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39981 No. 39981
This here is for the discussion for the competitions and any other aspects of the Summer Funimation Project. We'll be posting updates as well as answer any questions people may have if they prefer to know who they're speaking to, or if they want to use this over asking through tumblr.

Our Tumblr:
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>> No. 39999
File 134041776810.png - (310.82KB , 1650x1275 , storyboard-example2.png )
So the Storyboard contest has been announced!

Check it out; let us know if you have any questions.
>> No. 40000
Do we know the plot yet?
>> No. 40003
What do I write for "Episode"?
Please explain "timing."
>> No. 40010
File 134042895502.png - (293.70KB , 830x467 , 830px-Diamond_Tiara_enforcing_her_rule_S2E23.png )
First, let me post a slightly streamlined set of instructions for this contest, then I'll answer individual questions.
>> No. 40015
File 134043083782.gif - (1.03MB , 600x600 , 104867 - animated artist:The_Weaver computer pony_love_computer twilight_sparkle Typing.gif )

We are choosing the screenplay this weekend. But we're probably going to wait until the end of the storyboard contest before we announce it and runners up.

Part of the delay will be contacting some of the runners up and asking them for loglines (plot summary) for the announcement. We also have to ask them kindly to hold on to their scripts (not release it on fimfiction, etc.) until the project moves to the animation phase.

Why? Because if the relationship with our winning screenwriter falls apart during our revision sessions between now and the announcement, we need to have backup scripts to fall back on for when we bring in the winner of the storyboarding contest.
>> No. 40016
File 134043160136.png - (256.78KB , 1176x1280 , huh_sweetie_belle.png )
Write "Sample Script" for the Episode.
(It doesn't matter, really, call it "Ladle Antics" if you want.)

As for the "Timing" box, here's the long answer:

Short answer? For describing camera motion, how long to hold a pause, or any other details that aren't obvious from the picture itself or from the action box.

Keep in mind that each panel doesn't represent some fixed amount of screen time. You move to the next panel when something changes or a new line of dialog is spoken. So the timing box can provide more info about how one panel flows into the next if it isn't obvious from the other notes or annotations.
>> No. 40025
And if we've submitted a script entry and received no response by now, I take it we don't have to sit on it, correct?
>> No. 40026
No, you don't have to.
>> No. 40030
So wait, what's the prize for winning this? You get to work on a fan animation?
>> No. 40031
The project was created as a way to engage the community and get them involved in the creative process of making an animated short. Because of its animated roots, it'll only be fair if we tapped into the talent pool from the actual community surrounding My Little Pony. This is why we're doing two competitions, one to tap into the writers and the other to engage the artist.

The winners will be working with us. We went with the competition instead of a traditional application/search process for the very reason mentioned above, to harness the creative potential of the community.
>> No. 40033
I opened the script, though it wont show up, just comes up with google dox but a blank page.
>> No. 40034
File 134048187392.png - (10.18KB , 480x387 , 35872 - Bad_Joke_Face artist:The_Weaver colored pinkie_pie.png )
>>40033 You have to sign in for that one. Try this one instead:
>> No. 40051
I have a couple of questions.

What happens if we use up all 30 panels before we get to the end of the script? I'm on panel 24, but I'm only just at the bit where Dash "returns with something that clearly isn't a ladle".

And on the off-chance that you pick mine, I'm going to be away from a computer between the 9th and the 21st July - would that be a problem?
>> No. 40063
File 134056520655.jpg - (100.29KB , 700x700 , oatmealed_by_kloudmutt-d37nfbx.jpg )
Don't worry about it, we had some conversations about it and we're thinking these numbers are just something to shoot for. And we could be totally off because we didn't get a chance to let Ashley or anypony else try to do the whole page before the announcement.

We won't turn away an entry that's shorter or longer.

As to your not being around in late July, that might be a problem. Will you have time to do boards by hand while you're away?
>> No. 40064
File 134056612169.jpg - (51.62KB , 640x384 , 1.jpg )
Slightly updated instructions
The Summer Funimation Project (2012) Storyboarding Contest

The Screenwriting Contest phase of Summer Funimation is over. We’re up to our withers in screenplays that our fandom’s talented writers contributed, which were fantastic, so much so that we’re still deciding who to declare the winner.

We’re seriously impressed at the quality of the entries.

Our animators need a reference point to work from, that’s where storyboarding comes in. Storyboards allow us to plan the animation process shot by shot and refine them from there. This will help us make changes as they appear before anypony starts animating, where applying corrections is much more difficult.

To give everypony a fair chance we’ve devised to open this contest to all and are looking for up to two potential storyboard artists to fill up our ever growing roster.

Important Information!

You must use this page as your script reference for your storyboards:
Note: This page is not from any of the finalist's scripts, it was created for the contest. (We know it's repetitive and boring; we want you to punch it up a little, that's part of the challenge!)

We’re looking for the artist to display their ability to translate the provided page into a coherent beginning and end whilst preserving the show’s style. More importantly, we look at how you interpret the script and express your own creativity within these bounds.

Submissions don’t need to be colored, nor should they be very detailed. We are looking for your ability to visualize the story and breathe life into it.

If starting with pencils, please ink the important objects/subjects in each frame.

We'd prefer if your submission was longer than 12 panels (4 provided template pages) and shorter than 30 panels (10 provided template pages). Try your best to shoot for this level of detail.

If you scan your filled in templates from paper, please clean up the scans before you send them to us. Muddy or noisy submissions might not get the attention they deserve.

All entries must be in Zip’d PNG format. That is, take all your storyboard pages, make sure you save/export them to PNG format, then Zip up those files and send that to us. Stick to names like page1.png, page2.png, so that we can see them in order in a comic-book reader.

Maximum size limit of your Zip’d storyboards is 15MB. We don’t need them at 600 dpi, thanks!

Submit your work to [email protected]

Final date for storyboard submissions is July 6.

Be warned:If you win, we will be counting on you to do 8 or more times as many panels for the animation project, so be prepared to work hard!

Don’t submit if you can’t commit!

We would ask that you use the following storyboard template:
PNG Format:
PDF Format:

The talented Ashley Coulter has filled out one page as an example (see the second post's image in this thread).

For reference, here are some more storyboards from Zach Rich (
(You need to press CTRL+S to download the file to see it correctly)

The winners will be announced alongside the winners of the screenwriting competition at a tentative date.
>> No. 40067
Ok, well I'm gonna go back over the last two pages of mine then, because I finished the script, but kinda squeezed the last lines together to fit it into 30 panels.

And I might have boards if I take them with me to San Diego, and I draw mine by hand anyway, so I might be able to get some done, but I think I'm gonna be busy most of the time.
>> No. 40076
Glad to hear that, because there's NO way I'm going to be able to fit all I want to fit in 30 panels. I could if I had to, and strip it down to bare bones, but it would just greatly deplete the quality of the board IMO. :P

Then again, it would be a good study in fitting as much rich content as you can in a very short space, but unless that's what you're shooting for, I think everypony's creativity will be displayed much better if they have more room to work with. And certainly better if you're planning on doing rich animation. According to the great Sherm Cohen, the more panels the better in most cases, unless you want your characters to just stand there and talk with the same facial expression on the whole time. Most boards will have at least one or two panels for just one short line of dialogue.
>> No. 40093
The max cap was propsed, but I for one am glad to see people going over it.
>> No. 40198
I'm not surprised people are going over it. If you look at Sibsy's examples, they're both around 80 panels for what is a relatively short stretch of script.
>> No. 40283
About how many submissions have you guys been getting so far?
>> No. 40302
I need to work on comics to keep my webcomic updated while I'm away during July, I've got stuff planned pretty much every day this week, I've got to sort out my university accomodation, and I've got to pack for America.

Long story short, I don't have time to finish my storyboard. Will you guys accept a mostly-finished-but-not-quite storyboard, or is it all-or-nothing?
>> No. 40347
If it's mostly finished, we'll still consider it. Try to "finish" as many of the more detailed panels as possible, so that we see your best examples post-cleanup. Good luck with the move!
>> No. 40348
File 134125949238.png - (268.66KB , 700x512 , twilight_drink.png )
Only a handful.
We expect them to all come in at the end of the contest because it can be a lot of work.
>> No. 40367
Unlike the screenwriting competition the winners will get experience and have the prospects of working on the team. While exciting for some who are interested in a career in animation and to get into the internal process of working in a highly creative field, it doesn't have the glamor of our previous competition which offers one of your stories to be made.

The upside to this is that those who do submit are more committed since they are serious in their want for experience (storyboards is a highly sought after extremely competitive field where its diffucult to fill your resume as one) and want to work in the industry. So while I do expect less entries overall the quality of those who do submit will be greater overall.
>> No. 40369
When it comes to submitting the submission, what do you mean by, "All entries must be in ""Zip’d"" PNG format. That is, take all your storyboard pages, make sure you save/export them to PNG format, then ""Zip up"" those files and send that to us."

(Q1.) I understand the part where the submission 'pages' must be save in a 'PNG' format, to get the highest quality possible. What I don't understand is the term 'Zip'. Are you referring to presenting the pages in one e-mail? What do you mean by 'Zip'?

(Q2.) When submitting the storyboard 'pages', is there anything else that needs to be included? (e.x. Name, phone number, descriptions of 'pages', notes, changes, suggestion, etc.)
>> No. 40371
.Zip is a compression format just like .Rar
You need a file compressor
>> No. 40379

Uh, stupid question (s): (Q 1.) What is a file compressor and how does it work?

And also, a Non-stupid question: I understand from this reply (((simply based on 'changes to dialogue'))), "If you had a suggestion about a change, put that in the “Notes” area on the panel where you think it’d be appropriate. But you have to ""faithfully illustrate the script as is"" in the panels, because that is what you’ll be expected to do for the real thing."

(Q 2.) Since in this case we are "to polish a horseapple of a script page," basically imagining the whole sequence as we see fit, as long as we faithfully keep the panels "on-script". Can we also insert a small gag within the one already established (Rainbow Dash's ignorance of kitchenware). The point being, since it is our job to make the script as "entertaining as possible," can we go the distance (make it as funny as possible by including small "bits" that do not take away or stray from the script)?

For example, in Ashley Coulter' sample page, she included small "bits" of action that are not within the script reference (i.e. Rarity's 'hoof' gestures that servers as a comedic action when RD returns with a pot instead of a ladle. Along with, 'there's a comedic pause' and 'Dash shrugs hopefully'). It seems like it 'WOULD' be okay to extend from it ((as far making it more entertaining that is)), but stating that "you have to ""faithfully illustrate the script as is"" in the panels" makes me feel cautious about how much needs to be 'milked' to make the script stand out.

Another stupid question:

(Q 3.) How do we keep the 'compressed submissions' from going over the 15MB limit? Since when scanning images blow up in size. Do we have to necessary 'shrink' each scanned page to meet the required size?
>> No. 40423
File 134142866288.png - (386.57KB , 796x657 , spike_DEAD tired.png )
Well, this is what I get for not paying attention, my best chance at contributing (writing) has passed. Well, I could try storyboarding, too, since I'm not a bad artist eithe--
>Final date for storyboard submissions is July 6
...sigh never mind. lol Good luck on the project, guys, and hope your first episode turns out awesomely!
>> No. 40443
File 134150338526.jpg - (789.44KB , 1000x1000 , summertime.jpg )

We're walking a fine line here.

On the one hand, we don't want the storyboard artist to rewrite the scenes for us.
On the other hand, we want them to provide input into the process, have room to stretch, provide a unique interpretation of the screenplay.

If you find yourself wanting to change something because it won't work or it can be better, you'd reconnect with the story editor and the writer first. We can't do that in a contest. So for those with concerns we invited comments in the notes section.

It'd be one thing to add an additional interaction, hand gestures, cuts, etc. it's another thing to add spoken lines.

Keep in mind we aren't judging the contest on script feedback. We're looking for strong examples of visual expression, pacing, directions for animation, etc.

As to your other question(s):
Clean up and resize down each page so that when you save it as a PNG file it's about 1MB or less. 300dpi is more than enough for judging. You use WinZip or StuffIt to take all those files and make one ZIP file out of it so it's easier to email. It probably won't make it smaller, but 15MB should be enough considering that each page inside shouldn't be big to begin with.

Go ahead and submit it anyway, even if it's late.
We may need extra hands and if your work is on par with the contest winners, we may still ask you to contribute if you are willing.

Unlike the screenplay contest, this is the start of an ongoing effort.
>> No. 40466
File 134160048669.png - (139.27KB , 360x426 , spike_let me write that down for my fic.png )
Sounds good to me! Working on it right now
>> No. 40470
File 134161393628.png - (136.06KB , 900x884 , sheepie_pie_by_chromadancer-d3hn3fg.png )
Sent mine in...hope you guys got it. I hope that the fact it's over twice the maximum file size doesn't stop you guys from reading it: considering it's quite a bit more than 10 pages long, it was virtually impossible for me to get it under 15mb without severely reducing the quality. :P

Definitely some things that I would like to change and make a lot funnier in the board, but it is a rough after all, and it was fun to make!
>> No. 40483
On the count of it being pictures and not words I'm sure we'll manage.
>> No. 40520
When are we gonna hear who's in?

It's just that I go on holiday at 5am tomorrow, which, given the time difference, is probably still today in some parts of America, so I need to know whether or not I need to print out a script and blank storyboards to take with me to do on the flight.
>> No. 40525
File 134173466232.gif - (41.03KB , 800x600 , 103675 - animated applejack artist:The_Weaver Christmas fluttershy party_hard pinkie_pie rainbow.gif )
I'll let you know personally if you're out or not after we have our meeting this evening. You'll know before Monday.
>> No. 40526
File 134173521733.jpg - (872.89KB , 3167x2033 , banana-nut-muffin.jpg )
Oh, sorry, I misunderstood when you needed the info. We won't have decided by that time, let alone assigned a script portion to the winners.

I wouldn't worry about it. Leave the storyboard templates at home. We still haven't decided how many winners there will be, nor how to split the script among the artists yet.
I would simply enjoy your vacation. If you win we'll make sure you have an appropriately sized workload upon your return.
>> No. 40658
I'm guessing you guys picked the winners already, so I gotta ask: how many people did you have applying, and how many did you choose to help?
>> No. 40678
We'll be announcing the winners of both competitions very soon. There will also be a few honorable mentions to those that didn't make it but got close.
>> No. 40887
Oh, dangit.

It took me until just now to realize that, considering the contest ended two weeks ago and the tumblr says that the winner(s) will be working through July, if we've never heard anything back then we obviously didn't win. Possibly didn't even get an honorable mention?

>> No. 40932
File 134283293501.png - (146.71KB , 1920x1080 , originalcolorbars1080.png )

The results and future planning thread is over here: >>40931
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