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No. 39804
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  Hello people of Ponychan. First let me start by saying that this game WILL NOT be using Desktop Ponies as the sprites. Those are just placeholder until I get my new hi-resolution images made.

I am currently working on a game completely from scratch. It is being written from java and it will NOT have anything made in Microsoft Paint or any other half-assed content on here. I have some really good artists who are going to be making my own custom high-resolution images to appear just like from the show.

Now that that all is out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about my game. This is going to be a platformer adventure game with fighting, storyline, loot and other goodies, multiplayer, and a survival mode (both multiplayer and singleplayer).

The multiplayer will allow you to pick from one of the mane 6 or any other special ponies to play in competitive PvP in an arena style setting or cooperative PvE in a survival style setting.

The singleplayer will allow both the story and the survival modes.

The enemies in this game will range from parasprites to diamond dogs and even changelings. Basically anything that has appeared in the show so far. There will be some old-school style boss fights against bosses like Discord, Nightmare Moon, and even some more surprises that I have planned out.

The multiplayer will have a central server hosted on my VPS which will allow people to join and create games at will easily without having to tell people their IPs.

In this video, you see the player moving around but since the camera is currently following the player on the X axis, it appears as the character doesn't move left or right but the NPCs do. The Y axis will not have to follow the player as this is going to be a platform style game.

tl;dr, If I were to make a complete game from scratch that is a platformer fighting adventure game with both story and survival singleplayer and arena and survival multiplayer, as long as all content is made for this game and not using assets that weren't (like Desktop Ponies, which is only placeholder for now), would people find interest in such a game?
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>> No. 39805
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My video did not show up in the OP, so I'm linking it here.
>> No. 39811
> Those are just placeholder

Those are fighting words around here, dudebro.
>> No. 39812
My problem right here is that I'm not an artist. I'm going to get one, I just wanted to see what people thought of the ideas.
>> No. 39818

In general, "Idea Guys" or "Desktop Ponies as placeholder sprites" are two phrases that automatically makes people hate you to death forever around here. Don't use them.

A thread used to introduce ideas is just that, words tossed to the wind and they pop out here all the time so people is tired and just doesn't want to put with them anymore.

Try getting some e-friends to help you with this project and you try practicing some art skills so you could do something on your own as well, then try again.

You will get much better answers that way.
>> No. 39827

Then I guess people don't get the point. I have written an entire engine from scratch that is starting to come together and is functional, and I'm not an artist.
>> No. 39849
Then what, pray tell, is your point? You come here asking if people would be interested in

>a complete game [...] that is a platformer fighting adventure game with both story and survival singleplayer and arena and survival multiplayer

and the obvious answer is yes! If you and your trusty team of really good artist make that thing happen and it happens to be good then people will probably play it! Now I have no idea *if* it's going to be good, that's out of my control, but it sounds unbelievably promising in theory.

All we're shown at the moment is a really good idea(TM) and this "entire engine you've written from scratch", which is desktop ponies moving from left to right and looks like something I'd throw together within 5 minutes of messing around in BASIC. Do you expect praise? Hype? That's just not going to happen at this point.

Get those high res graphics from those artists, make your game be an actual game and announce it again when there's something to announce besides "Hey guys, what would be if...?"
Because right now people are unable to get excited, no matter how hard they or you try.
>> No. 39852

Ah, right. "Idea Guys", "Desktop Ponies as placeholder sprites" and "CODE GUYS"

The ultimate Triumvirate of Fail, followed by the RpgMaker/GameMaker combo of Shame.

Yeah, less hype and more work *before* opening a thread here would do a world of wonders for new people, and we wouldn't see so many threads sumed up as "My game will be the best game ever as soon you guys do all the work while I sit here doing nothing!"

Honestly, the guidelines for /collab/ are pinned on plain sight and still nopony pays attention to them. -_-U
>> No. 39854
You think you can make a good game in BASIC?
Did you seriously just say that.

He is making this in Java, which means he has to code the logic that loads the images, processes them, and displays them properly. He has to create the windows, bind the functionality, and do all of that, before he can start moving sprites around. I've done this from scratch before, it took me quite a bit of time, and that was relying on Swing to display the graphics for me.

May I ask, what is your coding experience to make such claims? Software and Game design is extremely complicated, and unless you have experience in the underpinnings, I highly doubt you know exactly what has to be done.


And code guys are a fail, huh? So I'm assuming that my project for PonyCraft is just a fail too...

Seriously guys, if you don't want to take part in a project, you have every right to IGNORE THE THREAD. You don't have to harass the person, you don't have to shoot them down.

If you don't want to participate, then DON'T. The project will die on it's own if it's meant too.

But from the looks of it, unless you have a full team of artists, any project brought here is doomed to fail, huh? I'm disappointed in how you guys are treating people.

We are all people here, and quite a few of us have projects. Most of us are trying on our projects, and those who aren't trying will fail. Harassing people and their projects is not only disrespectful, but it doesn't get anything accomplished. The only time there should be an issue is when somepony is non-stop patronizing people for help, and then there is a problem and something should be done.

If you are going to make posts on a project, make the posts relevant, otherwise let the project do it's own thing, and if it's the case, it will die on it's own. I'm really sick of seeing people getting bombed by naysayers, it's really disheartening.
>> No. 39860

Nopony is attracted to a game because of it's bare code.

The quality of the graphics, music and original storylines is what gets people drawn to them, and while a good code (aka, good and precise control, decent boxes and an engine that doesn't crashes every minute) is important indeed, a pretentious or overagressive Code Guy can easily be kicked out and replaced, but if Code Guy pisses off his collaborators and they ditch him, his entire game project is destroyed for good.

Even more, if Code Guy's team decide to ditch him because they can't stomach his unwarranted self importance anymore, they can easily recruit another Code Guy (they are everywhere, after all) and recreate the original game, or use their material and create a different one without breaking a sweat.

So yeah, Code Guys are, and always will be bottom tier, while artists, such as music composers, illustrators or pixellators are, and alwas will be God tier.
>> No. 39861

You have the wrong attitude, anypony in a team can be replaced. The same effects if you replace an artist happen if you replace a coder.
No one, in a team is god, you are only as good as your weakest member, whether that member is an artist or a coder. Code is as just as important as art, good art doesn't save bad code, and it never has. Just the same way, people don't play a game solely because of it's art either.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as harsh, but the previous replies really frustrate me. This is not how a community is supposed to conduct itself, semantics of team structure aside.
>> No. 39862
Let me correct myself, some people do play a game solely because of it's art, but bad coding will quickly turn those players away.
>> No. 39863
I completely agree with semicolon.

Without an artist, you have an ugly game. Without a coder, you have *no* game.

It needs to be put to bed right now that coders are second class game developers. They get paid better, are harder to find, harder to train, and harder to keep. And when a programmer leaves a team, it can be devastating if proper measures weren't already in place. Not saying they're better, but they do carry a significant brunt of the development on their shoulders.

I don't get where all the negativity comes from. Why do people here have such a problem with this stuff?
>> No. 39864
> I don't get where all the negativity comes from. Why do people here have such a problem with this stuff?

Because the average Code Guy thinks of himself as God's gift to mankind and constantrly uses hyperbole and antilogic to compare himself with professional game developers, which is the dumbest thing ever. On top of that, they tend to have paper-thin feelings and as soon they feel threatened, they start attacking people and desperately make delusional claims about being important and irreplaceable.

Don't get me wrong, coding isn't an easy task. It's a long, boring and very tedious task, where you must constantly check what are you doing to avoid causing problems in the game's core, but (and this is the important part) since coding is a mechanical task, it can be learned by anypony.

You don't need talent to become a good coder, all what you need is a couple of evenings of practice to get a decently working code, and with enough mechanical practice, you can make great stuff. That's why Code Guys can easily be replaced, all what you need is enough free time and patience to program great stuff.

Then we have the artists, who are very scarce, since you need to have talent to become one. Lack of talent can be partially replaced by working harder on your skills, but there's a limit on what you can compensate with hard work, and that's what makes the difference between a guy who draws/makes music and a true artist. That's why artists are irreplaceable, you either are an artist or aren't, and polishing somepony's artistic skills takes years instead of a few evenings.

I can understand if you Code Guys feel frustrated, but there's a reason for why people like you are always looking (sometimes even begging) for some volunteers to do what you aren't capable of.

Unless you are talking about solo projects (such as Spike's Quest, where the code guy is also the art guy) a project can perfectly survive if the coder is kicked out and replaced with a new one, but if the artists decide to quit, they can take their art with them (it's their right) and the coder is forced to start all over again.

And once again, if the coder's obnoxious's atitude is what made the artists quit, then good luck trying to find other people willing to give their time and effort to a guy who thinks he's better than the people he begged to lend him a hand.
>> No. 39865
OP came here not to look for members but to showcase the current state of his project and to hear peoples' opinion about it. And let me be frank, even though some of you consider it "disrespecting" as crap; all I see is a big pile of nothingness on top of a waaaay to ambitious goal which I personally don't think will ever even start to get finished. That's not disrespect but the opinion OP inquired for.
It's not like I could choose whether or not to be excited about what we're shown in here. If he's looking for attention it's his job to prove people otherwise, not mine to sweet talk what he showcased.

Apart from that I completely agree that it's kind of weird how "code guys" are considered bottom tier around here. I never quite understood that either. there's shitloads of "artists" too. but that really isn't the reason why people aren't hyped about this thread.

Pah, "talent". There are people who like to spend their free time drawing pictures and there are people who spend their free time programming. It's not like you're born with either skill, it's just that the average artist is objectively better at his craft than the average "code guy" at his', seeing how coding is a hobby you usually take on later in life, and as such the caps are lower. But artists tend to have this habit of being hypocrite jerks when they act like art is a magical talent you can't simply learn like any other skill. It's just a matter of motivation. You'll not find anypony who eventually thought that he should become an artist and voila, he was able to draw because luckily he was born with the talent. Hah.
>> No. 39867
>Pah, "talent"

Having talent but not wanting to practice because "you have talent" will take you nowhere, I can agree with you on that part.

However, a hardworking person with talent will get better results than a hardworking person w/o any talent. Keyword here: "hardworking".

And the reason for why code guys are (generally) considered as jerks here is because much as you said, they tend to come here to hype out a big pile of nothing that defend to death as the most unique and awesome game ever, and they go full agressive when people points out that no, that's not awesome, it's just a big pile of nothing.

Think of a guy carrying around a large, hi-quality canvas, claiming it will be the best work of art ever seen... as soon he could find somepony to draw and paint on it for him: that's your average Code Guy.

Take a look at old threads and you will notice the same pattern repeating over and over again: Code Guys coming here to announce their masterpiece and then getting all angry because nopony was impressed with their CODE, and neither wanted to provide them with sounds and graphics, because they aren't artists so it's ponychan's obligation to help them out.

It's an annoying cycle that Code Guys continue perpetuating over and over with no end on sight.
>> No. 39878
I agree that coders aren't entitled to artists, and we shouldn't act like it. I try not to, but what do you want me to do? You act like coders should just learn their place and stop asking for help. How do we start projects then, or are we not allowed? I can't ask any of my artistic friends because it's still a bit embarrassing to be a brony (at least within my friends) and none of them are bronies.
I can't afford to hire professionals, and personally I'm willing to pay people if they want to draw art for money, but still, the hope is that if we have a good idea, people will WANT to be a part of the project. People will want to help, and see something come to fruition. But then again, I'm young, naive, and still in college. Hardly an accurate and worldly view I have.
That is the fundamental problem. A lot of these coders don't play nicely together, and I can understand that, but it makes it hard to form a team, and with the shortage of artists, it makes it even harder.

And coding is much harder than you think, in my opinion. Anypony can hobble together a program, given time, but it takes skill to do a program that works well. I've been doing coding for almost 10 years now, and I'm still learning. To think that you can figure this out in a week, sure you can get the basics. But you aren't going to be making good programs. I'm a Computer Science teaching assistant at my university. I see 2nd year CS majors that struggle with basic concepts of syntax and algorithm design and data structures. Game design is infinitely more complex that basic data structures, and unless somepony is holding your hand the entire way, you will die long before the end, and even if somepony is holding your hand, you'll have to suffer the inefficiencies and limitations of that crutch. I believe it simply won't work.

I envy you artists, I really do. Not a day goes by that I don't see your accomplishments and feel quite frankly, inadequate that all I am capable of is Computer Science. Perhaps I could learn, but everytime I pick up a pen and try to draw, I can never get it to the level I want to, and lose all faith in myself. You have to understand, some of us are desperately jealous of you guys, and would kill for what you have, but just don't have the right personalities for it. But regardless I still love the field of CS and I will try to do whatever I can to contribute, even if it makes hobbling some ugly game by myself, and giving the users the opportunity to do what they want and add their own graphics, which is what I am doing.

It's insane people that have big ideas that actually can make them happen sometimes, and when it comes down to us, sometimes we just need to fail and realize the reality.

I don't think most REAL coders are as obnoxious as you think they are (and I mean coders who aren't elitist, I find elitist coders aren't typically good at what they do), or at least I try not to. But there is only so much you can do, and to have people shoot you down... Personally, it wouldn't sit well with me. I suppose I'm lucky, people don't seem to hate what I'm trying to do, and have been helpful in pushing me along, and I'm willing to do it myself if I have to. And for that I empathize with devs like Shutterfly, and I'll defend them. I'm rambling, and please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to attack anypony, just explaining how i see this situation.
>> No. 39880
>I agree that coders aren't entitled to artists, and we shouldn't act like it. I try not to, but what do you want me to do?

You could start by accepting the idea that you can't have your pie & eat it too.

Yes, coders are important, you can't make a game without the base code. But like it or not, you must accept that good artists are very scarce, while coders can be found anywhere by a dime the dozen.

You can rage, play victim and type all the walls of text you want, but at the end of the day, coders are still second banana compared with artists- that's why it's very rare to see an artist looking for coders, while code guys always come here to beg and supplicate for somepony to do the things they are utterly uncapable to do.

And despite begging for other people's charity and compassion, the average code guy still demands to be treated with even more respect that the artists, and will resort to anything to try to convince others (and themselves) of this.

The artist creates new material, the code guy goes around begging for loose change so he could "create" "his" game.

If you still cannot understand, is because you are desperately -refusing- to understand.
>> No. 39881

No, you don't get it. I DO understand where you are coming from. I completely do.
I'm not just spitting words out of my ass, you know.

>But like it or not, you must accept that good artists are very scarce, while coders can be found anywhere by a dime the dozen.

I agree, except that I argue that good coders are rare as well. It's just harder to tell because everything is going on under the hood. That's what I'm trying to say. They have the same learning curve, except it's just harder to tell unless you are there under the hood.
I could look at the source code of a coder and almost immediately tell you whether it was good or not and whether the coder knew what he was doing, the same way an artist can look at a piece of art and know if the artist knew what he was doing.

I'm trying to see you eye to eye, but you have to see things from my perspective as well, which insofar you have proven reluctant to do. I have seen it from your perspective, and I agree for the most part, and a lot of coders can be pains in the ass, but if you look at it from my point of view, you'll see that both sides of the field aren't really that different, it's just working in a different source area.

Disagree with me all you want, as you have every right to believe whatever you want to, but know I mean no fight with you, I mean no ill will on artists. I'm just trying to show you that you are not special, just like I am not special. Nothing that anypony does here is really THAT special. So we need to stop treating it that way and stop being elitist about our fields.
>> No. 39882
And you must admit, it is also because most artists aren't doing game art, while most coders are doing game. There is a bit of a disparity in that respect as well, and I don't blame the artists for that either.
That's why there is the disparity between artists looking for games and vice versa. Macroeconomics right here, hah.
>> No. 39884

You know, I decided to stop by and see what was going on.

I forced myself to read your posts, and the other codeguy posts too. It wasn't a pleaseant experience.

Basically, they all reminded me of the class's fat kid who's always crying and throwing a tantrum because he's always picked the last.
You are not a coder, you are just a guy calling yourself a coder. You surely have a grasp at the coding concept, but so I do about football, yet I don't compare myself with a pro player, much less I ask pros to "please understand" so I could hang around with them and feel like I belong there.

Take a look at Pony Kart, that project has changed coders and staff more times that I change socks on a humid day and yet the project remains, in fact it turned out much better than it's original concept (ponies running) after the change of original coders and members.
>> No. 39885

You are right, I'm not a coder. I'm technically a Computer Science theorist, and my focus is algorithmic design and computational logic. Coding is just my job I do during the school year (I program applications for my school) and during the summer it is a hobby. I'm still in university, and I'd rather be a professor / researcher than a professional coder anyways.

I'm not responding to your ad hominem and strawman arguments. If you want a response, which I'm sure you don't care about, you'll need cogent logic and less personal attacks.

And I don't know where from this conversation you gleaned anything about my coding skills, since I never mentioned them, but by all means, believe what you want. Certainly, if I am not a coder, it says a lot about my peers, given my experiences at university.
>> No. 39888
But perhaps you are right. Perhaps I am a terrible coder. It wouldn't be the first time i've felt like that. I'd like to believe that the last 10 years of my life I've spent coding haven't been a waste though.
>> No. 39894
File 134017199263.jpg - (53.30KB , 1000x561 , mlfw2375_large.jpg )

Stop doing that.

Smugness and passive agressive insults will take you nowhere, and if you feel so affected by what strangers on the internet think about you, then yes, the last decade of your life was a waste indeed.

Otherwise your resume and industry contacts would speak by themselves, and if you expected to impress me by menctioning over and over again your college education and a decade of experience, then you got the opposite effect.

Basically you just told everypony that you are an old guy posting late at night on a My Little Pony board, getting all riled up and trying to oneup a guy who could be his son.. Oops.
>> No. 39895
Lol, I said several times I'm in university. I'm probably around your age. Stop inferring things. I started coding at a young age, I didn't have better things to do with my life.

The second post wasn't passive aggressive, it was serious, I'm not a confident coder because I know based on past experience that holding excessive stock in ones' abilities is almost always a bad thing. So I hold little stock in my abilities and try to prove it to myself.

You're really taking my comments the wrong way. It has ceased being frustrating and is now amusing actually.

Please, keep telling me how much you know about me so I can keep being amused by how wrong you are.
>> No. 39896

Sorry about what happened on your thread. I suppose I let aparasprite get the better of me and things got a bit carried away.

Let me just get ahead of myself and apologize for my own immaturity and shortsightedness in this whole debacle / fiasco. I think I'll return back to my own corner now, I've definitely overstayed my welcome here.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the massive amount of threadjacking and asshattery here. I let my naivety get the better of me. By all means, ignore what everypony has said and continue work on your project. I think everything that can be said, has been said, and then some. This entire thing was quite a bit unnecessary, and I can't help but take most of the blame. I instigated this and fed theparasprites. Mea culpa (though at this point I'm sure that means little)
>> No. 39899
File 134017930820.png - (169.53KB , 640x640 , I like this thread.png )
>platformer fighting adventure game with both story and survival singleplayer and arena and survival multiplayer

That's waaay too many ands, stick with the platformer fighting adventure game, that's three games in one already.

>would people find interest in such a game

With mods? I'm in.
>> No. 39936
>Those are just placeholder
>Those are fighting words around here

Umm.. no they aren't. They shouldn't be anyway. I don't know why you would even say that.

Showing a game with boxes moving around is more useful to me than a pretty screenshot with nothing moving (granted I don't quite understand what this game actually is yet, but the fact it's even got ANYTHING in the form of a youtube video is far more than most projects you see on here).


OP, anon does not speak for me, at least. I'd much prefer to see a semi-functional game with boxes/circles/desktop pony sprites than a pretty illustration. And this is from the guy who likes to draw pretty illustrations and effects for fighting is magic.

I'd like to know an example of what you actually intend to DO in the game. The youtube just shows me (after reading your comment about the camera) that it might be a sort of combatty type platformer. Is it something like King Arthur's Gold? ?

If so then yeah it would be interesting. Start small!
>> No. 39940

I think the problem is that people is simply tired of seeing games that are nothing but Desktop Ponies sprites running on platforms made with Paint's shape tool, and because let's be frank: the sprites used as placeholders end up staying forever.

Personally I would take a fangame made with ugly, but original sprites rather than watching people releasing what's basically the same game over and over again.

It's all in the presentation, and original sprites, no matter if they are ugly or not, denotes a person who decided to run the extra mile instead of taking the fastest and easiest route.
>> No. 39942
I guess I just don't care. If they are here looking for art, and you expect them to have their own art, but they can't do that until they get an artist, then they come here to get one, then they get told to get some art first.. etc etc etc.

if it ends up using desktop pony sprites forever then.. who cares? no one will like it. They are only hurting themselves, but I dunno how they are supposed to get people interested in the game without some gameplay. And if you think that everypony can draw a little bit, even coders, then you really need to see some of the programmer art that I've seen.. It's literally not worth the effort when they can just use desktop pony placeholders.

Anyway, I didn't think that was a automatic "bad thread" indicator, at all.
>> No. 39943

Yes, but put yourself on other people's place for a while: you suddenly see a new thread announcing a game that promises to be new and original, but when you check it out, it turns to be just another quick Desktop Ponies copy/paste job.

It gets old really fast, and it's quite frustrating, just like being asked to review somepony's webcomic and discovering it's just another of those Sonic sprite comics.

In fact, if you check around this board, you will find out that the best games here are precisely the ones that didn't used Desktop Ponies.
>> No. 39945
This whole board has become ridiculously whiney in the last few months. This is not a bad thread at all. If the game is bad and ends up being bad then it will die. It really doesn't need the level of naysaying that it's getting.

Compared to the really bad threads of "Hey guys I got this idea, it's a super ambitious project and I haven't done anything but it's a good idea, ps, it's my idea but I need everypony to make it work!".

This not even asking us to be the personal army, it's asking us if it's something of interest. It's not a great thread, but that's because of all this useless stuff. I don't even think the OP has replied in it apart from being quite polite and restating his postion.
>> No. 39946

I am not attacking this thread or comparing it with the super lazy people you menctioned out. I just saw you asking why Desktop Ponies are frowned down, and I gave you what I think is the correct answer.

The sprites by themselves aren't bad, but the way as they have been abused for so long, now -that- is bad.

Same as the use of the word "placeholder" as it means the game's sprites will eventually be replaced by new, original sprites made by... who?
That's the other problem, people just assumes somepony will appear and create custom graphics for a guy that nopony had seen before, and sometimes they even get angry because the community isn't helping them out as they expected.

You claim that this place has been getting more and more whiney, and that's true. We have people too overdefensive, and we have people way too agressive.

Overdefensive people are annoying because frankly, they only come here looking for attention and free helpers, if you comment on their project's flaws or annoying personality, they immediately throw a tantrum and everypony gets mad. A pinned thread with useful guidelines was placed here to help them out, but they seem to ignore it on purpose because well, following the guides means extra effort.

And agressive people are annoying because well, they are agressive jerks. They overblow things out of proportion and jump to everypony's throats just for the sake of derailing threads or insulting people. The Mods kick them out now on them but they never learn because well, they are jerks.

This board was more peaceful months ago because well, months ago those annoying people hadn't discovered it, or the idea that Ponychan was a magical place where you could get instant fame and instant freebies still wasn't imprinted on the newcomer's minds.
>> No. 39948
If you'd like, I can compose music for the game! examples of my work are below:

I've also had prior experience with making music for other game companies developing iOS/Android applications!
If you're interested, just let me know!
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