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Hi guys! (Sorry if there are some typos. Me no gud with engrish)

I'm bringing to you a proyect that was supposed to be a "secret", but i've decided, that i'll just keep it away from the other boards.

So, i'm seeing a lot of MLP fangames in development, and most of them are really great ideas (at least in my opinion), but i want to do something different...

You see, many of the proyects have a pony (or many) as a main character, but i think it'll be a good idea if somepony could make a videogame about the creator of the show itself!. I already posted something like this in /oat/, but only as supposition.

And yes! That's right: I will make a fangame of MLP, but the player will be Lauren Faust!

The Story so far:

After a forced quit from her job, Lauren decided to focus on her next project and put aside her problems with Hasbro.
Unfortunately, her rest is interrupted by the strange and alarming disappearance of several cartoons in which Lauren has worked. She's a bit desperate about it, but she can't come out with sensible ideas for a solution.
The straw that broke the camel was the kidnapping of Craig McCracken, and the 6 main MLP ponies, from a mysterious person who claims to be an entity sent by Bryan Goldner (Head of Hasbro, if you didn't know).
Lauren begins to feel the anger running through her, and she decides to put a stop to his enemies.
Armed with a metallic rod, a few bombs, and any food she can find, Lauren infiltrates Cartoon Network studios and uses one of their main computers to enter forcibly into the dimensions of the cartoons in danger.
She must free her ponies, rescue Craig, and kick the motherbucking flank of whoever is tearing her life apart!


Since i want some kind of realistic movement, i'd like to make something like Ghost's n' Goblins (but not THAT hard) and Ardy Lightfoot (but with less bugs).

I only got Lauren's sprites, and they are really simple.

I just want to know if anypony can help me out with the story, maybe some sprites, and whatnot.

The game is being made in Multimedia fusion.

Also, what do you think of the proyect?

>Pic related; the Lauren sprites so far. Spoilered just in case. Do not misuse them please, if you know what i mean.
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>> No. 39869
On a side note:

I'm accepting ideas!
>> No. 39875
Umm... shameless self bump?
>> No. 39876
Maybe take a Kingdom Hearts approach to it? Where the main boss is a standard enemy in the show (ex. Goto Townsville to save PPG's and main boss is Mojo Jojo). I love this idea though.
>> No. 39879
Make a platform game where Lauren Faust goes through Hasbro's HQ to defeat stupid execs and finally rescue her original scripts for MLP cartoon.
Then she must escape and deliver them to Studio B's HQ so they could produce the correct episodes, but WATCH OUT! Because Hasbro's evil execs will try to stop her so they could deliver their stupid, G3-lookalike ideas to Studio B HQ before she could arrive there.
>> No. 39883
I like this idea, but it sounds more like a minigame thing to me... (it's just my opinion)
>> No. 39898
Concept dun matter (That greatly).
It's all about execution, my friend.
>> No. 39947
File 134025572335.jpg - (50.38KB , 299x288 , 133593734578.jpg )
What do you mean?
>> No. 39949

I think he's saying that it doesn't matter if Faust is fighting zombie hoards with a toothpick, as long as it turns out a great game.

I think my last post was a bit hard to understand though.

>Multiple levels
>Each level is a different cartoon
>Boss is a main enemy in the show
>> No. 39952
File 134027708077.png - (62.36KB , 323x318 , mlfw2633-Pinkie_face.png )

Yep, pretty much that.
>> No. 39963
I did understand it, and yes, i think that is a good idea...

Now... i have way too many problems with who can be the final boss (I don't want it to be Bryan Goldner, but instead somepony or something controlling him or the company itself)
>> No. 39966

The final boss can be a mutant Cartoon Network/Hasbro logo.
>> No. 39971
I actually like that.
>> No. 41650
>read the description
>click the OP pic
HAHAHAHAH damn, I'd play that. Awesome.
>> No. 41713
I am not bad doing pixel graphics maybe I can help...

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