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I've recently completed the instrumental of a metal cover of the grimdark Drum and Bass song 'Cupcakes' by Futret. I need a singer with a good quality mic and a nice voice for metal music.

If you're interested, the original and the lyrics can be found here:

The completed instrumentals can be found here:

Lyric melody played by guitar:

No Melody:

Either post here or email me if you'd be willing to help out. You'll receive credit in the title and description of the song.

Email: [email protected]
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>> No. 39668
The lyrics are ridiculously over the top grimdark if that'd be a problem.
>> No. 39721
File 133990043795.jpg - (38.23KB , 687x720 , 579874_417645391613790_2120084814_n.jpg )
Exactly what kind of metal singer are you looking for? A death metal singer or more of a Joey Belladonna-type singer?
>> No. 39740
Not death metal. Not only am I not a huge fan of those type of vocals but the instrumental is too fast for it.

Joey-belladonna type singer would be great though. I was trying for a thrash song here and while I'm not sure I managed it a thrash singer would be amazing.
>> No. 39743
File 133994638147.png - (377.84KB , 1432x1399 , 180555 - artist smittyG vinyl_scratch.png )
Pony metal? Now that's something I can get behind! I have no musical talent otherwise I would volunteer myself, but I cant wait to see this come to life.
>> No. 39911
File 134022197502.jpg - (42.23KB , 622x614 , front.jpg )

Dude, give me a couple of weeks and I'll totally have something for you.
>> No. 39912

> Come to this board and find the first thread was exactly what I looking for.

I'm looking for a project where I can sing. I haven't done a lot of things within the community to show as I don't play any instruments nor produce my own tracks. I'm a singer that reply on collaborations.

You can find references to what I have done here:

Gem'n'I - Seeds of Kindness -

And a WIP more inline of what you're looking for when it comes to the genre:
>> No. 39913
>Look for a singer for weeks to no avail
>Find 2 at once

Man, your singing's great.

I'd love to hear what you can do too though.

Nightmaresnake, if you can give me any kind of a sample of your voice I could compare the two and decide which I prefer. While I don't wanna refuse either of you I'd like to get the best possible singer.

Thanks for the offer, both of you. If y'all are still interested then I can't wait to hear the finished song with some vocals on it.
>> No. 39967
File 134032634658.png - (121.78KB , 414x382 , cherilee_dp1.png )

OK, well, here's me:
>> No. 39974
Well it was really difficult to decide, but I think I'll go with Zeeraw on this one. I plan to make a thrash metal pony album though, so if it's okay with you Nightmare I may try and get in contact with you for a few other songs if I'm in need of a singer.

Zeeraw, could you either email me or give me your email address? If you can I'd rather communicate via email rather than here.
>> No. 39975
Ah, this was me. On a different computer, hence the name didn't show up.
>> No. 39987
File 134039968901.jpg - (8.70KB , 180x179 , 373049_107901896010510_1979837437_n.jpg )

I'm ok with this.

My Skype is NightmareSnake.
If you need anything else let me know!
>> No. 40050

Still no email from Zeeraw :(
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