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I have created a turn based strategy game/miniatures game that is similar in style to miniature wargames like Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, and Warmachine/Hordes. The characters' statistics and talents are represented by profile cards featuring art (used with permission) by some of the best artists in the fandom. Currently the game is playable over LackeyCCG as a plugin but I am looking for help to turn it into a standalone game (possibly with sprites or models to represent the characters on the board).

The theme of the game is a clash between the various realities of Equestria, such as Equestria: Total War (Equestria-Prevails' art), Fallout: Equestria, and various other visions of Equestria our fandom has created. The first set of cards is complete and mostly balanced after extensive playtesting. The next sets will also feature an option to allow players to request to have their OC's in the game (as long as they have a picture that suits the art style of the game), and have it made into a card. The rules for the current version can be found here:

I am looking specifically for programmers and sprite artists who could turn this into a standalone game. The features it would need are:

The ability to host and join games via a lobby system
A function to view the cards and put them into a herd to save and play with
A game board to move the figures representing the cards around on, preferably with snap-to grid (or just have the cards themselves, with a viewer window that shows the card when moused over)
A chat function
The ability to roll dice and record damage and counters for stat-tracking (like boosts from pony talents)

I am available most days and willing to provide a demonstration of my game over its current plugin on Lackeyccg if you are curious if it's worth your time.
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A larger version of the preview image attached can be found here:
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