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File 133966240316.png - (286.43KB , 570x660 , 1338521218416.png )
39623 No. 39623
Ok. Heres the deal. Over the past three months I've been working on making the first cel animated pony short in the fandom. Its been over a hundred hours of work, but I got over 1000 frames (on paper, not real cellulose) stacked and ready to scan.

Now I'm in one hell of a quandary.

These cels are uncolored, and need to be colored digitally. This form of cel animating was used in the 80's and 90's for the infinite color palette. However, I don't have enough experience with adobe products to continue.

So here's what I'm asking from you. I have Adobe CS3.

1) Unzip the file and mess around with my provided frames n stuff
2) When you're ready, post step by step instructions for the most time-efficient way to shade in each frame.
3) Come back to this thread every once in a while. I'll probably drop in some more sample frames, and might need further help. My ponysquare is koolaidguy23.

Here's the link.
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>> No. 39625
did you re-sign up for anypony? you were missing a contact email address the first time and your account couldn't be created :( sorry I cannot be any help in this thread.
>> No. 39628
File 133969056898.png - (149.64KB , 900x742 , 1338515389718.png )
Thanks for finding me. Ill re-sign up as soon as I can. And thanks for the concern.
>> No. 39640
Hoo boy. To be honest, there is no quick and easy way to color each of them.

What you should do, however, is learn Flash. While that won't help cut down on time drawing the frames (since just about each and every one is a different pose...), it will help for parts like all the bowling pin frames.

Maybe somepony else has a better idea, but that's what I'd be going with at this point.
>> No. 39642
You sir are insane. No sane person would draw all the frames by hand. Yet you did it.

The world needs more insane people. It takes somepony insane to do the "impossible".

I second the motion to learn Flash, it allows you to compose images out of multiple parts, greatly reducing the workload by reuse. It's more complex, but it is worth it.
>> No. 39646
File 133972904637.png - (86.43KB , 795x497 , 1338518031858.png )
>What you should do, however, is learn Flash
>You sir are insane.

I think I'm a little too late in the game to switch to Flash, honestly. Besides, there are two advantages I found with cel animation over Flash, as crazy as it sounds.

1) At first, it sounds insane, but seriously, it's like knitting a sweater. It actually takes hours on end to do, but it doesn't feel like forever because you restrict yourself to doing it on your spare time. I drew most of these in between classes. There were actually a couple of them I drew at a McDonalds.

2) No vectors, which encourages the mind to be flexible and drives you to draw every frame differently.

I feared this would happen from the beginning, but now I think I should finish what I started.
>> No. 39653
Well, in that case, my only recommendation to you is to trace each frame in Illustrator, one at a time. :P
>> No. 39654
If you are good with photoshop and the lines are crisp, you can color in with liberal use of the lasso tool and some patience. I haven't looked at your sheets yet, but it's quite possible. It would just be tedious, though no more tedious than drawing 1000 frames by hand.

You've gotten this far, definitely keep going.
>> No. 39655
Hmm, I'll see what I can do about coloring, I got nothing better to do and I myself don't feel like drawing my own stuff
>> No. 39685
File 133979202417.png - (205.82KB , 817x1000 , 1338514650289.png )
The lines are crisp, drawn in pen, and every path is closed. I'm sure there's something easier to do.

If you want to join me, I can send you some more frames and add you to the credits. Just pm me at [email protected]

Ive been hearing there are ways to color multiple frames on after-effects (something about the auto-trace tool I guess?), but until then, I set up a stream showing my simple technique, if you wanna see it. (Set today, at 5pm est.)
>> No. 39686
File 133979215733.png - (72.50KB , 794x540 , 1338519411244.png )
Whoops, forgot to drop the link to the stream.
>> No. 39691
I almost got the first frame finished coloring. I didn't change any of it other then well...color it.

Is that an email?
>> No. 39692
>The lines are crisp, drawn in pen, and every path is closed. I'm sure there's something easier to do.

Well in that case, then you can easily fill the body with the fill tool. It's just the body lines where it gets difficult. If you splice the lines where the color changes, then you could just do a fill on the line splices, but I don't know an easy way to do that in photoshop without moving them to different layers.

I would try my hand at it, but I'm a little bogged down in projects. When i get a chance, I'll give it a try.
>> No. 39694
I finished coloring one frame
I notice that the shiny part of the eye isn't very round, I can always go back and try to fix that
>> No. 39695
File 133982035011.png - (486.98KB , 3504x2808 , Trixie.png )
Woops forgot the picture
>> No. 39697

The legs on this look very wrong. The leg furthest away should be behind the body, and the leg closest needs to be bent in a much more natural way.
>> No. 39698
File 133983836415.png - (221.62KB , 1280x956 , 1338517752005.png )
Yes, that's an email. I wasn't expecting you to color the outlines or use any gradients. It doesn't have to be that difficult. Most cel-animated cartoons, with the exception of Ren and Stimpy, used black outlines. And gradients were virtually impossible with acrylic paint. Its a decent idea, but don't push yourself. If you make it look too digital, there won't be anything unique about it.

>The legs on this look very wrong
I'll take the blame for that.

By the way, I'm not finished drawing frames. There's still a projected 350 to go.
>> No. 39701
I would have fixed that, but I decided not to-not my drawing>>39698
Oh, haha, I started doing that because before, I never knew how until....well let me think here...well, since I did my first Chrysalis picture finished on April 25th, can be viewed on my DA page. If you don't want the lines to be colored and no gradients, I can fix that. I still have the xcf file so it would be easy to change the eyes at least [the lineart part takes forever though...well the longest, coloring is easy long as the lineart is seperate and no background]
>> No. 39702
fill color tool!
>> No. 39706
File 133986406885.jpg - (27.04KB , 400x277 , 132540636769.jpg )
>is that an email
>so many ponies still don't know about my mail server. haha...

You drew that in pen, awesome, a little touch up on those legs and that'll look sweet!
>> No. 39716
In pen?
>> No. 39718
File 133989625465.png - (32.16KB , 184x155 , 132428148161.png )
It was 1am, I was tired and didn't read, ok.
>> No. 39719
I am so confused
>> No. 39735
File 133992391272.png - (177.75KB , 684x1169 , 1337579569066.png )

Without making this thread any, I'll do another stream on monday night. Just ask questions in the chat. I'll clear things up for you.
>> No. 39737
I will be busy probably, my dad is pressuring me to get my permit. I also decided to do something for a friend.
>> No. 39810
File 134006518275.png - (113.37KB , 631x695 , trixie.png )
I came up with a time efficient way to colorize these frames. However, it still takes a decent amount of time. So I need somepony's help to continue.

I need your help to colorize. If you help, I'll put your name in the credits.

Step 1: (if you haven't done this yet) download and unzip.

Step 2: Open about 20 frames at a time on photoshop, depending on how fast your computer is.

Step 3: Erase the white background. (Right click on the eraser tool, and go to magic eraser)

Step 4: Color fill. (Right click on gradient, go to paint bucket tool. hit "x" to swap colors faster)

5) Ctrl S. Close window, next frame, and keep going.

6) Zip up the folder and upload them back onto mediafire. Send the link to [email protected] and I'll send you more frames.

^It should look like that.
>> No. 39814
How many have you done? and how did you color it?

one thing, whats with all the white dots?
>> No. 39851
>how did you color it?
The paint bucket tool does all the work. See step 4.
>whats with all the white dots?
Well, okay, I didn't know about the magic eraser tool at first. So I used the background eraser for this one, and you can't raise the threshold that high with it. Hence the white dots.

I colorized about 75 so far, but I can't keep up that pace because I'm still working out the motions on premiere.
>> No. 39858
Couldn't you just do the fill on the white without erasing it first? Just set the paint bucket threshold low enough so it doesn't fill everything, or am I missing something?
>> No. 39871
The paintbucket can be set to a threshold so it won't need to erase any outlines. That's where you set it.

The white background of every image has to be erased so then a new background underneath it can be placed. I'm not sure how much deeper I can explain it.
>> No. 39872
Oh I see, I assumed the backgrounds were drawn on and so you wouldn't need to remove any whitespace (just simply color it in). I see.
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