows whether or not it was infected...

You are implying it was NOT infected with something.
>> No. 41270
File 134396805962.png - (277.06KB , 1029x777 )
Yes, thank you for everything Mane 6. I know you've worked very hard on this and I won't let people distribute it against your wishes.

I'm looking forward to the legitimate release of this game very much, and I promise not to download the leaked demo in the meantime.
>> No. 41271
It wasn't, but if you're feeling exceptionally paranoid run it in a sandbox or a VM.
>> No. 41276
Excuse me Mane6, but I do have a concern about a statement you made in the latest "Open letter".
You said "BSUs won't be gone forever. We'll just have to make adjustments on our scheduling for updates, as whatever we -could- show you or highlight in the next couple of weeks is already present in the leak."
However, wouldn't that mean that those of us who _didn't_ download the leak will miss out on some stuff?
Why punish us who are nice enough to resist downloading the leak; It's almost like you're encouraging us to download it =/

Of course, I'm not implying anything; just wanted to bring this to your attention.
>> No. 41278
Whoever that QA is, I hope he/she would at least make a public apology. I am very disappointed in him/her.

To Mane6, I feel sorry for that happening to you guys, and for whatever decision you guys make at this point, I will absolutely respect it.
With all that said, I hope you guys forgive and forget that it ever happened (I'd doubt that tho tbh). As always though, we're all looking forward to the official release
>> No. 41279
File 134401692466.jpg - (798.92KB , 1000x750 , 1344015374234.jpg )
Hey, guys.
This picture was from the original OP on /b/ who leaked it.
Do it with as you please.
>> No. 41280
Sorry, forget to mention that you can clearly see his face in the reflection.

Also, I've yet to check the Exif data.
>> No. 41286
Am I the only one that realizes this isn't a big deal. It's not as if Mane 6 is a professional dev team that'll be charging money for Fighting is Magic. The leak is basically a demo for fans.
>> No. 41288
We need something to cry about.
You just won't understand.
>> No. 41289
So I've been messing around with the leaked build, and while I am very much enjoying the look and feel of the game so far, some of the inputs seem really difficult. I'm far from a fighting game expert (I've put a few dozen hours into SF4 and Blazblue), but HCBx2 takes me a cripplingly long time to input, and QCBx2 in the air feels rather awkward. I realize that there's meant to be a delay on these moves, but, with maybe a rare exception or two, I haven't really seen such a difficult command from an ultra or astral heat in the aforementioned games. Any chance of these moves being remapped?
>> No. 41290
Pinkie's level 1 is surprisingly hard to pull off. I could only do it after using that balloon move first (I think it was mid-air B). But I'm not exactly a fighting game expert either.
>> No. 41291
See, this is why they never did demos. The game is far from finished, far from polished, and people see that and think how it is now is only a hop skip and a jump from the final product.
>> No. 41292
Except that the movelist was publicly posted in BSU7. I just hadn't given it any thought until I was actually trying to perform the moves within.
>> No. 41294
File 134403670114.jpg - (102.92KB , 675x900 , 815__applejack_humanized_artist-thelivingmachine02_winona.jpg )
SSF4 and BlazBlue have more difficult inputs. Aerial 2xQCB and 2xHCB are both in SSF4 and they even have shit like aerial 720's.

Blazblue also has 2xHCB for Astral Heats. Let's not even talk about Tager's 1080 AH...

I can't imagine the inputs being that hard, really... In any case, yeah, all of the stuff in the build is obviously up to change since it's not a finished project.
>> No. 41295
I was aware that there were some exceptions, but IIRC, the vast majority of super moves could be performed with fairly easy, conventional inputs, rare enough that I could ignore them for the most part.
>> No. 41302
"Why dont you embed some kind of id in each of the copies you give to a tester. Then, if anything is leaked, you can just see which id it is and find the source of the leak."

This might be outright brilliant.

I don't know much about making games ect., but on paper, that sounds like a marvelous idea.
>> No. 41308
File 134405130324.gif - (377.83KB , 200x200 , memes-wait-for-it.gif )

You know *what* that phrase really means?
>> No. 41315

Just saying, I wish they made Pinkie's air 2xQCB into 2xQCF instead
>> No. 41327
Youtube embed play button
Remember! In Soviet Russia multiplayer plays you.
>> No. 41328
File 134410512427.png - (692.07KB , 900x600 , soviet_pinkie_pie_background_by_kyurel-d4e6ahs.png )
>> No. 41329
File 134410572595.jpg - (100.82KB , 500x687 , 6g15.jpg )
>> No. 41331
Well, if the devteam doesn't mind us downloading the leak, I won't feel bad if I do ^-^

Also, where can I get this MTSP to play online with? I've been googling around, but haven't found anything =/
>> No. 41332
btw their websites' updated (I miss Anu)

Jake being a good sport

MTSP Eng. Ver 1.03 (last update: July 13, 2012): (English, .exe only) (Japanese, with source)
>> No. 41337
File 134411690151.png - (169.00KB , 850x850 , 131759448417.png )
I mean Jay Wright, lol my bad
>> No. 41339
The game closes shortly (less than 2 seconds) after I open it.
How do I fix it?
>> No. 41340
File 134412195204.png - (70.84KB , 187x322 , Toph_Smile_Cloak.png )
I dropped by as soon as I heard the news. Sorry bros, that's extremely unfortunate. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from the release of the game. I've been here for you since day one, through endless weeks of no updates and streams of violent capacity. You have my support! I love you guys, even when I shouldn't :P Anyways,

I'm surprised the devteam hasn't said anything in here... Unless I missed something.
>> No. 41341

The dev team already said they would not answer any questions or offer any help to people playing the leaked alpha because it's an unestable build and they already warned everyone about that.
>> No. 41345
File 134413211604.png - (34.59KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Grin.png )
Fluttershy is hot tub!
>> No. 41373
Hope Mane6 would entertain this

What do you guys think of executable packaging the F2KM? (and Molebox)

I already heard some of the mugen community are dead-set on getting those sprites with extractors that exist (don't think they'll get them anti-aliased in mugen tho). You could prevent any of the post-leaked game content getting extracted by packaging it. Just saying

I'm not too sure myself if it will work with MTSP, but yeah by
>> No. 41379
I don't think the actual assets are stored in the executable, but rather in the files sitting next to it.

Trying to pack the files into the executable would be either pointless & insecure or very difficult depending on the approach. It's not easy to convince code that you didn't write to use your replacement file system access code.
>> No. 41387
I don't think it's that they don't want sprite extractions. They just aren't helping people do it.

On a separate note. Am I the only one who imagines a load painful spine snapping sound on Pinkie's level 3?
>> No. 41389
I for some reason think of more straining sounds with Rarity's lvl 3, while Pinkie's I think something cartoony almost. Just my thinking.

Also, I just recently realized that the voice talent behind Rarity, also known for her role as Ms. Fortune of Skullgirls, is also the voice actor for Fidget in the upcoming XBLA indie game Dust: An Elysian Tail. Wide range of talent on her part!
>> No. 41402
File 134444231420.jpg - (29.73KB , 853x480 , Rarity walking.jpg )

Since the animation for level 3 is a placeholder, the corset will be replaced with a saddle, most likely.
>> No. 41424
No, it's staying a corset. It's a direct reference to an episode. If we were going to placeholder a saddle we'd have used a saddle :)
>> No. 41429
File 134452238441.jpg - (8.13KB , 224x225 , images.jpg )
A saddle wouldn't make as much sense. The idea of a corset is that you make it tight to make you appear thinner. Thus the pain coming from her making it far too tight.
>> No. 41449
File 134457067549.png - (125.56KB , 301x276 , 60.png )
I know the dev team is all sorts of upset about this and I sympathize with them. I figured that this would happen sooner or later but that doesn't make it any better for them.

That being said, I'd like to bring up another game that had this happen to it: Terraria.

Granted Terraria was sold and this game will not be, but I think the principal is the same.

See, Terraria had both a leaked alpha and a leaked beta. When it got out the devs were of course disappointed.

But what happened within the community wasn't angst or an exodus of interest, but a renewed interest, if anything. Sure there were some idiots looking for troubleshooting and help for a build that was freaking LEAKED, but they're dumb, so whatever.

The point is that the alpha of Terraria was obviously skeletal. There was some clunky aspects to it, you couldn't do all that much. For the most part, it was a bad game.

BUT pretty much everyone I saw writing about it understood that it was an alpha. They didn't comment on how unpolished it was or how the game looked like it was going to be terrible.

These people took the time to find the leak link and download it, which means they were more interested than the general masses. Heck, my best friend who's excited about FiM? Didn't even know there was a leak until he asked me if anything new was going on.

The general masses will not mess around with this leak. They won't take the time. The people downloading this leak will instead be mostly people that really care about the game and just want to see where it is. The kind of people that have followed your dev blog super closely just waiting to see what you guys have next.

Again, I'm not in any way discounting the devs being upset or anything like that. I'm just hoping that me bringing this up may help console those fears that people are going to download the leak, think it's shit, and then never come back. That's not going to be a common occurrence by any means.

I downloaded the Terraria leaks and I've downloaded the leaked FiM, and I'm not ashamed of it. And you guys should definitely not be ashamed of the leaked version. It looks and feels really good. It is better than I expected it to be at this stage actually. But even if it wasn't. It's a freaking alpha and I recognize that. So do the others.

I'm sorry you got betrayed within your QA testing and such whether it was intentional or accidental/external (friends of someone), but I think on the bright side we all, if we so choose, can see hands on what others got to experience at EVO and the other venues.

They got to experience a game in development that looks like it's going to be fantastic.

Good job guys and don't get discouraged.


>> No. 41451
Here's hoping Big Mac makes it into the roster so that we can see a big softy literally die of embarrassment while being forced into a corset by Rarity.
>> No. 41452
would be fun to start a character speculation thread really :D
>> No. 41460
Hey, I've got a question.

Have you at any point considered adding some sort of combo breaker mechanic? If yes, what was the reason for not doing so? Would it take the game in a direction you wouldn't want it at or was it because of technical restrictions?
>> No. 41464
Hmm well they added the tech mechanics to escape from infinite strings I believe.
Besides that, there probably aren't any real combo breakers because it isn't that fun to have around imo (ie. TvC's MegaCrash Mechanic)
>> No. 41489
File 134478947747.png - (109.17KB , 843x1059 , 134459057473.png )
Just a thought, but couldn't this game be available for the Ouya console when it comes out?
>> No. 41490
File 134480071201.gif - (623.75KB , 720x405 , laughingfillies.gif )
oh don't you even fucking start
>> No. 41498
File 134484533580.png - (231.88KB , 640x480 , Toph_Just_As_Planned1.png )
Mwahahaha! That would be awesome.
>> No. 41507
File 134487039551.jpg - (22.56KB , 421x423 , LightningBlitz_notsureboutthat.jpg )
*Rolls eyes*
As cool as the idea sounds, it sounds too good to be true. A hacker friendly console with freeware games... I can't imagine any of the current console companies standing for this. If there isn't any kind of fall out from this, I will truly be surprised.
>> No. 41509
sounds nice but quick google searching, fm2k and android have no links to each other whatsoever
>> No. 41516
There is pretty much zero chance of that.
>> No. 41546
> Website Updated

BSU 10: RD's stage theme.
>> No. 41547
Yeeaaah Bwooooy

I called it over and over. Seeing Rainbow's splash art erased any remaining doubts - she's SO going to have a divekick. Airdash, quite probably, and a goddamn divekick.

Hohoho you are all so over. SO over when I get my hands at her it's not even funny.
>> No. 41548

I might like the WIP version better. But only slightly.
>> No. 41550
File 134508656519.jpg - (13.38KB , 236x176 , 133850863816.jpg )
>mfw 1:27-1:52 of the song.

Welp, I'll have this stuck on repeat for the next few days. You guys rock!
>> No. 41554
File 134509616004.png - (67.83KB , 256x256 , 130321525047.png )

this >>41550
>> No. 41567
File 134517187343.gif - (277.20KB , 250x250 , 18960__safe_pinkie-pie_rarity_animated_reaction-image_putting-your-hoof-down_jaw-drop_it-quo-s-b.gif )
That. was. AWESOME!!
I've been dreamin', I've been waiting.... for such a badass theme! Rainbowcrash88 out did himself, me thinks.
>> No. 41583
She may have a divekick, but can she HAAY-DOOO-SHODD?
>> No. 41593
File 134531219072.jpg - (100.39KB , 843x480 , Dash Hugs Fluttershy.jpg )
I wonder what Fluttershy's splash art will look like...

And holy crap at RD's theme...
>> No. 41597
> Website Updated

Rainbow Dash casting call OPEN
>> No. 41633
totally anticipating a Sonic (Rain)Boom voice clip for RD ehue
>> No. 41634
File 134555682484.jpg - (14.65KB , 300x300 , 124235345634645675475.jpg )
Is Marcusmaximus still working on this game?
The guy with his Pony Platforming game.
>> No. 41636

Nope. Mark left a while ago to focus on his Pony Platforming Project as a priority.

Personally, I'm really waiting for the next PPP. It's one of the few poni games (together with ours and PK) that really holds my attention.
>> No. 41658
File 134570849114.jpg - (304.77KB , 1536x2048 , spoiler.jpg )
I met him IRL :D
>> No. 41685
>website Updated

BSU 11 - Palettes Edition
>> No. 41688
File 134593552681.png - (71.04KB , 323x335 , 131670278301.png )
Tennis Shoe Sparkle > all

Love the palettes for Fluttershy and Rainbow!
>> No. 41689
Fluttershark is best shark. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of awesome sharks. But Fluttershark takes the cake. And eats it. In one bite.
>> No. 41691

Stop lying to yourself. :c

Tennis Shoe Twilight is the swafest palette. Nopony likes Tennis Shoe Twilight
>> No. 41694
I miss the CheerileeJack pallette... I could easily see Twilight in that one though...
>> No. 41695
File 134594322971.png - (193.88KB , 512x512 , 31294__.png )
No G3 Rarity palette?
>> No. 41710
Not a chance!
>> No. 41733
I spy, with my little eye...

Wind Whistler for Fluttershy Palette?
Patch for Pinkie Palette?
Is that also a Truley I see for AJ?

>> No. 41735
You know, that actually brings up a question I don't think I've seen answered...

What is your take on G1 full characters being on the roster? Do you have plans at all? Or are you guys just sticking to Palette cameos?

Cause I really think Gusty or Fizzy would be pretty cool in this game
>> No. 41737
I made all the palettes, and I have no idea who any of those characters are! I'm glad I randomly stumbled upon some though.

We don't really have any rules for it. If it looks good and people like it we generally keep it.
>> No. 41739
Well that's odd then. That's like an OUTRIGHT PERFECT Wind Whistler and Patch color scheme. You even got their race right too.

Also, I'm glad to hear that. Having just watched through all of G1 and G2, I find the characters associated are heavily underrated. I'd even say one of them is my personal favorite character in the franchise.
>> No. 41740
Oh I think the wind whistler one (after looking it up) is probably the one we took from the spa ponies in the show (blue body pink hair, and pink body blue hair). Looks like the inspiration for those two was probably the old wind whistler colour.
>> No. 41741
File 134610198805.png - (223.33KB , 419x444 , Untitled.png )
More than likely.

Here's a super quick pic I made just so you know what I'm talking about. btw, I hate using paint.

The Patch Pinkie coat is brighter, and has the wrong eye color, but overall, amazingly similar.

As for the Wind Whistler Fluttershy, wrong eye color, and the hair is darker. But still, almost perfect.

I would totally play as Wind Whistler Fluttershy and Patch Pinkie Pie all day long.
>> No. 41743
Ah gotcha. The yellow red one was just "random". I was just trying out colours. Most people think it's applebloom but the colours aren't quote the same there. I kinda like the patch colours when they are lightened up though. We are going to (and already have in some cases) changed a lot of the palettes we showed in the post!
>> No. 41765
Where did you guys learn how to use 2D Fighter Maker?
>> No. 41766
By playing around in it.

I learned the basics of it in a weekend by just looking at game files of other games around the place. There are a couple of tutorials around, but that's about it.

The forum 'fmhq' has a few tutorials, but we were asking them questions that they couldn't answer and proposing problems they'd never come across (well, or only one or two people could answer but the answers didn't work) within a month or two of development.

Everything after that is just learning all the seemingly random problems it throws at you and figuring out what it wants.
>> No. 41797
Fav colour swaps from what I've seen:
3. Aloeshy
5. Fleur Rarity

You guys did an awesome job with those.
>> No. 41821
File 134642455178.png - (25.90KB , 631x420 , x7YubO.png )
Actually tried experimenting on some palettes, RD's eyebrows not what I had hoped ;n; lol
>> No. 41822
File 134642949244.png - (142.65KB , 1270x1381 , BoltSad3.png )
Wh...why can't we have color "NO"? ; o ;
...she so neon...
>> No. 41830
Invisishy is awesomeshy. And invisAngel ain't too bad, either.
>> No. 41898
File 134690224345.jpg - (17.95KB , 501x118 , spoiler.jpg )
Are you seriously going to use this as a pallet?
I mean... ugh, I can't even look at this thing without wanting to puke.
I mean, seriously, the colors don't even work.
Where did you take such a bad idea from?
Having bad taste is something but you went completly overboard with this.
That's it, the game is ruined for me, I don't even want to know about this thing anymore.
See you.
I'd rather not see you again, actually.
>> No. 41899

>> No. 41901
I think that was a joke. I see nothing wrong with sour-sweet Poffinshy.
>> No. 41903

I know it was a joke. It was just a very terrible one.
>> No. 41904
Anon You're a dick.
>> No. 41907
File 134694949063.png - (218.57KB , 411x309 , Problem.png )
Heh, that was rather convincing. At least until I saw you were talking about Shy's natural coloring. XD
But were you really trying to get negative feedback with that comment? If so, this really isn't the place for it. Post that on a youtube video. =P
>> No. 41918
Actually I was making fun of the people who complain about the themes not being exactly what they like even though they are great, I should have edited the picture saying something like "Just kidding, keep up the good work." or something like that but it completly skipped my mind.
>> No. 41919
Well.. I got it. So don't worry :)
>> No. 41929
File 134716149527.png - (168.34KB , 388x405 , ADSF.png )
Fluttershy in FiM Confirmed without original palette

>> No. 41966
File 134746562392.png - (1.40MB , 1500x1200 , 1347315601449.png )
Silence. No one else could come up with anything else to say? Well, then, how about that wings animation video? After all, he did give this game a shout out. =)
>> No. 41969
How similar is the gameplay (the controls especially) to Dead or Alive? It's the only fighter I've played and since I'm not planning to try the leak, I'm wondering if it's good as practice. (Not that I won't play it otherwise, I'm just curious. :))
>> No. 41971
I've been keeping up on this for a while, and I have to say, I'm really excited for it. I only have one question: If you were to play against someone, and they used a DLC character you don't have, how would the game react?
>> No. 41972
File 134751525690.png - (29.38KB , 446x559 , 14980__safe_humanized_soarin-quo-_ed_ed-edd-n-eddy_same-voice-actor.png )
That won't be possible as you have to update to the same version they have in order to play. You both will have the characters if you have the same version.
>> No. 41974
File 134754849226.png - (209.24KB , 640x349 , Swag.png )
A new version of MLP:FIM has been released. Please update your copy of the game before continuing.
>> No. 41976
I would say that this is pretty different from Dead or Alive controls and gameplay. If I remember from the last time I played a DOA title, the buttons were set up as either kicks, punches, throws, or holds, with a bit of a counter attack mechanic built in (throws beat holds, which beat punches/kicks, which beat throws). In contrast, this is a little more like BlazBlue or Melty Blood, I think, in terms of the control layout. There are four primary buttons, three for light, medium, and heavy attacks (heavier attacks usually deal more damage but are also slower, may knock the opponent too far away to follow up, etc.), and a fourth button for 'magic', which usually uses a special gauge, the abilities of which vary among characters. For instance, Twilight can 'charge' her magic gauge by just tapping the magic button it seems (she pauses to read a page in her book for this), and then use those charges to create floating traps and other attacks. Sorry for the wall of text, in fact I should probably just link to this video, it probably gives the best explanation of the mechanics:

Just start in at about 5 minutes and you should be good.
>> No. 42009
File 134780710913.jpg - (91.96KB , 1191x670 , princess_rainbow_dash___the_alicorn_goddess_by_jamey4-d4t5cpl_png.jpg )
We must've had some AWESOME Voice actresses. We've been waiting for a winner for over 2 weeks now. I really hope the winner knocks us down! XD
>> No. 42099
Youtube embed play button
  I made a combo video for Twilight. Ground teching in the leaked version behaves somewhat strangely and it allows for pretty cool stuff. I assume most of this will be obsolete soon enough.

Warning: explicit lyrics. The song was way too good for this.
>> No. 42157
dat STAR lol
>> No. 42185

Since the Dev Team forgot to post site updates, you can see who won at the link here:

Oh, and they're having a tournament at Canterlot Gardens. I wonder if this'll be streamed like the EVO build...
>> No. 42193

Terribly sorry for the absence!

Entire team has been running around like headless chicken making preparations and working our butts off to get everything ready for CLG.

Still, have another (sort of) update

... last update before CLG happens, so... =)

p.s. all your mane6 base are belong to anu.
>> No. 42197
File 134874501451.png - (616.05KB , 862x760 , 60.png )
>streamed by Jaxel
>this weekend

Why have I not heard of this?! Epic epic epic!!
>> No. 42203
File 134878202647.png - (560.61KB , 1000x561 , 1000px-S1e8_pound_the_rock.png )

Sweet. =)
>> No. 42213
File 134891877258.gif - (109.00KB , 200x130 , 131077778675.gif )
RD IS playable

>walks on two legs
>has no walking animation
>fights like kung fu master
>flies like a drunk coliber
>has spitfire's pallete

the happy dance is hilarrious, even if it's just two frames.

kinda sad this pose was not implemented.
>> No. 42214

They even mention when debuting RD that somehow they haven't put that in yet.
>> No. 42219
To sum up the tournament, elitist fighting game players who played the leak ruined it completely.

My fun amounted to 0 because I got perfected in the first round of the first match and demolished after that too.
>> No. 42223
File 134898363811.jpg - (142.25KB , 800x640 , 1331325737956415.jpg )
I don't get this. Why is anyone who takes fighting games seriously instantly branded as an elitist? I couldn't watch the entire stream, but from what I saw, any fighting game player with decent fundamentals could wipe the floor with a large portion of the competition whether they played the leak or not.

Sure, I understand it sucks to be put up against a competent player early if all you want is to get a feel of how the game plays, but it's pretty unreasonable to expect good players to not want to play at their best in a tournament.
>> No. 42231
There was a Rainbow Dash in the finals, she wasn't even playable in the leak. You can't attribute people playing well to them playing the leak.

Anyone who has a decent prior experience with similar fighting games could easily pick it up.

There was a lot of talk during the stream comparing Applejack to Spencer and Dash to Magneto from Marvel vs Capcom. If they're already familiar with the core character playstyles from other games, it's even easier to adapt them.

It also explains why there were few decent Pinkie players, because there just aren't many characters in other fighting games that play like her. I'm struggling to think of even one.
>> No. 42234

It was a legitimate tournament complete with entry fees and prizes for the winners. Complaining about people who take winning seriously seems pretty out of place, because that's the whole reason for events like this.

Over the weekend there was lots of casual play, maaany newer players, some good players holding back to grant others gameplay fun or teach stuff even.
But in that one specific situation you can't blame people for playing at their full potential, when competing for the first place happens to be what their fun stems in. Competitive games can be enjoyed by anyone and experienced players are not mad at you for enjoying the game on your level either, if you're in it to mash it out with a buddy or just enjoy the flashy animations then that's awesome.
But if you drop your gamepad halfway through a tournament match because you're pissed at the fact that skilled players are wiping the floor with you then it's certainly not them who are being a bad sport.

I still kind of feel for you because the leak thing was painfully obvious at times and I think making the tournament single elimination all of the sudden only because the organizers were not able to start it in time was a poor decision because huge gaps in player skill were to be expected when the majority of people were pony fans first and fighting game fans second.
>> No. 42235
Yeah. I myself immediately compared her normals to Bang Shishigami, Yu Narukami, and Ciel from melty Blood. Rainbow is pretty damn straight forward have experience in any "anime fighter" and you can pretty much pick her up.

Judging by watching anyway.
>> No. 42242

I only had the opportunity to play one time before the tournament >.>. That line was hours long.

It wasn't until after I got horribly destroyed that I was taught how to launch. After that, I was doing alright.
>> No. 42248
You know what! I think I've beaten Hiroshashi before...

Damn, I should have entered the tourny.
>> No. 42253
Any word on if RD's victory dance will be kept?
>> No. 42254
>> No. 42260
File 134938122500.gif - (38.23KB , 160x225 , winpose.gif )
>Site updated

The big book of post-convention reports.
>> No. 42261
File 134940530884.gif - (258.48KB , 261x200 , 3319502+_5ba3509aee733a7001fc82672a907f13.gif )
Was curious, does each color of the hitsparks mean anything? or are they just random colors?

also, alpaca21. respect son. :D
>> No. 42262
File 134944492898.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
>I would've made it if I weren't so poor...
>> No. 42263

I think they mentioned that the hit sparks are individual to each pony, so they don't really mean anything.
>> No. 42285
Actually the different hitsparks DO have a meaning. One of the devs mentioned it on stream.

If I'm not mistaken it was something like this; the smaller yellow ones indicate "weaker" moves, red bigger ones indicate "stronger" moves with lots of hitstun and the blue sparks are for attacks with certain properties on hit such as wallbounces and groundspikes etc.
>> No. 42305
Ah I see, thanks for pointing that out.
I thought to myself before that those are prolly "Low hit" "Mid hit" and "Launcher" hitsparks lol
>> No. 42436
File 135018709114.jpg - (28.34KB , 500x502 , RD_Hmm.jpg )
So I've been watching quite a few of the matches from Canterlot Gardens and I've been seen a growing AJ and RD trend simply because they're "cool" or "easy" to use. Which worries me that the easiest and popular characters are also the most powerful. I know nerfs are going to happen (On AJ especially (Yikes Hiro is nasty with her)) but I wanted to know how much of a buff would happen to other characters, if any at all?

I personally thought Twi and Pinkie would make a much larger impact in the tournament than they did... Poor Rarity.
>> No. 42440
I wouldn't use this tournament as solid evidence of any character's usefulness. Keep in mind that most people at the tournament never played the game before and even those who downloaded the leak have never played this particular build before. It's only natural that easy to play characters are going to be dominant before people have time to figure the game out. Applejack's high damage make hers very punishing against players who make a lot of mistakes (based on my experience with the leak, if you get caught by a rope it's going to hurt) while her high health allows you to make more mistakes. That said though, Rarity and Twilight can zone her out all day every day and it's really an uphill battle for Applejack to get close enough to do anything against them. And trust me, unless Pinkie was nerfed greatly since the leak, she's an absolute beast. Her combos hurt a lot and her mixups and crossups are really nasty.
>> No. 42475
File 135031292528.png - (28.47KB , 186x200 , Pinkie_Awesome_Face.png )
Oh yes! You're right. Though there has to be SOME parts of the leaked build that could've gotten some people familiar with the game before the tournament. And weren't there a few random matches before the tournament happened? Or was that after?

I can understand Rarity not being used by beginners simply for all of the complexities that you can get into as well as Twi. I hoped to see more Pinkie than I did, but alas, she was not as popular. I'm totally playing Pinkie :P
>> No. 42526
File 135048847971.jpg - (23.93KB , 523x375 , LightningBlitz_bringit.jpg )
Ah, Rellek.
Too much concern my friend.
I found Pinkie a blast, and rather easy to play as. The tournament was just a testing platform. So what if A.J. and Rainbow dominated? Doesn't mean the other characters weren't as good. It could just mean that the better players chose to play them. =P
>> No. 42541
File 135066842335.gif - (1.24MB , 640x360 , 133180419236.gif )
Well I wasn't there to try it out myself and I refuse to play the leak, so forgive my ignorance. That and I'm just a big ball of caring, so I have to put more concern into it than necessary.
I can totally tell that Pinkie's going to be fun. I tend to be a fan of bubbly fighters.
AJ and RD dominated because they were popular/easy to play/balanced without much effort. It would only make sense that people use those.

When it comes out, you better watch out for me playing Pinkie, because I'll be one of the pioneers. Believe it!
>> No. 42544
File 135067433911.png - (33.54KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Smug Grin.png )
Fluttershy's gonna kick all y'all's flanks! Believe it!
>> No. 42550
File 135070404773.png - (533.39KB , 702x530 , Believe it.png )
>> No. 42563
File 135094067026.png - (106.65KB , 398x398 , Pinkie_Pudding_Oh_Yeah_Youre_Right.png )
That's a lie!

Just like that.
>> No. 42615
File 135145548903.jpg - (121.33KB , 1011x790 , buck_yeah__by_madhotaru-d5j72lh.jpg )
Well, we could use some more action around here. What's up? I don't think I've ever seen this thread as dead as it is right now.
>> No. 42616
File 135147065917.png - (35.66KB , 430x477 , Kitsune Thinking.png )
Yeah, well, the thread's always dying. It'll come back to life soon enough. Unless there's a new thread... Did I miss something?
>> No. 42619
File 135157174269.png - (133.90KB , 945x945 , 131164023788.png )
No new thread. But I guess no news is good news.
>> No. 42620
Guys, vote MLP:FIM for EVO 2013.
I know its probably not going to happen (yet) and the poll probably won't change it, but who cares. You guys seem to need something to do and discuss anyway.
>> No. 42621

>I know its probably not going to happen (yet) and the poll probably won't change it

Then why did you posted it anyways?
>> No. 42623
File 135161384504.png - (62.63KB , 300x300 , RD_Mhm_Right.png )
>You guys seem to need something to do and discuss anyway.

Wow that was easy.

I think this is rad! If I had a Facebook, then I would definitely vote for it.
>> No. 42625
I guess its also fine to get some attention. I doubt that the game will be finished by EVO 2013 (finished, as in ALL characters, not just main cast) and the evo crew probably doesn't want an unfinished game at their main streams. However, they'll keep MLP:FIM in mind for 2014 if we manage to get enough votes for it (though it doesn't look to bright right now).

Just speculation and everything, but voting for it really doesn't take much time if you got a facebook account and it doesn't cost anything either. So why not?

inb4 Rellek creates a million accounts and votes for it
>> No. 42629
File 135165883942.jpg - (341.09KB , 1023x551 , 35429 - 20%_cooler artist GonzaHerMeg crossover rainbow_dash rainbow_dash_always_dresses_in_styl.jpg )
Sounds cool. I wouldn't be too surprised if EVO actually said yes, as long as the first version is ready by the date.
However, I'd be worried that we might accidentally turn EVO off to the idea by buying in too early. People can be pretty serious about their games...
>> No. 42630
File 135165900456.png - (29.33KB , 167x167 , RD_Coach_Oh_Yeah.png )
Even if it did become a reality, I wouldn't be able to go :P

Well I am ABLE to go... though walking there doesn't seem practical, so I choose not to.

And on the subject of the entire list of playable characters... I just don't see it happening... Not that I don't have faith in them to complete it, I just can't see it :P
>> No. 42632
Of course you can't see it, Toph!
Though, you haven't used Toph images for your last few posts. I hardly recognized you without 'em!
>> No. 42634
File 135169022085.png - (64.83KB , 270x270 , RD_Hey_There.png )
I'm just tired of being misunderstood and seen as obnoxious by posting Toph. I'm doing it to make you guys happy.
>> No. 42635
File 135170462121.png - (33.23KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Annoyed.png )
Happiness is overrated. Apathy's where it's at.
>> No. 42636
File 135170966574.jpg - (40.91KB , 478x348 , bulmashowsthebird.jpg )
Really? I've never gotten that impression. Heck, even I use other pictures to rib and comment. It's all in good fun. =)
>> No. 42637
So, I just want to know how the project (and the members of the project) are doing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Are you all ok? Is the project ok? I'd hate to see any of you guys hurt because of it.

I don't know where any of you live, so I'm not even sure if you're affected, but just give a shout out if you're alright, ok?
>> No. 42643

Everyone's ok, AFAIK; Some minor inconveniences and power outage, but nothing more serious than that.
>> No. 42645
>Website Updatenificated... sort of
>> No. 42646
How many animators and programmers do you have atm? And how many members left?
>> No. 42647
File 135178629469.png - (78.41KB , 276x284 , RD_More_Smiles.png )
And that I must disagree with. I just want to make people happy or just help out. Or at least I try to, sometimes it's difficult, but we're all human (Or pony, if you're serious about that stuff hehe)

Until someone doesn't like it :P

I don't think the "en" is necessary in "Updatenificated".

Updatificated sounds fine :D

That could probably be found by browsing around the site a little bit.
>> No. 42648
File 135179596286.png - (33.25KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Bored.png )
I also try to make others happy. Unfortunately, I always fail, and no one ever tries to make me happy. Hence why I like apathy; while happiness is better, it is unattainable, and sadness and anger are to be avoided.
>> No. 42670
File 135188496612.jpg - (42.57KB , 680x511 , BRTky.jpg )
>> No. 42676
File 135188810839.jpg - (156.88KB , 1920x1080 , fluttersmile.jpg )
... Yeah... that was several shades of wrong. I'm sorry that I typed that. The majority of it was true, but that only makes me feel worse about it. I came across as a pretty big jerk, and while that itself wasn't true, it hurt me to that that would be the main theme behind it. I've always tried to remain positive and friendly to those I meet, but I ended up hurting myself. I apologize to everyone who found my post distasteful.
You're going a little to far into it. Kindness is showing compassion and understanding to others. You can't make everyone happy. You can try, but some will just blow you off. The key is just keeping a positive attitude. If people see you smiling, or showing that you care, most of their faces will brighten up, even if it's just slightly.
>> No. 42677
File 135189012569.png - (103.98KB , 424x424 , Pinkie_Content.png )
Aww come on RuBoo! Lighten up a bit :D Fighting is Magic is pretty close to coming out (At least closer to being done than not being done), there's plenty to be happy about :)

This makes me wonder what the hay went on O.o
>> No. 42682
File 135192075021.png - (173.02KB , 500x287 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-rainbow-dash-apply-directly-to-the-soul1.png )
It's best you don't know. Drama happened. I said somethings I regretted, and I can't tell you how many times I deleted and rewrote that apology. -_(
>> No. 42683
File 135194491575.png - (34.59KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Grin.png )
Apology, shmology. I'm quick to forgive, most of the time. In fact, I don't even remember what it was about!
...What was it about? Seriously, all I remember is something about Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 42697
File 135206054105.png - (261.22KB , 635x344 , 132445188363.png )
Understandable! Don't feel too bad about it :D

>> No. 42703
...Sounds good to me!
>> No. 42713
File 135212464562.png - (224.20KB , 457x509 , taco dual weilding.png )
>> No. 42717
File 135214450775.png - (174.04KB , 640x360 , 131256540396.png )
>> No. 42724
File 135217803857.gif - (3.67MB , 480x270 , 133852015132.gif )
>> No. 42843
...Is it just me, or is this thread deader than Discord?
>> No. 42846

Well ever since the leak talking about the game has become a bannable offense - if you can't believably act like it didn't happen. I can't both be an avid fan but at the same time ignore the fact that there are whole framedata sheets out there now to base theories off from. The last stream was... surreal. I keep getting the impression that not talking at all is the only thing that's cool to do.

Besides the devs seem to have abandoned this thread too so there's hardly any reason to still be here.
>> No. 42847
File 135325035871.jpg - (53.39KB , 629x352 , 130040191820.jpg )
> talking about the game has become a bannable offense
Who told you that?
The only people who got banned (to my knowledge) were the people spamming download links.
>> No. 42850
File 135326658888.jpg - (121.33KB , 1011x790 , buck_yeah__by_madhotaru-d5j72lh.jpg )
Cause I think we need to lighten the mood with some fighting! =)
I've been here everyday. I just didn't post anything cause I didn't have anything relevant to post. I liked Rellek's trip out too much to move it. XD
>> No. 42857
File 135334201902.gif - (145.59KB , 423x316 , 130781690140.gif )
You know you did!
>> No. 42861
File 135334834670.jpg - (14.47KB , 400x225 , image238.jpg )

They're still working on the game. This thread will just go on until it hits autosage.
>> No. 42875
File 135343886211.gif - (143.88KB , 582x400 , Derpmahdispencer.gif )
What is the autosage limit anyways? I've seen it mentioned, but I never bothered to try and count the number of posts.
>> No. 42927
I know you said you wouldn't have any more livestreams, but I'm curious how you're thinking about the updates? Will you be posting stuff when you've gathered things to show or are you going to save them for a grand release?

Btw, I hope you make an epic release trailer like this one ( only with the whole mane six. :)
>> No. 42928

Things have been slow due to a couple of the devs being on a sort of extended leave of absence due to stuff, and because after the leak, we have to do all the testing in-house, which adds to our workload and tends to slow things a bit.

That's pretty much why there's been no real major update lately. That, and the fact most all major near-completed stuff was shown at CLG.
>> No. 42931
File 135381433128.png - (551.46KB , 1280x720 , MLP_FIM_-_Fluttershy_Stare.png )
Bad leak, bad! Fluttershy should tell your mother on you!
>> No. 42933
Called it!

But really, that sucks. This game will probably be done sometime into mid 2013. (At least, that's what I'm predicting.)
>> No. 42934
Life can be a pain in the flank sometimes. Ya do watch ya gotta do to keep moving.
>> No. 42967
I feel like a really interesting mechanic for the fluttershy character would be for her to get stronger the more damage she takes, like the way she can be really mean if you get her angry. at first she would be regular fluttershy not willing to hurt another pony then she would hit level too slightly annoyed, then she would release the gates of hell upon the poor victim in a bath of power and rage.
>> No. 43079
I can't believe it's a...


BSU 12 - Menu improvements edition
>> No. 43081
File 135510714278.png - (150.49KB , 800x452 , scootaloo_wide_eyed.png )
>> No. 43082

Notice it's grey'd out. Means it miiiight not be up with first release. It's in the plans, we're trying to get something -good- going on in there, but unless the stars align and development goes twice as fast as expected, it'll likely come bundled with DLC1 instead.
>> No. 43085
That's fine, but the fact it even exists. I remember you guys saying you couldn't get it to work.
>> No. 43086

>It's in the plans, we're trying to get something -good- going on in there

BGM and SFX volume, like that, selectable from an option menu. Stage select before the match starts. And now, not only a training mode selectable via menu like that but even one which does -more- than a dummy which refills hp? Like blocking and stuff or what? Honestly?

What's next? Trial mode?

I like to believe I have a very very basic rough understanding of how FM2K operates, and where it's limits lie. You keep defying everything I thought to know about it. I can't even begin to imagine in what ways you had to bend the engine to make it do stuff like that. "Logic gates" my ass you're like those guys who build working calculators in minecraft using redstone. Only you're making a fighting game out of redstone.

Unless you cracked open the code and modified the program itself. That would be cheating. It wouldn't make you any less awesome, far from it, but I'd no longer consider you supernaturals at that point.
>> No. 43087

Woah there. No promises on what exactly will be going on with training mode. I meant it as in "we're trying to make it so it's not glitchy as all narf and doesn't screw with the rest of the game"
>> No. 43089
Will the Fluttershy stage get a song now that you are able turn the music off?
>> No. 43090
...Screenshots numbers 2 and 3... Is that...? Aye, 'tis...
Fluttershy <3!!!
>> No. 43093

She was always going to. It's just not done yet.
>> No. 43129
You know, I've been wondering. With pony games getting hit with Cease and Desist orders, is there any worry about this game being targeted?
>> No. 43130
I would doubt it. The few games I've heard be hit were all things Hasbro itself might do in the future, while a fighting game like this is rather undesirable to anyone but us bronies. I would highly doubt this would be taken out, just as much as I think games like Ponykart and My Little Investigations are safe.
>> No. 43142
Pony games, plural? What besides MLP online has been hit with a C&D?
>> No. 43147
File 135541614378.png - (155.23KB , 636x342 , dash falcon card.png )
The card game. It was C&D'd sometime after the Enterplay cards were released.
>> No. 43149
Heh, I thought that too, I already expected the limited coding and I was already working on a quick workaround on everything Fighting is Magic related.
I guess I'ma hafta scrap the surprise project lol
>> No. 43152
The point with all of those projects, including this one, is that there's nothing to really "shut down". For the online game they can demand to stop the servers, for the card games they can make them stop printing cards or distributing them, but as for fighting is magic?

It's not like they could come over to steal the devteam's harddrives or something. It's in development and only exists as a concept so far. No matter how much they'd violate a trademark or whatever, they can do whatever they please as long as they haven't published it. And after they publish it? What could Hasbro possibly do? Once it's out there it's out there, players connect p2p, there's nothing to "shut down" besides the website maybe, and even then a community would most probably form on it's own and new even new websites which work as central player hubs may spawn.

Hasbro could sue for imaginary damages afterwards in the magical land of theory. But as opposed to protecting their trademark, which they *have* to do, that's something they neither are obligated to nor is it even in their interest. It has been shown multiple times now that they are all in for fan projects, given they are able to.

So, the only thing I could see and actually kind of expect happening is that like some months after release the devs get asked to take down the download link / the whole website for good measure. And from then on DLC happens in the form of anonymous links on 4chan or something. But as far as my knowledge on the subject goes, that's the only thing that can happen.
>> No. 43153
Quick question: Will you put in a difficulty change?
>> No. 43160
File 135552355349.jpg - (35.63KB , 800x450 , CountingDown.jpg )
I wonder if Fluttershy's theme will be released before the year is over...
>> No. 43161
File 135552394365.jpg - (44.26KB , 800x450 , CandacePatchPlan.jpg )
Uh-oh... the thread's on autosage.
>> No. 43163
Youtube embed play button

Theeeeeeen autosage it is.

You might have already noticed that the rest of the devs don't appear much around here anymore; Truth is, we've been intending for this to be the last thread about Fighting is Magic on here for a while. It just hadn't reached autosage.

Main reason for that being that we really don't have much free time anymore that doesn't go into the project, as we're getting closer and closer to release (not quite there yet, but nearin' the final stretch), and in addition, as our other obligations (School, jobs, families...) have slowly but steadily been increasing in time consumption, we've been slowly abandoning the sites we used to check that have the least activity on thread/topic, and focusing the most we can on development proper.

I guess the related vid is appropriate for this.


Major updates will get posted to the website; Answers to small questions, inquiries and occasional minor updates go in the twitter, and for anything longer or serious-er, our mail address is found at the bottom of the website.

Jay and me (Mainly Jay) are bound to be checking the subreddit ( once in a while, too, so if you'd like some topic-related conversation, that'd be the place to go.

We'd like to thank Ponychan and its administration for providing the project a house for discussion for most of the game's development, and for their support to the project and team too. Honestly, Game development wouldn't have ever started if it wasn't for Ponychan. Same goes for friendships with the regular posters of the thread (Most of which have relocated to the FGB's skypechat). =)

So to close this up, answers to the last two questions asked in the thread.


Maybe. We know it's doable in the engine, but we can't assure it'll be there. The way we implemented stuff (mostly the stage select and the way story mode works) might interfere with it, but we'll do our best to have it in.


We'd like it to; It's up to music team, though.


And there you have it. It's been a nice run. =) - Hope to see you guys around in the site's comments, twitter, or the subreddit.

Thanks for everything, and specially, thanks for your support of our little project.


- Anu, on behalf of the Mane6 DevTeam.
>> No. 43175
And lol foiled by the Mane6, I was developing a Rainmeter Skin that could serve as a Launcher for Fighting is Magic and other related apps (Xpadder, Lunaport, Command List, Credits, etc.); recently however, I overestimated the coding limitations and that you guys managed to make it work xD
So with that, I'd at least show an old screenshot of it in development (was s'posed to be a secret project until the game gets released lol)

Indeed a great run it was Anu, hope to see you guys post around ponychan when you guys aren't busy :)
>> No. 43176
>> No. 43177
File 135566857446.png - (156.91KB , 926x489 , ss (2012-10-08 at 08_00_16).png )
derp forgot pic
>> No. 43191
Also, Twilight is best pony. Nuff said. Nothing you can do about it Anu!

Twilight has charming eyes, period!
>> No. 43522
FiM has a shot at EVO 2013

Apparently we were in the lead as of a couple hours ago too, don't know about right now.
>> No. 43638
FiM got pushed back to third place in the evo 2013 donations, second place is Skullgirls. Both games with about $4,000. S Smash Bros Melee is in first with $13,000+ right now.
>> No. 43768
i wonder, has the devs here ever played Battle Capacity?
>> No. 43987
i am really pissed off at hasbro right now
why would the deliberately chose to stop this after knowing about it for so long they even supported it back in the beginning
>> No. 44130
Robert Harris 3rd (@legendofrob1) posted a question for the devteam on their Twitter.

He asked:
@ManeSix did the C&D stop you from tweeting basic tweets, too? Or r u just being overflowed with questions? (in which case I'm not helping)

And the ManeSix answered:
@legendofrob1 Bit of both. Thousands of msgs, not (m)any we can reply to right now. + Really busy backstage trying to sort this out.

So, the game's not OFFICIALLY shut down. They are trying to do whatever it takes to get this project back in development. ...And Twilight Alicorn is best pony.
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