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Hello, I'm Kardien Lupus. I'm director of a MLP : FIM and starcraft 2 WoL Crossover Project.

I feel glad that I post Famous Ponychan where many of bronies are gathering. The Project Team already gathered important members. Team need Line art artists to start first step.

I write project detail below; and, make note about our first step of Project. Please read this and join the Project. Also, Please tell me if this post has some problem with rule; I'm new to here.

Project will be 20 minutes story for each episodes; 25 more episodes to make complete story. I’m writer and director but not drawer. The Project needs 60-80 line arts for 1 episode. Team need 4-6 or more line art artists and 2 or more basic line coloring-but not full coloring- or basic coloring artists; a lot of very confidence voice actors; 1 or 2 video editors for sound mixing and subtitles; and 1 concept director and assistant director, who keep My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic’s direction and feeling into CrossOver Project PonyCraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty.

Entire Detail and Project of Project is here :
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File 134016979974.png - (2.13MB , 1920x1080 , Ponycraft WallPaper remake by Antik9797 in Deviantart.png )
We aim large project; start it from Small Part.

First Step.

[Project need line art drawers urgently. Project aim basic line drawing; you can join project if you can make line art drawing and have passion of Ponies. Think about Project team’s story become popular among bronies; and. change community.]

My first movement as director is making preview video before team start to make actual episode. I want team ponified Starcraft 2 trailer first as a promotion of project. Starcraft 2 trailer The Deal has 3 minutes lengths. Project needs 24 picture and few voice actors. Starcraft 2 Trailer the deal Link :

Preview video need 1 or 2 video/sound editor for making caption and project logo in Ponified trailer; voice actors for Princess Celestia, Applejack and adjutant-colt/male voice/warm tone but little bit indifferent like machine because Pony is maternal society; adjutant is needed to be colt unlike terrain; 1 or 2 line art artist; and, 1 line coloring artist. Please, send mail to Project Team while I make 100% Ponified trailer script.
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