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Hey there everypony! The first episode of my new podcast, The Brony Bookclub, was just released. Here we have fanfic authors on as we discuss their work, recent updates to ongoing fanfics, and certain genres of fics and good examples of them. This first week I had Moon Shooter on, author of Sweetie's Mansion, and we discussed dark fics.

That is the page where you can find the first episode, as well as the email where we will read questions and comments sent to us. We will respect and respond to all queries and constructive criticism. I want nothing more than to make this a great podcast. Next week we'll be having my cohost join us for the first time, our guest will be thepsychicscubadiver (author of The Dresden Fillies as well as Order and Chaos), and the theme will be crossover fics that leave both universes intact and merely the two series collide.

Please give us a chance, and if there's any good audio editors out there, we'd love the help!
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