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Hello everypony!

I've recently started a choose-your-own-adventure style ask blog centered around the plot of Skyrim reenacted by your favorite MLP:FIM characters.

I am looking for any artists that would be interested in being the illustrators for this blog, because while I'm confident in my storytelling skills, having pictures makes everything more interesting!

What this would entail:

You would need to be able to make detailed and interesting pictures of a scene either based on anything from a single paragraph to several.

I'd like to be able to release updates on a weekly basis (But I certainly won't pressure you with deadlines, just something to keep in mind)

Ideally, I'd like to have multiple artists all have the opportunity to combine their talents and styles, so being able to work well with others is a huge plus.

Feel free to contact me via email if you're interested in joining. For more information about the blog itself, you can check it out here:
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>> No. 39873
I think you ask too much.

Read your own post, you want people to draw you great art at a weekly basis?
Great stuff takes a long time to complete, so try lowering your standards a bit and maybe you will get people willing to do this for you.
>> No. 39874
File 134015875037.png - (195.92KB , 791x1009 , skyrim_ponies___twilight_dragon_priestess_sparkle_by_navitaserussirus-d4rkka5.png )
Apologies, I think I worded that poorly.
I am personally not an artist, but I realize that everypony works at their own pace, which is why I made a random guess at the IDEAL time I'd like to release updates.

What I meant was that I'd like to have multiple artists to work on this with me (Again, ideally), so that everypony has a chance to work at their own pace without leaving followers waiting too long and have something to look forward to and expect.

Again, I want to stress that the time thing was a random guess at the ideal situation, and that anypony who might be interested can take all the time they need (Within reason of course. I'd like at least one a year, heh.)
>> No. 39886

How about if you use HQ screenshoots from the cartoon for background art, and vector art taken from Deviantart (Asking permission and crediting the original artist, of course) for the characters?

I've seen lots of people doing awesome stuff that way.
>> No. 39887
Yes, that's a possibility. But I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. While the art will be good at that point, It would have to be just right to fit the situation, and hopefully not just look like it was pasted there on a new background.
>> No. 39890

While it's not the ideal thing, it would help you to get a more uniform visual style through your narration~ remember that every person uses a different style to draw, and if you use several illustrators on this project, the visuals will jump around a lot.
>> No. 39891
Yes, that's actually what I'm hoping for. I want the illustrators to get recognized for their work and unique style. Since it's all still ponies, I'm confident that they will be close enough together to not clash visually, and give the distinct flair so a viewer can say "Oh look, so-and-so illustrated today's update!"
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