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MLP: Friendship Is Magic: The Elements of Harmony
The goal of this project is to create the confrontation of nightmare moon in the form of a RPG boss battle. Each pony would have different skills to help the battle along. Each would have five skills and maybe some assist attacks or team ups.

Unfortunately i have no spriting experience and can't find any already made sprites. if any one shows interest in this project please help. Also if you have a suggestion for a team attack for Pinkie pie that uses an outside character tell me. and any better ideas for attacks or opinions would be nice.

Twilight Sparkle: Essentially she is your black mage. Twilight would have access to powerful damaging spells and be able to call in Spike.

Spells: Earthquake/Avalanche: As the ability says twilight causes a major upheaval of the ground before dropping the stone on her opponent.

Magic Shock: Twilight fires a large bolt of magic lightning at her opponent

Studious Power: Twilight opens her book and unleashes a powerful magic beam.

Make A Problem: Twilight’s anxiety gets the better of her and she goes into a crazy state boosting her magic power however in this state she may accidently attack the wrong pony.

Magic Overload: Twilight’s magic reaches to a fever pitch causing her to release all her magic power in a huge radius. Note: If in crazed state twilight will revert to normal.

Possible Team Ups: Twilight + Spike: Twilight enlarges Spike who assaults the opponent with fire.

Twilight + Rarity: Radiant Barrage: Twilight uses a spell to give Rarity wings which she uses to blind the opponent as Twilight launches a mystic barrage on them. Note: enemy is then blinded.

Twilight + Olwoicuis: A Better Book: Owloicsuis air drops Twilight a book on magic buffing all her attributes.

Applejack: Aj is your hardest hitter. It comes from apple bucking. Applejack has moves that cause high damage.

Moves: Applebuck Kick: Applejack concentrates all her strength into a single kick causing high damage.

Lasso whip: Applejack uses her lasso to whip the opponent several times.

Lasso Toss: Applejack uses her lasso to toss the opponent causing damage upon landing.

Lasso Kick: Aj snags the opponent and pulls herself, kicking them.

Family Roundup: Aj calls in her sizable family for a stampede.

Possible Team Ups: Applejack + Rainbow Dash: Apple Dash: Applejack helps launch Rainbow into the air where she strikes the opponent with high speed dives.

Applejack + Big Macintosh: Apple combo: The siblings strike in a one two kick.

Applejack +Winnona: To the Right: Winnona’s support gives Applejack a speed buff.

Fluttershy: Flutter shy’s moves depend on her animal friends.

Moves: Songbird choir: Fluttershy sings with her birds bolstering her friends giving them random stat boosts.

Bear Hug: Fluttershy calls in her friend the bear to attack the opponent.

Stone Stare: Fluttershy enlist the help of a cockatrice to turn the enemy to stone freezing them for 4 turns.

Manticor Scare: Fluttershy calls in a manticore to strike fear into her foes.

Bunny Stampede: Fluttershy calls in her many bunny friends to trample her foes.

Possible Team Ups: Fluttershy + Twilight: Ursa Minor: Twilight brings in an ursa minor which Fluttershy then pleads to help them which then attack their foes.

Fluttershy + Dragon: Dragon Stomp: Fluttershy commands a dragon to stomp on her enemies.

Fluttershy + Angel Bunny: Thank you Angel: Fluttershy’s rabbit bolsters her confidence giving her moves more power.

Pinkie Pie: Some of Pinkie Pie’s moves have multiple effects.

Moves: PARTY!: Pinkie Pie throws a party giving her teammates a small bit of health.

Surprise: Pinkie leaves a box in front of her opponent. The box has three effects. Balloons: when the balloons pop they deal damage. Fireworks: Fireworks explode dealing great damage. Confetti: Confetti shoots out of the box temporarily blinding the foe.

Giggle at The Ghosties: Pinkie’s giggle bolsters her teammates allowing her teammates to resist fear.

Pinkie Sense: Pinkie reads her twitches to predict attacks. Pinkie warns her friends allowing them to dodge attacks for one turn.

Party Cannon: Pinkie fires her cannon at point blank dealing massive damage.

Possible Team Ups: Pinkie Pie + Rainbow Dash:
Lightning Party: Pinkie Pie fires off a cake from her party cannon distracting the foe as Rd engulfs the enemy in a storm cloud before stomping on it releasing a flurry of bolts.

Pinkie Pie + Gummy: No Teeth: Gummy bites Pinkie Pie making her laugh defending her from stat debuffs

Rainbow Dash: Rd is the fastest character and uses moves that make her go first.

Moves: Thunder Storm: Rainbow brings in a storm cloud and stomps on it producing a lightning bolt.

Fantastic Filly Flash: Rainbow performs one of her moves and blinds the foe.

Buccaneer Blaze: Rainbow produces a lighting charged tackle.

Rainblow Overdose: Rainbow produces a tornado that she launches at the foe.

Sonic Rainboom: Rd flies high and swoops down on her opponent blasting them with the resulting shock-wave.

Possible Team Ups: Rainbow Dash + Fluttershy: Cheer louder: Rainbow calls on Fluttershy to cheer for her. When Fluttershy lets loose her underwhelming cheer, Rainbow uses it as a distraction to sneak attack. The cheer does bolster Rd’s spirits and grants her a slight speed boost.

Rainbow Dash + Wonderbolts: Been Dreamin’: Rainbow and the Wonderbolts fly across and engulf the foe in smoke and lighting.

Rainbow Dash + Tank: He’s like a Tank: Tank uses his shell as a shield boosting Rd’s defenses.

Rarity: Rarity is support plan and simple, though she herself is not.

Moves: Radiant Rain: Rarity lets loose a torrent of jewels damaging the target.

Way of the Dress: Rarity makes a custom dress for her friends boosting their best stat.

A Needed Makeover: Rarity fits the enemy in a dress that while stylish is very restricting slowing the target.

For All My Friends: Rarity uses her magic to heal her friends

Oh! It! Is! On!: Rarity uses her magic to find jewels which she gives to her friends boosting their attack.

Possible Team Ups: Rarity + Rainbow Dash: Sonic Cutter: Rarity throws up some jewels just as Rd zips by causing the jewels to rocket at the target.

Rarity + Sweetie Belle: Sisterhood Smack down: Sweetie Belle distracts the foe with her singing while Rarity ties the foe in ribbon and assaults them with jewels and Sweetie stomps them.

Rarity + Opalescence: Opal Crusade: Opal “encourages” Rarity to work harder making her stat changing abilities more potent.

And that's it. my idea for the team attacks is if you use a move that involves a pony not in the battle you have the option to switch with them. All of nightmare moons moves would be based on the distractions she set up on the way. This would include rock slides, evil manticores, spooky tree monsters, the Shadow bolts (Essentially her summoned minions), raging waters, and a spell called Eternal Night. This spell would inflict fear on the team. A player inflicted with fear will likely miss when using a move. This would put importance on Pinkie's move, as it would remove fear
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>> No. 39724
Oh wait when i say outside character i mean like sweetie belle and big mac, characters that would have a bigger tie to pinkie pie is what i need.
>> No. 39726
This is going to be a game that is basically one boss fight? During which there will be multiple moves, (over 20)?

I just want to see if I'm reading this right.
>> No. 39731
Who knows? It could be done like Persona 3. Where the final boss has 12 forms and takes two and a half hours to fight.
>> No. 39738
yes it will be one boss but i figure if done right it could be a very fun final boss. The length of the battle would need to be right but i figured it would be a fun idea to play around with.
>> No. 39739
also using Rpg maker 2003 so thats also why it's so short. i'd figure working on one major battle that people would enjoy would be less likely to make me want to give up halfway through.
>> No. 39771
The sprites seem far to complicated, unless you were going to do a final fantasy style fight that doesn't have interactive animations, I don't recommend taking on this project except maybe in Flash.

I can't do flash :/
>> No. 39774
dam cant do flash either
>> No. 39775
Well then few changes then. i guess i'm now just a concept writer that needs some people interested to make it. so... yeah any interest.
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