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Hello, /collab/

I am a pony and am seeking some community help with the below project.

What: Sidescroller RPG Fantasy Game (Work in Progress)

Why: After weeks of collaboration with local people, work has been deemed too slow to ever complete on time. Outside help would be greatly appreciated.

How: The basic Heads Up Display (HUD) needs to be more suited for an RPG-fantasy theme. Think swords, dragons and magic like.

Who: Digital artist/s and anypony who can critique/comment on the image (artwork) greatly appreciated

When: Many months more to go to project completion
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>> No. 39742
I'd make the spells on the right more symbolic. As they are, I have trouble telling what each one is for.

Everything else looks okay.
>> No. 39760
I agree, but I would also suggest increasing the border around the upper health bar slightly, or during health decrease, make it drop tekken style (red bar that sinks slower) otherwise when it gets into the red zone, it won't look as good.
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