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>> No. 39993
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>> No. 40002
This sounds promising. What exactly is it that needs help again?
I think that is a cockatrice-they have serpent bodies but the head of a chicken or so.
>> No. 40009
So do basilisks, I think. I like to think of it as a very rare distant cousin of the cockatrice.

Right now, I have received promising interviews for pixel artists. Now I need some artists who can make backgrounds.
>> No. 40012
Hmm, I'll say that I am not very good at backgrounds. But I can say if all the lines are there, I can easily get the coloring done. But yeah...
I believe basilisks are only serpent.
>> No. 40013

I see, well, thank you for still stepping forward and offering your help. Although, I'm wondering if somepony can remake my Luna sprites. They can be done better IMO, I know since I made them. XS
>> No. 40020
Pixel artists (for the characters), background artists (either pixel or vector art is fine), brainstorming and fleshing out puzzles and story arc.

OP has covered the main story, voice acting, music, coding, and a good chunk of the art.


Damn it, OP. This story is super cool (Luna is my fav) and I like your approach to this. Now I wish I actually knew how to do digital art (I can barely manage traditional, and not very well D:). I wish you the best and I hope you manage to complete this project.

Also, yeah, that is a cockatrice. The basilisk is a serpent, if I remember my mythology right.

(That death scene made lol, but I'm loving that hint system already, and the immediate restore/restart/quit option!)
>> No. 40021
whoops, sorry. I kept trying to reply but I got an error message. I didn't realize that there were other replies ahead.
>> No. 40022

Yes, it is possible that you got it right. However, my sister designed what a basilisk looks like and, for her sake, I'm going to stick with the design. Thanks for voicing your concerns and kind words.
>> No. 40024
Mythology nerd to the rescue!

The fun thing is that Basilisks and Cockatrices are actually "related" according to myth.

From Wiki: "Stories of the basilisk show that it is not completely distinguished from the cockatrice. The basilisk is alleged to be hatched by a cockerel from the egg of a serpent or toad (the reverse of the cockatrice, which was hatched from a cockerel's "egg" incubated by a serpent or toad). In Medieval Europe, the description of the creature began taking on features from cockerels."

So having a cockatrice looking basilisk is fine, or if you want to keep the art but appease the D&D fans, remember Discord is always mixing things up and you could call it a "Triskalisk" - a silly sounding mishmash of both.

Glad to see the project still running!
>> No. 40028
File 134045272186.png - (9.38KB , 192x188 , Chaos Moon.png )
I have tried one sprite before of Chaos Moon. I would have to say I shouldn't be doing pixel art. I'll show what I did though.

As you can see, it is just wrong. Though it would be better if I gave an actual picture for comparison on why. Only if you want to see an old picture.
>> No. 40032
That's ok. Thanks for your support.
>> No. 40035
If you need anything, you can contact me here- I check it a lot so yeah.
>> No. 40041

This actually got me curious, so I started looking around, and yeah, both basilisk and cockatrices look virtually identical.

Not only that, but there are wildly different interpretations of what each should look like.

Calling it a basilisk should be fine.
>> No. 40042
Your Luna sprites are adorable. They look different than other sprites I've seen, but in a good way.
>> No. 40052

Thank you! That's very nice of you to say. I always found her animations to be a bit stiff.
>> No. 40069
File 134057804913.jpg - (655.35KB , 2212x1700 , castle.jpg )
I need some help. Can any here help make this sketch into a room in the game? I would be most grateful. I suck pretty badly at backgrounds.
>> No. 40070
WAY better then what I can do at least.
>> No. 40172
I keep trying to do it, but failing. I'm so sorry. Perhaps you can ask for help in other websites and communities too? This is such a cool project and I would love to see it completed.
>> No. 40174

Oh, heavens! That's ok! I'm flattered you did your best to help.

Don't worry. Worst case scenario is I make it myself. It will get done.
>> No. 40209
Can you tell me the colors? (sorry my english)
>> No. 40219
Hey, you should know, I approve of this project too.
Alas, I cannot be of any help.
>> No. 40220
Think I can start that concept art you asked me next week before I go to Texas for a few days.
But now is a bad time because my graphic driver is being updated and there goes my color settings x.x
>> No. 40252
File 134099048390.png - (496.53KB , 644x696 , canterlot caste exit.png )

The color concept is right here! Sorry for the late replies.
>> No. 40662
Does anyone have any progress on the concept art? I'm asking because a few people wanted to help out.
>> No. 41494
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  Here is a video describing the hour system and the Harmony Meter.
>> No. 41524
File 134493879048.png - (650.62KB , 2212x1700 , image2993.png )
Saw today nopony helps you I start working on it. You still want this background?
>> No. 41595
Yes, please!
>> No. 41598
I like your decisions regarding story important items and game items! I hate it when I make the game impossible to beat by not picking up or doing something on time and don't find out until hours later that I messed up. That's just cruel.

Good eye on not abusing the Harmony bars. That is honestly something I wouldn't have thought to check, so good catch!

As for number of secrets/things that make the bars fill, well, this is just me, but I think it depends on what you want to emphasize more: more story or more exploration?

If you want to emphasize more the exploration (the gaming itself), then, yeah, add more options or requirements to fill each bar; but if you want to give more possibilities to see more plot or more sides of the story, you could keep the number low (like, 5, like you said, for example), and then have different endings depending on which bars you filled and which ones you didn't.

For example, what if Luna is always honest, but not very kind or generous, and winds up making angry the wrong character? There is some potential for karmic endings there.

In both cases, there is potential to add more depth to Luna's characterization and to help the player get more immersed into the world of the game, but how you go about it is up to you and what kind of game you feel would be best in this case.

(And also consider which is more time consuming or harder to keep track of while you're writing the game, all these features of the game are very nice, but if you add too many things it could get distracting or slow down the progress and make you feel frustrated or like you did a lot of work for very little progress.)

Those graphics are very pretty, and I like how smooth everything looks while you browse menus and move around.
>> No. 41838

As time goes on and the more the game evolves, I will consider the ideas and suggestions from everyone and try and fit in what I can.
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