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File 134000106886.png - (64.39KB , 676x384 , Screenshot.png )
39776 No. 39776
Hello /collab/, I've been working on a game called: My Little Pony: Equestria Adventure.
To put it simple, it's a 2d speed based platforming game. You control any of the mane 6 through various Equestria based levels, fighting off enemies and overcoming obstacles. It's a simple run from left to right, jumping game. There will be eigth different areas, each with sevel levels to play through. It's onyl going to be a few hours in length and will follow a linear path and have simple cutscenes to tell the story. The game is being developed in GameMaker 8.1

The Story:
There are many alternate realities that parallel Equestria. Some changes might only be small, like Derpy’s eyes being normal, or ponies walking on two legs. But one world exists without something almost all Equestrians thrive; magic. The land of Equustropolis is a technologically advanced world with giant cities and gadgets to help fulfill every need. Without any magic to fall back on, they had to rely on technology to do things. However, one day they discover a small spark in the abandoned castle that lets them travel to another world. A world filled with magic. That world is the Equestria we know and love.
The Equustropolites soon find out that they can use magic in miraculous ways. Everything from fuel to using it as a building substance. The quickly start harvesting all the magic they can. This does not go unnoticed, however as Princess Celestia orders the mane six to stop it. In order to do this though, they must find their alternate selves scattered all over Equestria, get the codes that each of them have, then use the machine that lets them cross to the other world. There, they must destroy the spark that originally let them travel between the two dimensions, ending this once and for all.

The game is a fast paced platformer, as mentioned before. Since almost all the magic in equestria is gone, the pegasi cannot fly and the unicorns cannot use magic. However, Twilight creates a low magic spell that lets the magic six home-in on magic source and finds a way to use this as a weapon. That is the games main way of attacking. While in the air, pressing the jump button again will send you flying into enemies, effectively destroying them. This is also used to travel to higher platforms you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. The enemies of the game are machines built to stop the mane six. They start as mostly mechanical with magic infused in it, but as the game goes on they eventually turn into 100% magic based machines. Killing these enemies releases magic, which the player absorbs. This not only gives you health, but magic points that you can use to buy new skills.

Graphics and Design:
Most of the sprites will be done in a very traditional 16-bit sprite style. The backgrounds and tiles on the other hand, will have many more colors and designs. Helping the game not only look good, but keeping it like the show. Everything should be fully animated tomake the game feel vivid and alive. The enemies will have personality and the animations will be cartoony and even funny at some points. This is definitely not a game that will take itself seriously and should have a feel good vibe to the whole thing.

Tech Demo
If you want to have a feel for how the game is going to play, here is a demo for you to try:
It’s very basic in design and only one of the characters is playable, but should give a feel for how the game will ultimately play like. It's still a little rough around the edges.

Looking for Help:
I’ve been working on this game for about 6 months, chipping away at it whenever I’ve had free time. I think it’s gotten to the point where I really see a full game being possible and would like some help.
To put it simple, I mostly need spriters. Especially for tilesets and backgrounds. Musicians are also welcome, as are anypony who can help with game ideas and level design.
If anypony would like to help, you can contact me here: [email protected]
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>> No. 39897
WHAT!? I MUST find out more about this plugin! (I'll look it up myself)

And no, I most certainly did not run out of lives! I totally had 3.... almost sure..... well, I suppose I have no proof. But whatev, I'll try again later.

Also, where did you get that drowning music?
>> No. 39901
File 134018098491.png - (246.90KB , 1600x1600 , 157202 - artist-baumkuchenpony dashie rainbow_dash vector.png )
The drowning music was taken from Sonic Colors. It's just a placeholder though; I thought it'd be funny to put it in.
>> No. 39910
I like the derpy button

Does she work any differently?

Also, I couldn't find a way to switch back to dash.

But I think you need to make the characters decelerate faster. They currently decelerate at the same rate of acceleration, and it feels stiff.
>> No. 39935
yay my sprites!

As mentioned the movement needs work. But since you have feedback saying opposite things (some say it's too lose, some say it's too stiff), you need to figure out what we mean by that :)

Basically you feel out of control. There may be a few ways to fix that. I actually like the idea of being slow to reach top speed, but losing some idea of control. The deceleration definitely needs tweaking.

The main criticism I have is in the jumping. There is a very sticky feeling to the jump where if you hold the button down your trajectory is kinda nice and smooth, but if you tap the jump button the gravity seems to snag you very abruptly. Like you need to continue the upward momentum a bit more even if you only press the button lightly. I'm not sure if this makes sense but I can gladly expand on it if you care. (essentially the button press time should only affect when the upward motion starts to slow down, with a max limit if you hold down the button.). Variable strength jumping is one of the most common problems I see in small indie games. It's HARD to get right!

There is a vertical camera issue too. I would suggest trying it so the camera doesn't instantly follow the character as they jump, but only when they get a certain height above their current. A common sort of solution (since most of your movement is upwards and to the right), is to set the camera so your character is slight to the left and bottom of the screen, and only move the camera upwards when the player gets above, say.. halfway up the screen. Then tween it to it's new vertical position. I'm not sure if this is easily doable or not but will help with the slightly disorienting feel the game has right now. Just watch old sonic or mario game footage to see what I'm getting at.

Also have you considered a "gliding" power to add to the tail end of a fully pressed jump? (they do have wings after all!). This may be a thing that could be fixed by adjusting the jump physics as I mentioned though.

Awesome progress!
>> No. 39937
>yay my sprites!

Monkeyjay, your sprites are used in maybe 99.99% of MLP fangames. Without you, they wouldn't have anything to work with.

Seriousy, it's all like:

Monkeyjay everywhere.
>> No. 40044
Updated Demo!
I fixed up a lot of the physics. Improved the acceleration/deceleration, made jumping feel more smooth, fixed up some level design issues, made some more music for it, and added two more playable characters. Enjoy :)
>> No. 40178
Youtube embed play button
hey, this popped up randomly for me on another site and I remembered this game and thought you might be interested. It's about Camera Logic in Super Mario Bros 3.
>> No. 40179
Youtube embed play button
since I am dumb and didn't embed properly.
>> No. 40180
another good look at cameras in platformers.
>> No. 40187
Thanks for the resources. I'm working on a new camera system, but it'll take a while to get right. I tried putting in the platform snapping that blog post talked about, but because the player moves so fast it gets very jarring when platforming at full speed. The camera keeps re-snapping every second or so and it feels like the camera is just lagging behind. I did give a 40 pixel buffer area before the camera starts moving (horizontally) so that when you're doing slight adjustments the camera doesn't jerk around. I'll have to set it not to take affect when stopping if you're going to fast, on springs or on grind rails. It looks to laggy in those instances.
>> No. 40195
awesome! I hope you work something out. THIS video might have some more ideas. it uses the desired direction and averages out the movement to get a nicer camera some other neat stuff :P
>> No. 40199
You know what else would make things interesting? Dynamic music.

Make the music change in response to the action on screen. And not just by switching tracks abruptly, but by utilizing smooth fades between tracks and letting the tracks have subtle changes, like fading in more awesome parts of the same song when in running speed.

And perhaps quantizing sound effects to fit the rhythm of the music, but be careful with this one. It can introduce latency to the sound, and that's bad.

As for the camera, I worry that a floor locked setup might be unsuitable for sections with a lot of small platforms on the Y axis. It feels like it should work, yet I can't explain my worry. A predictive camera that looks ahead of the player feels fitting for fast paced parts such as running and grinding.
>> No. 40207
>>Make the music change in response to the action on screen

And how exactly is he going to do that?

I've noticed you are always stalking other people's projects, making all kind of impractical suggestions that not even you have any idea of how to implement.

I also remember you openly saying that even if you were suggesting things, you had no intention at all to carry that extra load on your own shoulders, and even if you were, you still had no idea of how to implement your own suggestions.

Honestly, it's already getting old.
>> No. 40213
It's not that hard to say:
if(mario.state==RIDING_YOSHI) {

Music isn't difficult to program, it is just a lot of small stuff that one needs to keep track of.

You are talking to somepony who has written his own software synth. I know a great deal about audio programming.

Btw, I have a pony game project of my own now. I've done serious work on it. That's where my time is going.
>> No. 40214
While that would be cool, it would be pretty hard to get things working right. And having dynamic music just seems like an extra little thing and not something I should put high on my list of priorities.
As for camera, I'm definitely going to have it push forward the faster you go. I just gotta figure out how to get it working. Gamemaker is really weak in terms of views. If I use the built-in view_object, I can only get it centered, or lower the borders which gives the opposite of what I want. I tried creating a dummy object to follow instead that maps itself to your position, only a little to the upper right, but that lags behind. I tried giving up on the view_object command and tried having the camera remap every step to your new position with a few adjustments, but again lags behind. All this would work if I halved the speed of the player, but then that kinds ruins the whole point of the game.
>> No. 41922
I have some resources with different resolution but if you want you can make modifications take if it is useful for you:

I'm working on more locations like Evergreen Forest, Cloudsdale...
>> No. 42258
File 134926319883.jpg - (72.69KB , 500x519 , 134820755809.jpg )
Don't know if I...

I shouldn't...

But I wanna know...


Screw it!

Hello awesome person (Or pony... or inter-dimensional blob beast, yah never know with the internet) that made this 120% cool game just wondering if you had a status update on this game or not, must of played the demo 45 times.

Also, side-note is there a way to switch back after switching to derpy?
>> No. 42274
File 134957778672.png - (770.58KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_ma7mdlR8Ez1r96p79o1_1280.png )
I'm surprised someone still cares about this game. I really appreciate that you like it so much :)
And no, can't switch back from Derpy, you have to restart the demo. She was just a bonus thing, added last minute, heh

But yeah, the game is still being worked on. I spent the last few months making it easier for me to design levels and fixes issues in the coding. I'm working on level design right now, and progress is going great. I have a sound composer working on music tracks and sound effects. There is already a nearly finished soundtrack. I recently got some help with graphics, so we'll be getting those finished. The physics have gotten much better since the last demo, and overall gameplay has improved drastically. I fixed a bunch of camera issues, there is more space visible to the right of you and the camera zooms in and out depending on what's going on in the level. There is a powerup system now that makes the levels more dynamic and more interesting.

I never gave up on the game, just haven't really been posting anything about it, hehe
>> No. 42353
Well it sounds like your doing awesome. Good to see this is still going.
>> No. 42361
I like the background of the forest stage I personally think it would be better remove the black line of the top of the trees, and you should change the color of the floor because is difficult to see, a more yellow green color would be better
>> No. 43002
Hey mpa, just wondering how the games going, and if your still alive or if you've been eaten by a windigo?
>> No. 43019
I hope not. Windigoes are far too chilly.
>> No. 43056
File 135495558044.png - (79.89KB , 1366x728 , Screenshot (15).png )
Nope, haven't been eaten..... yet.
Just haven't been updating cause there's nothing really showoffable until I get put tilesets in, and I can't do that until I have the levels 100%. So, I've been spending my time making levels and have 13/22 levels done. Once those are finished, I put in tiles and then polish it up. Once I do that I have a finished game. The soundtrack is almost finished as well, with only a few tracks missing.
I'll post a development screenshot. Not much, but it's something :)
>> No. 43058
No worries. Better to see the little than nothing at all. Also, I've seen a lot of talk about playing as Derpy, and I'm trying to figure out how to do that. Any tips on figuring it out?
>> No. 43061
should just be pressing d.
>> No. 43139
If you need a pixel artist as I say in the past I can make some stuff, your demo have a good gameplay.

[email protected]
>> No. 43151
File 135542459435.gif - (15.58KB , 288x528 , pony lab demo.gif )
Some old stuff maybe you like
>> No. 43785
File 135933282110.png - (111.53KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (47).png )
Well, more updates. Graphics have started being worked on. All the levels have been layed out. 4 of the 7 bosses are done, the soundtrack is 80% complete, I've gotten a few playtesters to try the game out and have had positive results.
Now that we're working on stuff that's visible, I'll try to update more often here with screenshots and stuff. Annnd, once I have Canterlot tiled, I'll release a demo :)
>> No. 43789
I tried the that old demo you put up and here is everything I found.

1) The way the homing attack sends you forward after you hit an enemy makes it really difficult to aim your jump. It should go straight up because this has thrown me off the stage several times.

2) The homing attack has a bad glitch where it will launch you in the opposite direction (usually down)

3) Some levels brick you and make it impossible to beat the stage if you miss a jump. You have to suicide at this point. Usually related to enemies or platforms not respawning.

4) Its possible to get stuck under the springs on the ground.

5) You slow down too slow. The game can send you from a fast section to a slow platforming second in the blink of an eye and if your running at full speed, your SOL with no way out. I am finding myself slowly inching myself forward hoping to god a spring doesn't send me into oblivion.

6) Getting hit is often an instant kill because there is almost no knockback and no invincibility frames.

Overall, not bad. I hope I am not intruding by asking this but how do your slopes and vertical moving platforms work? Those are like the 2 things I really need but can't figure out in GM.
>> No. 43798
The physics are very different from how they act in the demo now. Controls are much tighter and you can turn/stop very easily now.
I have been putting more attention to the level design to insure that you won't ever get stuck in some way.
As for the homing attack glitch...I'm still not sure what's causing that. I'm looking into it...eheh...

The slopes are kinda hard to explain, so I'll pass on that. They really depend on your movement system. The moving platforms simply check if you're standing on top of it and move the player along the axis at the same speed and direction as the platform is currently moving.
>> No. 43799
So do you inherit the velocity of the moving platform if you jump off it?
>> No. 43800
Yeah, because the moving platform is simply adding or subtracting from your speed. So if you start running right on a platform moving right, you have a small speed bonus, if you move left on a platform moving right, it's taking away your speed a bit. Although, you gain speed so quickly in my game now that this is barely even noticeable and I think there's only like 10 moving platforms in the game or something like that.
>> No. 43801
Hey there! Seems like we're both making speed based platformers. Yours is looking really good so far! Any chance you'd be willing to share some advice on how you come up with the designs of your levels? :)
>> No. 43802
Well, the most important things I keep in mind is pacing. You need to anticipate how fast the character is going to be going at all times and create platforms based on this assumed speed. This also means making sure to never have the speed suddenly stop by putting a wall there, you need to have something that keeps the flow going. I usually throw a spring there to kill the speed but adding vertical movement to make it seem like you're still going fast. Making everything feel fluent and not clunky really improves the experience of the game. Also, having lots of different things in the levels helps. Like springs, or rails or stuff to help make it interesting as you play through it. I hope that helped a bit ^^
>> No. 43804
I managed to find a pre-made engine with slopes programmed so I can probably do something with that.

As for the platforms, its weird. It appears easy but its not. I've tried a sidescroller before and vertical platforms just didn't work. Horizontal ones are fine though. When its going down, the player is stuck in endless falling on land and can't move. Going up is the same thing but with constant jitters from their standing animation.
>> No. 43807
Then the player isn't made a part of the movement group.

Your engine needs to understand the concept of objects resting on other objects. Even running on a platform counts as resting on it.
>> No. 43811
Simple solution. Just apply the change in velocity of the platform to the player and objects that is resting on the platform.

I haven't used Game Maker in a long time, but I would assume it would be something like:
playerY += (playerVelY+platformVelY)*delta
delta being the amount of ms between frames.
>> No. 43838
Doesn't that assume that the speeds are in units per millisecond? And they are likely in units per frame.
>> No. 44540
File 136483266412.png - (24.89KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (121).png )
I have a demo now. I've been working on this for a while. It's a level later in the game, so it's a tad difficult. I hope you have good reflexed ^^

Have fun.
>> No. 44542
Alright cool. The controls seem a lot more responsive and precision jumps don't feel like a pain anymore.
>> No. 44543
That's good. I really did put a lot of time into making Dash much easier to control.
>> No. 45634
Hey mpa,

How goes it? Any significant progress on this? I can't be the only one waiting for this.
>> No. 45676
File 137803287592.png - (301.38KB , 1088x640 , Screenshot (30).png )
There really hasn't been too much interest in the game, to be honest. I've mostly just been working at it on and off. Got a stage tiled and got everything running at 60 frames a second.
Games are hard to make by yourself, what can I say?
>> No. 45677
Well progress is progress. Considering I do seem to be the only one waiting on this, I'm glad your still soldiering on. (Though if you were to give up I'd completely understand.)
>> No. 45753
Wow, I'm impressed with just one man. I feel that the jump is perfect, but when descending, there should be a different sprite of falling. I'm enjoying the game, I feel that once the background and tiles are done, this will be a beautiful game. All you need is people with experience, but I, sadly, have no talent in any of the aspects. It would be a shame if this would die, I see a lot of potential, especially in the gameplay. Thank you sir, and I hope your game prospers.
>> No. 45807

Hey, looks like you're getting some more attention.
>> No. 45810
Oh wow! I was not expecting that, haha
That's really cool though.
>> No. 45908
File 138423571547.png - (422.56KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (153).png )

Welp, I have another demo. This time 4 polished levels and a Boss. I honestly don't think I'll ever finish this thing, but hopefully this is fun enough to please anyone who has been eagerly waiting. Enjoy~
>> No. 45910
Chrome picked it up a malicious. Probably a FP.
>> No. 45913
It's showing as malicious because it's a completely unidentified .exe from an unknown and uncredited publisher. I made the game, and even my system still tells me that it's evil. That's the problem with modern virus detection systems; it flag anything that could 'potentially' harm your system even if it wont.
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